Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam

Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam
Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam

Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam

Maths is an important subject and the class 9 maths topics hold such great importance because it also helps in building a strong foundation for higher studies, for this reason, it is important to prepare well and have a clear understanding of all the topics of class 9 math syllabus. Here we have concluded some of the best tips that will help you strategize your exam preparations from the beginning to the last day of your exam and help you score above 95% in your exam.

● Understand the class 9 maths syllabus:

To begin with, you should completely understand your maths syllabus, the syllabus of class 9 math includes a total of 15 chapters, and you can analyze each chapter before starting your preparation. You can start with the chapter that interests you, starting with a chapter that is most understandable to you will help you build your overall interest in math and it will also boost your self-confidence. Some students may find the chapter ‘probability’ more interesting while some may be interested in ‘coordinate geometry’ more. So always go with your interest.

● Choose the right study material:

For preparing for your class 9 maths exam, you can refer to the NCERT books. NCERT is a book that is preferred by the board and contains the appropriate amount of information needed to achieve high marks in your maths exam. It is based on the CBSE guidelines and also pertains to the exact and updated syllabus of CBSE. Learning and understanding can be easy through NCERT solutions. You may also get access to the solutions easily and download them from verified sources like Vedantu ncert maths class 9 solutions pdf download.

● Understand the blueprint of the exam:

You can look forward to the pattern of your exam after understanding the syllabus. The pattern of your exam will help you to get an idea about the marks distribution of each chapter. You can prioritize the chapters according to the marks a chapter holds.

● Make separate notebooks for theory, formulas, and solutions:

You can easily learn the formulas of your math syllabus by listing them in a single notebook; you can even make separate notebooks for different chapters to keep all the solutions of a chapter in a single place. This tip will also help to maintain your notes and solution in one place which is necessary for quick and easy revisions

Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam
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● Ask your doubts or problems immediately:

You need to clear your doubts as soon as they appear. Do not hesitate or feel shy about asking doubts. The occurrence of doubts is a sign that you understand the chapter so you should ask even if you think your doubt is silly. Ask your teachers regarding your doubts and if you feel uncomfortable asking your doubts in front of your classmates then you may ask your doubts personally but clearing your doubts is very important and you should take help whenever required.

● Make a list of all the equations and formulas:

Most of the chapters of class 9 maths syllabus such as probability, coordinate geometry, lines and angles, and many other chapters include formulas and equations. For learning those formulas you can list them all together on a sheet of paper and stick that sheet in a place where it is visible to you the whole day. This strategy will make your learning experience easy and better.

● Practice previous year’s question papers:

Previous year’s question papers hold great importance for improving performance in the exam. This tip has several benefits and so it is very important to be considered before the exam. Practicing previous year’s papers will help you get an idea of the pattern of the exam along with the time duration you will need for each question. You should not neglect the importance of practicing the previous year’s paper, it can bring fruitful results.

Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam
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● Make a daily schedule:

To productively invest your 24 hours of the day, you can begin with making a timetable according to your convenience, you can choose the chapter you want to study on a particular day, you can also choose the time for your study sessions and time for your refreshment breaks. You should always take breaks while studying for better efficiency. For example, you may choose to study the chapter coordinate geometry for a week and give a test of the same on Sunday. Similarly, you may fix a day for giving a test in a week after completing a certain chapter or a topic.

● Practice:

Practice is the key to success in maths. You can study from NCERT or other course books as well. Especially the chapters like triangles, lines and angles, and some of the other chapters need a lot of practice and they will keep improving by your dedication in practicing or solving their questions. It is very important to practice the solutions as you may study and read the topics but they will only be fruitful if you pen it down and practice a lot.

By following the above-mentioned tips you can achieve 95% marks in your class 9 maths But while preparing for your exam, it is important that you should take care of yourself by ensuring that you take the proper amount of rest, eat nutritious food and sleep properly. It is natural to get nervous before the exam but if you have prepared well then you will excel in your exam.

Do not get stressed about your exam, relax and peacefully begin to prepare and you shall achieve your desired marks. And remember to carry all the necessary stationery including the pens, pencil, eraser, compass, scale, and all the other geometrical objects and also carry the required documents to your exam hall, have proper breakfast before you go for your exam. All the best!

Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam
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Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam
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Best tips to follow to score above 95% in the CBSE class 9 maths exam

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