Celebrity Prime Developers: One of India’s Leading Real Estate Developers Building Dreams into Reality

Celebrity Prime Developers: One of India’s Leading Real Estate Developers Building Dreams into Reality

"A meticulous work ethic established towards creating the best possible solutions for modern problems encompassing an idea to create change for the better,".

avowed Varun Kancharla, Managing Director, Celebrity Prime Developers, Company of the Year 2020

The journey to an empire, built on the concrete shoulders of an 18 years old real estate developing company started from a vision instilled with strong values of a visionary back in 2002 that led to the establishment of Celebrity Prime Developers.

Celebrity Prime, a private, residential and commercial real estate developer offering solutions to create comfortable living and workspace environments in line with modern-day users' requirements, has captured the market when it comes to delivering the best solutions. The brand that grew into a gigantic real estate enterprise steadily and quietly faced and coped its share of challenges in its fetal stage.

Innovation-driven by a constant check on users' requirements helped the brand initially establish a niche in the markets and provided us with the power through challenges in the early days. In their 19 years of endeavouring, the brand aligned with the fast-paced industry by sticking to their strategy of constant review of the changing worlds' requirements and rigorous internal research and development within the company, to keep ourselves on track. This allowed Celebrity Prime Developers to remain insulated to changes of the ever-changing industry and achieved its status of the Company Of The Year 2020.

To know more about behind the scenes at the Celebrity Prime Developers and how they are refashioning India's real estate industry, The CEO Magazine bagged a chance to interact with Varun Kancharla, Managing Director at Celebrity Prime Developers about topics like technology, COVID-19 challenges, the team, and the work culture:

TCM: Who is your target audience? Why do you think they would choose you over competitors?

VARUN KANCHARLA: The target audience, we focus at Celebrity Prime Developers, is anyone who yearns for quality living spaces and work environments. Our uncompromising and all-encompassing aim in creating luxurious spaces with great facilities, makes us stand out from the rest.

TCM: How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology in your nature of work?

VARUN KANCHARLA: Our engineers create beautiful tech for seamless upgrades to our reality solutions along with technicians who work round the clock to bolster effortless use of technology whilst creating great impressions.

TCM: What are the key learnings you have derived from handling the COVID-19 pandemic scenario?

VARUN KANCHARLA: COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most depressing points in the history of world economy. They key lessons we have learned from the situation that was bestowed upon us, were, to always keep on your toes, and being receptive to change and accepting challenges as they come with a comprehensive plan and dedicated execution will see you through the toughest of times.

TCM: What motivates you and your team for the future?

VARUN KANCHARLA: The idea to impact lives and make a positive change in the world has always been a great motivator. Even more so in challenging times, to make the future better is what keeps us motivated.

TCM: What were the questions you ask yourself after each breakthrough? What goal(s) do you have for the company in the upcoming years?

VARUN KANCHARLA: Hindsight is the fuel to foresight. While there are no set questions I would like to mention, I do believe that prudent analysis of what went right and what could've gone better helps us plan for the future. As a company, we aim to establish ourselves as the best in the space, not just in India, but throughout the world.

TCM: Which achievements are you most proud of today?

VARUN KANCHARLA: The trust and satisfaction that our customer's harbor is the most profound achievement and a feather in the cap any company could ever have. Successfully navigating problems and creating efficient solutions that impact lives each day is another great achievement that we're extremely proud of.

TCM: What are the key strategies you are adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today?

VARUN KANCHARLA: Celebrity Prime Developers is a dominant player in the industry and to ensure the continuation of its stature, our greatest strategy is constant and rigorous market analysis to keep in check with changing needs of our customers, and drafting plans with meticulous dedication to execution, help us stay in the game.

TCM: Share the experience of your failure and its role in the growth of the company?

VARUN KANCHARLA: It is my robust belief that setbacks and failures are unwanted but sporadic. They do have negative results on many occasions, but, the conscious thought of analysing failure, without letting it have fatal damage on your morale helps the company build strong character and when harnessed the right way, can motivate to grow stronger than ever.

TCM: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

VARUN KANCHARLA: The pandemic is a hallmark for the need to change in the modern world. Constantly going back to the drawing board and reviewing goals of the company whilst conducting a thorough analysis of users' requirements, is a difficult but extremely important process which helps in maintaining relevance.

The desire to make a change and impact lives does provide motivation but loses ground in the face of relentlessly upcoming challenges hence it is important to constantly remind yourself of the reason behind it all and celebrate small victories, each day.

TCM: Whom do you credit the success of your company?

VARUN KANCHARLA: There is no person that could be singled out as the sole reason for our success. We're a very strong unit and the credit to our success goes to the entire company, as a whole.

TCM: What advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

VARUN KANCHARLA: As a leader guiding our brand to the position as leaders in the industry, I believe, an aspiring leader should have defined principles but always be open to learning and adapting to situations as they arise.

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