ABP Helmet

Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets
ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets

ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets

Piyush Jain, Director - ABP Helmet

ABP Helmet started in 2012 with Suresh Kumar Jain’s vision of protecting bikers from any unforeseen mishappenings. With 35 years of extensive expertise in the helmet industry, Mr Suresh built the company from the ground up to new heights of success.

Having a humble beginning, the company started its manufacturing with a medium-sized plant and, over time, increased its number of models.

ABP Helmet offers well-defined products across the whole spectrum of the range, including full-face, open-face, flip-up and motocross helmets.

From economical helmets that serve the basic functions of protecting rider’s heads and are comfortable to expensive helmets having features of ventilation, removable linings and other features.

With their cutting-edge manufacturing facility with highly advanced machinery at Site-IV, Sahibabad, Delhi- NCR, ABP Helmet offers the best in class products.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets</p></div>
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ABP Helmet’s Mission

The team at ABP Helmet is on a mission to ensure the safety of each and every rider in the country. They aim to deliver a safe and good-quality helmet at the best possible cost.

“India is a cost-sensitive country, and to save some cost, people often tend to go for a helmet that doesn’t pass the safety standards. We want to deliver a helmet that is not just affordable but also protects the rider.”

Mr Piyush

Mr Piyush Jain, Director, ABP Helmet

Continuing the legacy of his father, Mr Piyush Jain is spearheading the team at ABP Helmet towards new territories. A solution-oriented person focused on the transformational growth of the company, Mr Piyush has been instrumental in the company’s growth in every aspect.

He has been supporting his father ever since the inception of the ABP Helmet. Mr Piyush shares, “I was in 12th when my father founded ABP Helmet. Being a family-owned business, I was there to support him in any way I could, ever since.”

A graduate of Delhi University, Mr Piyush joined the company full-time after his graduation and has been leading the operations serving as the growth catalyst for the organisation.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets</p></div>
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Success For ABP Helmet

Success majorly is defined in terms of numbers and turnover. However, for Mr Piyush, the success of ABP Helmet is equivalent to providing good quality and becoming the best company in India.

Ever since its inception, ABP Helmet has achieved several milestones, including a steady increase in the number of products they offer. At present, their model count is approximately 20, which is a significant achievement on its own.

The company even got ISO certification in the year 2020, signifying the quality they offer in their products.

“There is no better teacher than a failure,” - Mr Piyush Jain

Bootstrapping a company and taking it to success, the journey for ABP helmet had its fair share of ups and downs. The development of a new helmet takes a lot of time and investment, and it doesn’t always guarantee acceptance in the market.

Mr Piyush says, “We have 15-20 models of helmets, but not all of them sell. It’s a trial-and-error kind of situation; we launch a product, take a review from the market, and then try to be better the next time. That’s one of the learning lessons for the team.”

Finding good labours to manufacture good quality products is another challenge they face. Above it all, the covid-19 pandemic turned out to be a major challenge for ABP Helmet. With the nationwide lockdown, the economy took a major hit. ABP helmet, too, had to shut down its operations.

“We had plans for new product launches, and all got derailed. The covid-19 pandemic sent us back 2-3 years,” shares Mr Piyush. However, the company managed to get back on track once the restrictions were lifted.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets</p></div>
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ABP Helmet’s Differentiating Factors

The main differentiating factor for any business in the whole industry is the design and the price. The one thing ABP Helmet has never compromised on is the quality of its products.

The team always strives to achieve the highest quality. There are some basic criteria all their products have to pass, no matter their cost- good quality, comfortable, look good and passing all the safety tests.

“Indians like simple and functional design and good quality products at the best price. So we aim to deliver a simple and functional design which not just looks good but protects them in an affordable range.”

Mr Piyush says

Current Proceedings At ABP Helmet

A lot of other players in the industry have the upper hand over ABP Helmet, with it being a relatively new company.

The team at ABP Helmet is actively focusing on bridging the gap with the launch of new products in a price range similar to that of their competitors. Mr Piyush says, “We are trying to offer better quality in relatively similar pricing to establish our worth in the market.”

Other than that, they are actively marketing their products on social media platforms like INSTAGRAM and Facebook.

Future Outlook

Talking about the future goals for ABP Helmet, Mr Piyush shares, “We want ABP Helmet to emerge as the best helmet manufacturer in India. Setting up a new plant is also in the near future if we manage to get sufficient demand from the market.”

The present full-time employee count at ABP Helmet is 15-20. With a plan to scale up the operations and productions to provide good-quality helmets, the company is focusing on building a strong core team.

At present, ABP helmet is strictly into helmets, but in the coming future, they are going to venture into riding gear. Although still in the development phase, in 2023, the company plans to launch their riding gear which includes gloves, boots, knee guards and hand guards.

Sharing his words of advice for young entrepreneurs, Mr Piyush says, “If you have an idea, just go with it. Don’t wait for confirmation from anyone. Don’t try to make anyone happy; if you want to do something, just do it.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ABP Helmet: Ensuring The Safety Of Bike Riders With High-Quality Helmets</p></div>
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