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Competition is a disease. Yes, you read it right. Sperms started this race, and it never ended. Greed for success turned humans into competitors, which became the basis of welfare & prosperity.

After all, we belong to a society grown up comparing ourselves with the wealth of neighbors, peers, and relatives. We are the only race where parents decide our career path just after birth.

So, finally, here we conclude; the human race is in a race with fellow humans for money, power, growth, etc.

Does that mean we shouldn't have a competitive spirit? Absolutely No. But that shouldn't lead to psychosis. Instead of understanding fellow human Psyche for better connection and exploring business, we conduct ourselves somewhere else in the name of competition and competitive spirit.

Here begins the mess; psychological and physiological health hazards. Once termed as survival of the fittest, primarily physical strength, it now emerged as intellectual strength.

That makes the business leaders need to be fit physically and mentally. Nowadays, we are witnessing stiff competition in whatever we do.

Any innovative business idea getting cloned overnight is a new normal. Business leaders are striving for their organizational growth like never before.

Need for consistent Innovative products-services offering, creative market building approach, increasing market share, branding, technology & its…...unending. Business turbulence, uncertainty, and threats are an integral part of day-to-day operations.

That's the beginning of stress, anxiety, and depression. This is the moment most of us are holding ourselves in the skin of our teeth.

At this juncture, physical health hazards start popping up unknowingly. The sand below our feet is eroding between every blink. Welcome to the race!!!

We consistently hear about many health hazards business leaders face nowadays. Even young start-up CEOs are not spared.

Maybe reporting numbers have increased, health checkups have increased, or social media has penetrated. I don't know what's on the top list. But my mind says it may be due to many reasons.

The principal reason for the health hazards, in my opinion, is our minds. Because we are ruining our psychological sense with negative thoughts and emotions. We were successful in driving our minds into a psychological mess.

Like every plant needs manure to grow, our psychological mind, too, needs good thoughts and emotions to be blissful.

That's how we must nurture our mind, which is a basic thumb rule for blissfulness. If we feed evil thoughts, the body is bound to produce hormones that will lead to a physical health disaster.

This may grow into a tree eventually. So, MIND YOUR MIND. The second reason for health hazards is the poisonous food we eat. We are what we eat. We were agriculture centric country.


Eventually, urbanization has made us consume tainted and contaminated food. We forgot to grow our food. When we dig into the origin of the food that we are consuming is scary. Suitable milk, vegetables, and meat have dangerous hormones, insecticides, and chemicals affecting us.

This is creating the most reason for health hazards. Today's business leaders need to introspect about what they are eating. Not only eating for self but they must educate the team & the society.

They are leaders who can influence and show the right path to humankind by bringing in practices to make fellow humans also consume right. So, eat healthy to be healthy besides some physical fitness activities. We, humans, are strange. We cut trees but never plant one.

We spoilt our soil by excess chemical fertilizer usage, but we never made an effort to save our ground for future generations. We pollute water and air, not even thinking that it's affecting us.

We need to change. We must peep into our roots. We have a rich heritage of our ancient science. Practices like yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda will help entrepreneurs and business leaders to keep them at their best mentally and physically.

Our approach needs to change. During covid first wave, when the entire world was in lockdown, we all witnessed how rivers, trees, air, and animals rejuvenated. That too, just in a few months.

That shows how we have ruined our ecology. If there is no human interference, ecology will be at its best. We all witnessed how almost everyone realized that life is to live blissfully, and all other materialistic needs are no more than add-ons.

Many opted for village life too. But once lockdown was released, we were again back to the pavilion. We must live and let live. That's the commitment we owe to the entire ecology.

However, that will eventually come to us as a return on investment.

Humans are complex organisms made up of trillions of cells. We battled long research to know whether the mind is in the brain or cells? Where ever it is but it should be filled with ecstasy.

Life should be joyful and blissful. With this, every organ in our body will function at optimum levels. We will be in the best of our health when we are blissful. Business leaders need to understand that their health is the wealth of their organization.

If they think right, and make the right decisions for their organization, they grow with ease. But for that to happen, they should be in the best of their mental and physical well-being.

So, to conclude, being blissed leads to psychological health, which leads to physical health. A sound mind in a good body is a prerequisite for every business owner. 'A tree with strong roots laughs at the storms' is the quote entrepreneurs must remember.

Good Health is the Key to Building a Successful Startup

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