What are the basic things that you need to know about long division in the world of mathematics?

long division in the world of mathematics
long division in the world of mathematics

What are the basic things that you need to know about long division in the world of mathematics?

In the world of mathematics, people will be finding different kinds of mathematical operations like multiplication, addition, subtraction and so on. Another such category is the division which will help in providing people with the best possible opportunity of dividing a number into smaller parts.

Mainly, there are two methods of division which are the long division method and the regular division method. But the common fact about all of these terms is related to the calculations. Both of these methods will be including the basic terms like quotient, dividend, remainder and so on in the whole process.

In the long division method, everything will be based upon the formation of the equation which will be defined as the long division equation and mathematically this will be signifying that dividend will always be equal to the resultant value of the divisor multiplied by the quotient along with the addition of remainder.

The most important terms associated with the long division method have been explained as follows:

  1. The number which has to be divided by the divisor can be defined as a dividend for example 15÷4 will result out into 4×3+2 and the number 15 will be the dividend.

  2. The number which will help in breaking down into smaller segments can be known as a divisor for example 15÷4 will always make sure that four will be the divisor.

  3. The resultant value which people will be getting on the right-hand side will be defined as the quotient and the above-mentioned example 3 will be the quotient.

  4. The remainder of the value which people will be getting after the process of long division will be known as a remainder and in this case, 2 will be a reminder.

How to apply the method of long division?

  1. First of all, people need to be very much clear about taking the digit mentioned first of the dividend from the left inside and check if the digit is larger than or equal to the value of the divisor or not.

  2. After this people need to divide the dividend with the help of a divisor and write down the resultant value on the top of the right and side as the quotient.

  3. After completing the first two methods people need to follow the arithmetic operation of subtraction and subtract the result of the multiplication of divisor and quotient with the dividend so that difference of values can be written throughout the whole process.

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long division in the world of mathematics
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long division in the world of mathematics
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long division in the world of mathematics
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