Salil Parekh

Leading Infosys into the Digital Era
Salil Parekh

Salil Parekh

Leading Infosys into the Digital Era

Salil Parekh assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Infosys on January 2, 2018, marking a new era of leadership and innovation for one of India's most prominent IT companies.

With an impressive background in the IT services industry and a penchant for driving digital transformation, Parekh has been instrumental in shaping the company's strategic direction.

Early Life and Education

Salil Parekh's journey to the pinnacle of the IT industry began with a strong educational foundation. He graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay).

Building on this foundation, he earned a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

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A Storied Career in IT Services

Parekh's career in the IT services sector took off at Ernst & Young's consultancy division, where he made significant contributions before it merged with Capgemini.

He joined Capgemini in 2000 and spent nearly two decades with the company, rising through the ranks and leaving a lasting impact on its operations.

At Capgemini, Parekh was a member of the group management board and held several leadership positions. His expertise and strategic acumen led to his appointment as Deputy CEO in March 2015.

In this role, he oversaw a critical business cluster comprising Application Services and Cloud Infrastructure Services, among others. His responsibilities included setting the strategic direction for these businesses and facilitating rapid client adoption.

Parekh was also the Chairman of Capgemini's North America Executive Council, where he played a pivotal role in crafting and executing the company's growth and turnaround strategy in North America.

He was instrumental in establishing Capgemini's offshoring capabilities, expanding the firm's global footprint.

Joining the Helm at Infosys

Upon assuming the role of CEO and Managing Director at Infosys, Salil Parekh brought with him a wealth of experience in executing business turnarounds, managing acquisitions, and driving digital transformation for enterprises.

His appointment marked a turning point for the company, as it sought to harness the power of technology to stay at the forefront of the IT services industry.

As the leader of Infosys, Parekh sets the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings. He has worked diligently to nurture a strong leadership team that is aligned with his vision and committed to executing the company's strategy.

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Navigating Challenges with Integrity

Parekh's tenure at Infosys has not been without challenges. The company faced anonymous whistleblower complaints of unethical practices, including allegations against Parekh himself.

However, an independent investigation conducted by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors determined that these allegations were substantially without merit.

The company emerged from this period with its commitment to integrity and ethical business practices intact.

A Visionary Leader and Industry Stalwart

Salil Parekh's contributions to the IT services industry, his commitment to continuous learning, and his visionary leadership have positioned him as a key figure in the sector.

As a member of the National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), he actively engages with industry peers to shape the future of India's business landscape.

With master's degrees from Cornell University and a strong educational foundation from IIT Bombay, Parekh's journey from academia to the IT industry stalwart serves as an inspiration for aspiring professionals.

His relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to navigate complex challenges with integrity make him a leading figure in the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation.

Under Parekh's leadership, Infosys continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the digital future of businesses around the world.

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