Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know

Rolex Watch is a world-famous luxury watch brand. Originally launched as Wilsdorf and Davis & Company by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis on London's Black Horse Square, England in 1905, the company later became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd in 1915. 

The Rolex watch brand is synonymous with reliability and exclusive style sense. It is no wonder then, that there are so many imitations on the market. While the original watches are hard to beat. Rolex has always added an extra touch of class to its timepieces by making them water-resistant to a certain degree, using a self-winding mechanical movement, offering a date, hour, and having some nice accessories like the sundials. 

With its wide choice of watches to choose from, it gained so much popularity in countries all over the world as one of the most preferred brands of men's watches. Today, due to its extensive marketing strategy and wide range of collections, it continues to command a great market share.

If you're religious about watches then the Rolex brand isn't new to you, in this article we talk about some facts about the Rolex watch that you should know. Let's begin!

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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  1. Styling 

The Rolex Watch brand is Swiss-made, they are made of leather, stainless steel, silver, or some other combination of sophisticated materials. They may come with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, or be without stones at all. 

As for the styling, Rolex uses an edgy, futuristic styling for its Italian-inspired, and even Japanese-inspired collections. Classic styles are kept too, but most importantly, a sporty and adventurous line has been developed for the newer watches. 

  1. Quality and Attention To Detail

It would amaze you to know that each original Rolex watch is handcrafted to perfection, materials used are made in-house, and are hand-assembled. The company takes pride in its products therefore each watch passes rigorous quality control testing before it is released to the public. 

Besides offering precision time-keeping abilities, Rolex has also set a series of standards that define its watch quality. Its dials have been designed using 100% solid gold and eighteen karats gold, along with platinum, silver, and two-tone bezels. 

Other notable features include airtight waterproofing, scratch resistance, high resistance to impact, extreme weatherproof, water resistance, luminescent backlight, self-winding, hard-wearing, luminous backlighting, and tamper-resistant case. 

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
  1. Technology 

One of the most impressive features of this fine luxury watch is its amazing ability to provide accurate timekeeping. All these luxury watches are equipped with sophisticated technology. 

The high-speed movement is brought about by a chain-driven second hand, with a floating bridge and a multi-lever mechanism. The result of this is the rapid change in time, ensuring accuracy and smooth functioning.

  1. Models 

Also, Rolex created their line of watches, which is their official brand name. This includes Submariner, Grand Marquis, Submariner Chronograph, and Daytona. Each one of these is designed to function differently. While some have some common features, each one is different and has its personality and fashion statement.

One of the most popular choices is the Submariner watch, which is the basic model, with an easy-read dial, and a stainless steel case. They offer a 24-hour timer, with a calendar that can be customized. Other models are more styled, with a leather strap, or a chronograph that utilizes a push-button to set the hands. Some also include a date function, as well as a stopwatch.

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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The biggest variation between Submariner, Date-Just, Explorer, and Daytona is the price. Rolex watches often cost several thousand dollars, whereas other brands can be purchased for less than a thousand dollars. 

Replacing the first-generation Explorer watches, the new Rolex Explorer II Watch is an improved version of the original. Like its predecessors, the Rolex Explorer II Watch has a dial that can be easily read in bright sunlight and under strong light. It was designed for outdoors and exploration as its name implies. It is equipped with caliber 3285 which is one of the topmost movement technologies in watchmaking. 

Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are one of the most distinctive and elegant timepieces ever created by Rolex. They are made up of extremely heavy steel links and ceramic casings. Rolex oyster perpetual is precision-engineered precision timepieces of distinction. All these combine to make Rolex a watch brand that is synonymous with reliability, durability, style, and great looks.

  1. Variety For Different Occasions 

If you're looking for a Rolex watch, whether it's for sporty reasons or to keep track of your daily events, you'll want to look at the variety that Rolex offers. You can choose from sports watches, luxury watches, self-winding wristwatch designs, or designs made for women

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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  1. Purchase and Warranty 

Rolex watches come in many shapes and sizes, so whatever your preference you can shop online or at physical stores.  If you are on a tight budget there are some really good second hand Rolex products being sold by independent sellers on online platforms like eBay and Amazon. 

Rolex watches are under warranty, so if your Rolex watch is damaged or needs repair, you will be covered by the warranty. 

Most Rolex watches do come with a warranty and Rolex offers a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship for their watches. This warranty covers everything relating to the workmanship of the watch including breakages for one year after the date of purchase. 

If there is an accident during that period or if your Rolex watch stops working because of some other reason, you will be able to get it repaired or replaced. This warranty does not apply to some parts or components. You should get the details ironed out by your retailer during your purchase. 

Some Rolex watches can be very expensive so if you are looking for something cheaper you might have to look at other brands or check for discounts offered by specified vendors. 


When it comes to watches the Rolex name is well known and respected. For decades Rolex has been producing classic timepieces in virtually every shape and size possible. Their designs are always in a constant state of evolution, which draws collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

They are designed for utility and performance above all else and they have followed this philosophy since their inception. Rolex watches are known for being sturdy, reliable, and accurate!

Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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Relevant Facts About Rolex Watches That You Should Know
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