15 Exciting Career Opportunities in the Food industry in India

15 Exciting Career Opportunities in the Food industry in India

Are you looking for career opportunities in the food industry? Do you want a career option that can keep you connected to food in any way? Then your search has just ended!

Food holds a great power to create communities and conversations, to delight and even inspire. And for those who are willing to put in the time and hard work; to get the required training and education. There are various ways one can turn this passion into a blooming career. There are multiple niche areas popping up in foodservice and production. And the best part is that you do not necessarily have to be a chef. If you want to be in the food industry, there is a lot more you can do. All you need to do is believe in yourself, stay confident and follow your dreams.

Here is the list of amazing work opportunities that allow you to satisfy your love for food and earn at the same time. Take a look at a few of these exciting possibilities below to see if any of them appeal to you.


Catering is one of the largest segments in the food industry, and it has evolved phenomenally in the last few years. From corporate lunches, wedding parties, to kitty meetings, food catering is on great demand.

What makes it one of the best career opportunities in the food industry; that it does not require too much funding as compared to operating your own restaurant. Caterers generally operate out of an owned industrial kitchen space and deliver food to their client's home.

Food Stylist

Any aspiring check understands it very well that it is tough to make food taste good and sometimes, it can be even more difficult to make it look pretty.

As a food stylist, one tends to be concerned with the state and generally focuses on aesthetic appeal for commercial as well as editorial purposes, consulting with restaurants, grocery stores, and publishers during photoshoots and ensuring that the food looks good or better than it tastes.

Cookbook Author

Whether you are an avid home cook or culinary professional, becoming a cookbook author is an excellent opportunity in the food industry. A good first step is to create a theme for your cookbook. Then you would likely wish to connect potential publishers to get an idea of their interest. Another option is to look into crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter that can allow you to obtain funding without the backing of a publisher.

Once you get a viable idea and a means to get it to the market, you can work on perfecting and compiling your best tried-and-true recipes and accompanying them with stunning pictures. You can try writing a book that is both on-trend with consumers and has a look that grabs their attention.

Restaurant Designer

Establishing restaurants includes a lot of effort and time. From choosing a unique concept and crafting a menu, there is a lot of work on the non-culinary side also.

From interior designing to architectural planning to lighting to fabric selecting, restaurants designers have a lot to take care of when putting together their ideas.

As a restaurant designer, you will be working closely with the hospitality industry, hiring, interior designers, architects, project managers and many other individuals to help bring restaurants from concept to creation.

Vegan Chef

Presently, the food industry is buzzing about vegetarian, raw diets, and vegan. And, the duty of it all lands on the shoulders of checks willing to cook plant-based meals that are delicious and healthy at the same time. It sounds impossible, right? Not quite.

In fact, a lot of people are making a career as a vegan check. They are discovering just how tasty meat-free meals can be vegan and vegetarian restaurants and recipes are getting popularity that is creating excellent career opportunities in the food industry for herbivorous chefs.

Food Photographer

Food photographs look delicious and often you find yourself on the table inside eating because you cannot control yourself. These photographs are taken by expert photographers. They work with food stylists and click pictures to help restaurants, food companies, and packaged food companies make their dishes/products look appealing to their consumers.

These stunning photographs are used in advertisements, menus, cookbooks, magazines, and websites.

Food Scientists/ Flavour Developers

Another awesome job opportunity in the food industry is starting as a flavour developer or food scientist and work for food manufacturers to discover how to create and improve food products. The major job responsibilities of a food developer include how to improve flavours, flavours that blend together, researching what people would like to eat and mainly developing and improvising on products would work well in the market. If all these works sound interesting, you are good to go for this job opportunity.

Food Critic

If you are crazy about food and can evaluate dishes, restaurants and hotels with a critical eye, then you can consider becoming a food critic. It is one of the best job opportunities in the food industry. Food critics explore minute details of a food dish like its taste, smell, quality, flavours, etc, and share their opinions with written columns or even video shows.

Food Technician

As the world is developing and technology is making things possible, the food world has also not been left untouched. Working in the world of food technology will allow you to combine your love for food with your love for research and technology.

Whether it is frozen foods or dairy items, you will be working in laboratories to research about the chemical, physical and biological properties of packaged food products. Working as a food technician, you will be involved in developing processes to package and store food, inspecting food quality, and improving the food technology used for process food will be part of your work.

Food Forager

A food forager goes into the forest and other natural settings to find foods that are grown in the wild. A new career option is emerging for professional food foragers who search through farmer's markets and other local businesses to source food for restaurants.

Popular chefs do not get enough time to source ingredients like the artisanal product or locally grown produce, so they hire professional food foragers to do it. Professional food forager sources and ingredients and sometimes even educate the chefs and restaurant staff as to the origin of the items.

Personal Chef

A personal chef is another great work option to start. Instead of serving ever-changing clientele, personal or private chefs work one-on-one with recurring clients and households, choosing ingredients and developing menus based on clients' individual tastes and dietary needs.

As a personal chef, you can start preparing one meal at a time or cook multiple meals for clients to eat throughout the week. You can also start cooking foods for parties at your clients' small events or homes.

Baking and Pastry Chef

When it comes to emerging job opportunities in the food industry in India; baking and pastry check is also a great option. With this career option, you will be combining your creativity with an eye for detail; to supply delicious baked goods and pastries for a restaurant, grocery store, or local bakery.

Your daily responsibility includes buying supplies making and decorating yummy pastries, desserts and overseeing other staff. To get a glowing career as a baking and pastry chef, first, take a specialized baking and pastry course.

Restaurant Publicist

Do you have a love of food and excel in communicating and building a relationship with people? You can convert your love into a successful career as a restaurant publicist. With this career option, you will be responsible for developing a good brand image for a restaurant. Making its presence known and putting out fires in the event of any negative attention.

To start your career, you have to understand your clients' customers and excellent platforms to reach them. Many restaurants have a client base that is best targeted through traditional methods like radio ads and print. Whereas other restaurants may need more of a focus on online mediums.

Food Entrepreneur

In the last few years, the food industry has led to different niche markets. It has encouraged people to become food entrepreneurs. They have built successful businesses based on one or two specialty products that they have developed in their home kitchens. And because of the digital revolution, food entrepreneurs are able to achieve markets that were previously tough to grab. If you want to start your own business in the food industry; check this post for food business ideas in India with low investment.

Food Batchmakers

Food batchmakers is one of many different entry-level positions in food-manufacturing facilities. As a food batchmaker, one follows recipes to cook large batches of food. He is also responsible for measuring incredible, operating, and monitoring a variety of equipment. Conducting quality-control tests, and cleaning and sterilizing equipment.

Most training takes place in the workplace but you can get an education in an area; that interests you like mechanical engineering and electrical. This way, you get more opportunities to grow your career in the food manufacturing industry.

Above we have covered some of the most amazing job opportunities in the food industry in India. So that you can have an idea of the opportunities you can grab in the food segment.  

Thank you so much for reading!

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