With the recent government reforms and the emergence of startups companies, the Indian real estate industry is at the threshold of accelerated growth. Present-day, Indian construction industry is considered as the second-largest employer with 52 million people, and the sector contributes 8-9% of GDP in the Indian economy.

With high growth in the industry, there is a great demand for skilled professionals in different segments. It is providing great career opportunity for people who wish to build their career in real estate. We have listed out the following best job profiles to kick-start a great career in the construction industry.


The main responsibility of an architect is to plan, design, and oversee the construction of buildings. Architecture's work is related to design and construction of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings.

Project Manager

Construction managers supervise the entire construction project. They act as an interface between the owners and the construction workers. The primary duties of a project manager include taking responsibilities for day-to-day work and report back on progress, do the hiring and carry out the detailed construction plan properly.

Project Controller

Project Controller is a multitasking professional. As a project controller, you need to gather, manage, and process data to understand and predict the time, cost and outcomes of a project.  The work of a project controller starts from initial estimating to reflective learning and forensic analysis.

Commercial Manager

Commercial managers are non-technical professionals; they work to generate revenue. They take care of trading relationships to ensure the conformity of the company with business goals or policies and make people understand or manage the financial and risk implications of any variations.

Site Engineer

A site engineer manages the part of a construction project; they also advise and supervise other members of staff. They work on a large-scale housing estate to building a new shopping complex.

Design engineer

Design engineer research and develop ideas for new products and the systems, and enhance the performance and efficiency of existing products. People from this job profile are good at problem-solving and generating new ideas.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineering is a growing career these days, structural engineers examine, design, plan, and search structural components and structural systems to accomplish design goals. And, they assure for the safety and comfort of users.

Building surveyors

Building surveyors play various roles like providing technical advice relating to construction and property. Building surveyors mainly provide a report on a building's condition.  Land surveying is basically a technique that is used to find the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points, and the distances and angles in a construction site.

CAD Technician

CAD or computer-aided design technician use software to create design plans for buildings and machinery from engineering and construction to manufacturing. Initially, CAD technicians use surface modelling to draw a flat representation of the product, and in solid modelling, they create a 3D display of a structure or component.

Construction Equipment Operators         

Construction equipment operators use different types of equipment like bulldozers, road graders, trench excavators at construction sites. It is very easy to start a career as a construction equipment operator, you only need to do a three- or four-year apprenticeship programs. The program involves 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and also 144 hours of technical training.

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