Winter comes with its sweet charm, and if you are looking to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, you will have to step out of your warm bubble. But the thing that stepping pour brings with it is the havoc it creates for your skin, the wreck it creates.

The dryness and itchy scales that come with the beautiful weather rob off the fun completely. The cold breeze can easily generate psoriasis, eczema and severely dry skin problems. And hence you need to take care of your skin mammoth. I this article, the CEO Magazine will enlighten you on a few tips that you can add to your routine, to make sure that your skin remains alive and glowing all through the winters;

WARM WATER: Once the temperature starts to dip, it naturally tempts you to go for hot showers. But if you are considerate of your skin, avoid it as, much as you can. Try to use lukewarm water, this will keep your skin healthy for long and prevent cracking. Moisturize your skin immediately after the shower, and use a product that has hyaluronic acid and ceramides to keep the moisture intact.

HYDRATION: No-matter where you are, inside your house or outside, remember that the air is always drier, because of which the water easily evaporates from your body. So either install a humidifier in your room or keep yourself constantly hydrated to maintain the water level in your body and skin, both.

CHOOSING A PRODUCT: Winters and summers are different seasons demanding different products, it isn't necessary that a product that suits you in winters will also be good for your skin in summers, so choose your product according to your skin needs. Using mild and natural products is the key to healthy skin. If you are facing pimples, blackheads or acne, use serums and crèmes that repair your skin and are inclusive of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerine, etc. do not use peel-off masks or astringent high lotions or anything that may have alcohol in it.

SKIN PROTECTION: Keep your skin protected outside, wear gloves, hats, warm clothes, etc. Cover your skin as much as you can, do not leave it exposed to the chilly breeze and at all costs carry your lotion with you, everywhere. Even if you plan to step out in the sun, put on the lotion, the sun may feel pleasant and warm at first but later it the UV rays will encourage damage, hence avoid the damage with lotions that have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

EXFOLIATION: Get rid of the dead cells by exfoliating the skin, the skin already faces a lot of damage in this season due to the cold winds, so make sure there is ample exfoliation for the skin barrier to remain intact. The skin will remain healthy, even if the routine is followed once a week. And the process for exfoliation depends entirely on the type of skin you have, so accordingly make your routine.

HANDS ARE IMPORTANT: As much as we take care of our face, we tend to forget that our hands are equally important and comparatively more exposed to air, water, light, etc. the oil glands on the hands are fewer and the moisture goes away far quicker than it does on your face. Apply as much moisturizer as you can before you leave home to prevent cracking and dryness.

THE FEET: Choose creams that are based on petroleum jelly and glycerin-based creams to keep your feet moisturized. And while you do that, ensure that there is ample exfoliation as well for the feet for it to absorb the same easily.

NO WET CLOTHES: Wearing wet clothes is a big setback in this routine; this will make your skin itchy and cause irritation and rashes. If you are going to play in the snow, great, but don't be out there for too long. And once you are back, immediately remove the wet socks, gloves, caps, and jackets that you were wearing out there to avoid all the skin problems.

RIGHT DIET: Take care of the diet; eat a lot of season fruits and vegetables, mostly greens. Some fruits are high on vitamins and antioxidants, like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, etc, eat those. If there is any chance that you are not taking the right amount of water or do not have the time to fix a routine for yourself, let the fruits, salads, milk, soups, and juices cover that up for you. This will keep your body and skin both healthy and filled with all the right nutrients.

ROUTINE: Make a routine, and strictly follow it. This is the most basic and simple thing to do to ensure happy skin in the cold weather. Clean up your skin twice a day, wash your face in the morning and moisturize it daily and enough to lock it in. Repeat the same at night as well, and take a good sleep, the skin will absorb all the moisture overnight making your skin softer.

So these were a few updates that will help you pull through winters with a softer, hydrated, and glowing skin. If you have a few tips that can be of help, please write to us and we will add it in our next blog. Until then, stay hydrated, healthy, and glowing!

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