TOP-5 specialties in IT

TOP-5 specialties in IT

TOP-5 specialties in IT

If you work in the IT field, you probably follow how modern challenges affect the popularity of certain professions. We have selected a selection of specialties in the field of Internet technologies, which are currently the most in-demand on the market.

Today, more than ever, you can make a successful career in IT companies. After all, even in crisis periods, such as a pandemic, the demand for specialists did not decrease, as evidenced by a large number of Java Spring developer jobs, etc.

Why they are so popular and who can become a specialist for whom companies will fight - read on.

Data Analysts and their role in the Market

Every company today works with large amounts of data. Therefore, managers need specialists who will interpret statistical data and transform them into the necessary information.

In addition, they find and eliminate weak points in the company's work system. Therefore, you cannot do without a data analyst in any case.

Java Developer

Java developer remote jobs require knowledge of the programming language. A Java developer develops mobile applications, their server sides, games, embedded systems, etc.

That is, they write new code for the application or modify the existing one. They also test the created security and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Knowledge of the English language, experience using relational databases, and the ability to write code and manage systems are mandatory for Java developers.

Frontend developer

This is the most important position among programmers, whose specialists work with mathematical data, and applying logic. They also take care of the appearance of the site or application.

The main task is to make the application accessible to the user, easy to operate, reliable, and at the same time that its design meets all trend indicators.

Frontend cooperates with program managers, designers and end users of products - customers. This is a particularly responsible job that requires mathematical precision and a creative approach.

QA engineer

Even the most advanced programs and applications need to be tested for identifying and eliminating errors. It is this specialist who checks the software before it is put into use.

Their area of responsibility includes verification of product development at all stages, testing, and launch. The most important skill of a specialist is to notice the details because most of the errors that cause the system to fail are hidden in them. 

Full stack developer

This is a software engineer who must be well-versed in all phases of software development. It is these specialists who are able to turn the concept into a finished product and launch it.

By knowing how key processes take place, they can easily predict and eliminate any errors that would later slow down the provisioning. A software engineer works with both a database and a browser with absolute ease.

However, it is necessary to constantly learn, because software updates are systematic and a specialist must be aware of each of them. You can try to search for this position among Java developer remote jobs.

UI/UX designer

This is a profession related not so much to programming as to designing interfaces, that is, design.

A professional designer is able to think through the design of the software so competently that it attracts, and delays potential users, and makes it possible to easily and conveniently navigate the website or application.

To achieve the maximum result, the UI/UX designer works with users beforehand, studying their needs and requests. Today, many companies offering a career in tech are looking for designer who will create really attractive products.

Therefore, by choosing the one you like from among the top specialties in IT, you can successfully work and develop new products for consumers.

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