Positive Bioscience’s Genomics Services Make Difference in Patients’ Lives

Positive Bioscience's Genomics Services Make Difference in Patients' Lives

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Healthcare sector in our country is primarily focused on treatment rather than prevention. This approach has several drawbacks like increased treatment costs, higher mortality rates, lack of effective care etc. With a holistic mission to bring a change in healthcare sector, Positive Bioscience helps an individual understand their health at a molecular level, gives them necessary recommendations to reduce their risk for diseases and also advises a personalized treatment strategy.

Though clinical genomics is already popular in the western countries where about 1 in every 10 cancer patients are undergoing genetic testing to guide their treatment, in India this number is extremely poor. Only 1 in 10, 000 patients undergo genomic testing. Positive Bioscience aspires to expand in the cancer genomics space and wishes to sequence 2 in every 10 cancer patients in the next three years in the country. Dedicating itself to make a difference in patients' lives, Positive Bioscience offers a variety of services in the domain of personal genomics, cancer genomics, and molecular diagnostics. Their genetic tests provide insights into the genetic basis for health, informing the individuals about their risk for diseases, responses to drugs and their lifestyle habits. By combining this genetic information with health history and appropriate genetic counseling, they also provide actionable steps for a healthier life. Positive Bioscience also offers interpretational analysis of DNA based diagnostic tests for Cancer patients and healthy individuals. This analysis helps clinicians personalize the clinical management of cancer and other health conditions.

This Mumbai based company's business strategy for future growth is focused on various key initiatives. They are developing the business nationally, with tie ups with hospitals. The company is using research for interpretation of genomic testing. Expanding sample collection network, is also a part of their business strategy. They also provide genetic counseling to grow and expand their existing products and markets.

The company's business model is based on two product categories: Cancer Genomics for cancer patients and Personal genomics for healthy individuals.

Personal Genomics: The company offers personal genomics tests that can detect your risk profile for various diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, different cancers, lifestyle diseases and neurological disorders.

Cancer genomics: They provide physicians with important information through our proprietary systems that analyze genetic reports to guide the healthcare management of their patients. Physicians, hospitals and medical practitioner as part of their practice of Precision medicine, request the test and analyses. Applying their deep data expertise and research to genomic testing analysis, Positive Bioscience provides medical experts with the information they need to make decisions on the treatments. The company's expertise in Cancer genomics has seen great success.

" All our tests are carried out in NABL/CAP/CLIA accredited laboratories in USA, Korea, China while few tests are also done in India. Once we process the genomic data and produce the reports, our genetic counselors help the patients understand the significance of their genetic findings and correlate these with their health history, " said Positive Bioscience.

Key Officials

Samarth Jain
CEO and co-founder
27 year-old visionary entrepreneur Samarth Jain is the CEO of Positive Bioscience, who founded this company in 2012. He has BA degree in Economics from University of Illinois Urbana Champagne. He has served Mckinsey & Co. and Wall Street prior to Positive Bioscience. 

Mrs Bapsy Jain, 58
CFO and co-founder
Mrs Bapsy Jain holds CA degree from The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. She worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers pvt. Ltd, prior to which she was Financial director at S. P. Jain Global Management School. 

Dr Meetha Medhora has a Ph.D. From Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and teaches radiation oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the United States.

Positive Bioscience has more than 40 experts from various areas of expertise including highly qualified data scientists, bioinformaticians, computational biologists, scientific officers, marketing and sales professionals. The core team consists of talented doctors and experienced industry professionals like Dr Gowhar Shafi (Head of Bioinformatics), Dr Swapnil Jaiswal (Head of Medical Affairs) , Manisha Sonavadekar (Vice President, Oncology) and Shantanu Parihar (Head of Marketing & Business Development).

Positive Bioscience was the first company to launch RNA-sequencing, which also launched India's first personal genomics clinic at Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaaon in August 2014. The company is well positioned in the market to compete with Foundation Medicine for Cancer genomics product and with Mapmygenome and Xcode for Personal Genomics product. Owing to its growth in a short span of time, Positive Bioscience has achieved several prestigious prizes and position. It ranked in the amazon.com's global listing of top 6 start-ups in 2012.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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