Why India’s next gift to the world could be Vedic mathematics?

Why India’s next gift to the world could be Vedic mathematics?

The recent movie about Shakuntala Devi, the human computer must've developed your interest in speedy maths and most of you must be wondering how her calculations were accurate. Well! We might not know her reason but at Ziyyara we can surely help you find a way to improve your calculation skills with Vedic Maths.

For those who don't know what Vedic Mathematics is, it is not something related to religion as it sounds. Vedic maths comprises of simple tricks for faster calculations by which you can calculate complex mathematical problems in seconds.These Vedic maths tricks can help you do faster calculations that can come handy in various competitive exams where speed is the key factor.          

What Vedic maths can teach you is speedy calculations that can be done almost mentally and with practice you can be pretty spontaneous. This will not only help you solve lengthy mathematical solutions in less time but also help you stand out in a crowd and prove your mathematical mettle. Another interesting part about Vedic maths is that it is comprehensive. The sutras or formulae as we can call them are so systematically designed that they strike a connection with each other and are easily understood.

This makes mathematics easy for students who have a fear of numbers and are unable to get their calculations straight. The connections and reverse processes between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are lucid and interesting. When a student masters these fundamental mathematical processes, any complex calculation becomes easy for them to comprehend and solve.

Almost every sector requires some amount of mathematical calculations and problem solving. Vedic maths improves the calculation skills of students and also improves their aptitude and logical reasoning skills. This not only helps them in acing competitive exams but also comes handy in day-to-day life.

Vedic maths becomes interesting as the methods are flexible and free. When you encounter a method to solve a sum that is not rigid, you enjoy solving the sum. The methods used in Vedic maths are one-liner, concept-based sutras that allow students to follow their own path and create their own solutions to the same problems approaching it.

Well! The beauty of Vedic maths is not just in reading this post but also experiencing it practically. Let's look at some of the wonderful tricks that Vedic maths has to offer for speedy calculations. Vedic maths contains 16 sutras and 13 branches of it. These 16 formulae are so easy to understand and use that you will definitely fall in love with mathematics once you begin learning Vedic maths. You can go through these formulae at 16 Sutras of Vedic Maths. I am sharing some of my favourite ones here and I am sure you will love them equally.

  1. Multiplication of any number by 5.

Let us take up a big and scary number, say, 457638, now we have to multiply this number by 5.

Step 1: Divide the number by 2. 457638/2=228819

Step 2: Put zero after the last digit. 2288190

Tada! This is the answer. 457638*5=2288190

Now, you may ask, what if the number is odd and indivisible by 2? Simple, subtract one from it and follow the above process. Since the number is odd, we'll replace 0 with 5. Let's check out.

Suppose the odd number is 5447677

Step 1: Subtract 1 from the number. 5447677-1=5447676

Step 2: Divide the number by 2. 5447676/2=2723838

Step 3: Put five after the last digit. 27238385

Done. Cool! Isn't it?

  • Division of any number by 5

Let us assume a number 29338 and we wish to divide it by 5.

Step 1: Multiply the number by 2. 29338*2=58676

Step 2: Move the decimal by one point. 5867.6

So, this is the answer. Quick, crisp, and excellent.

So, my dear students. This is just the beginning! There are many such amazing and simple tricks of Vedic maths waiting in Ziyyara's kitty that can change your perception towards mathematics forever. Don't wait to think twice before taking up the online classes of Vedic maths with Ziyyara and fall in love with maths.

Learning Vedic maths at Ziyyara will ensure that you get all the 16 sutras right in your head and heart, never to be forgotten again because at Ziyyara we have dedicated tutors who believe in putting efforts in one-on-one personal tutoring methods. So that you never ever end your class with an empty head.

Learning with Ziyyara is always more about fun than boredom. That's why students look forward to each class of their online tuitions. With a team of dedicated and qualified tutors, Ziyyara promises to make you efficient and a pro at calculating maths problems mentally and amuse everyone in your circle!

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