Matrix Comsec

Telecom and Security Solutions
Matrix Comsec: Telecom and Security Solutions

Matrix Comsec: Telecom and Security Solutions

Ganesh Jivani, Founder & CEO - Matrix Comsec

Established in 1991, Matrix provides world-class, high-performance Security and Telecom solutions to meet the requirements of modern times.

Matrix has been offering a comprehensive range of solutions for IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Telecom applications. All these solutions are specifically designed for large and multi-location enterprises, SMEs, and SMBs.

Matrix leverages technology and innovation to meet the customers’ requirements and delight them with the solutions offered, keeping pace with the revolutions in the Security and Telecom domain. Reiterating its resolve to bring forth the best solutions, 40% of Matrix’s human resources are dedicated to research, design, and manufacture of new products.

Today, it is mission-critical for organisations to control and manage who has access to their facilities. Matrix offers Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions to help organisations accomplish this.

In the segment of IP Video Surveillance, Matrix offers Video Management Software (VMS), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and IP cameras that meet businesses’ security and surveillance concerns.

Matrix Telecom Solutions, such as Unified Communications, IP-PBX, Universal Media Gateways, VoIP, GSM Gateways, and Communication Endpoints, ensure seamless communication across multiple locations.

With a vision to be a leading global provider of innovative telecom and security solutions, all solutions provided by Matrix are feature-rich, reliable, and conform to international standards.

Mr. Ganesh Jivani, Founder and CEO of Matrix Comsec

Having over three decades of technology and business experience, Mr. Ganesh Jivani’s strong leadership led Matrix to acquire a strong reputation for offering high-quality Telecom and Security solutions in more than 50 countries.

From the company’s inception, Mr. Jivani has been leading Matrix’s R&D with his passion for innovation, which has empowered the company to become a leading player in Telecom and Security solutions.

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Inception Of Matrix

Ganesh: I and my partner have pursued Computer Science Engineering from the M. S. University in Vadodara. I worked as an R&D Engineer for four years before establishing Matrix. Like most technology startups, Matrix, too, had a humble beginning.

In the pursuit of our goal to design, produce and sell our products, we created our first PBX and began selling it in Gujarat. Over time, we grew our product offerings, customer base, employee base, and physical infrastructure. After a few years, we offered a complete range of PBXs and added Media Gateways to the list.

We kept adding value by offering more solutions to the same enterprise customers, which helped us in our growth journey. Most customers, SIs, and distributors prefer relying on a single OEM for their Telecom and Security needs.

Utilising this strategy, we added biometric solutions for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications in 2007. Having entered the Security domain, adding IP Video Surveillance was a logical expansion. Hence we started working on IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, and Video Management Systems in 2010.

Today, Matrix has acquired customers across diverse industry verticals, including BFSI, telecom, IT, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, public transport, defence, government, etc.

What are some of the differentiating Factors at Matrix?

Ganesh: Matrix operates in three domains: Telecom, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and IP Video Surveillance. After studying the market and different industries’ challenges, Matrix designs cutting-edge products to provide cost-effective solutions that fulfill customers’ needs.

We work hard to create differentiation in everything we do – product design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and support. Our key differentiation lies in providing end-to-end support to our customers. Our in-house manufacturing unit and R&D Centre offer- a quick turnaround for clients.

What are the fundamental values of the firm that have remained constant over the years?

Ganesh: SUBSTANCE is the core value we strive to live by at Matrix. We strive to offer substance in everything we do – technology, applications, functions, features, performance, flexibility, reliability, and support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more value in products and services to customers. For us, this means going deeper and beyond the mere outer layer of the facade.

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What are some of the major milestones for the company?

Ganesh: Matrix as an organization and Matrix products have won more than 20 prestigious awards in India, Germany, and Japan for product design and engineering. In Matrix’s three decades of existence, it has achieved several milestones:

  • Winning the trust of 1 Million+ customers.

  • Creating a network of 2500+ system integrators who trust and sell Matrix solutions worldwide.

  • Exporting Matrix products to 50+ countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and many others.

  • Designing 60+ innovative and differentiated products that meet the needs of modern enterprises.

  • Matrix products have received international awards from Germany, Singapore, and Japan for design and aesthetics.

Current Proceedings At Matrix

Matrix recently got selected for GOI’s flagship Production Linked Incentive (PLI) program. As Matrix is driven by the Make - in- India initiative, this flagship program will be of great importance in establishing Matrix as a global leader in the security and telecom industry by enhancing its technological capabilities and boosting production.

Matrix is also planning to offer a range of products for private labelling. The products and solutions from an OEM are normally cost-effective, and the production time is significantly reduced. By going for an OEM, one can be sure that the response will be quicker.

On the R&D front, the team is working on Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) initiatives to greatly improve the quality of existing products while minimizing the costs, benefitting, both customers and the company.

On the business front, its sales team is working on giving quality customer-facing time to its clients to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby enhancing a better brand image.

Future Outlook

Going ahead, Matrix plans to invest in R&D to create breakthrough, world-class products across all three domains while simultaneously building a channel network to expand its market reach by investing in marketing, sales, and support.

Matrix is actively working on creating innovative technologies and solutions and bringing them to international and domestic markets. Matrix is invesing in its people, processes, products, culture, and infrastructure to build a world-class organisation.

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