List of 10 Best Online Business Magazines in India

List of 10 Best Online Business Magazines in India

List of 10 Best Online Business Magazines in India

Puja Bhardwaj || The CEO Magazine

Malcolm once stated, "Media is the most powerful entity on Earth."  Very true, media treads the board as a preeminent player in any country. And, when it comes to a country like India, where the population is more 125 crore, it is indispensable to bound people from one corner to other.  And that's why media is accepted as the fourth pillar of the world's economy.

Media presents inputs in multifarious forms; one of them is a magazine. A magazine is astounding, it provides a distinct tone and addresses the individual interest as well. It can manoeuvre remarkably to demonstrate your brand uniquely and constitute your presence in the market. To flesh out more about the business magazine, we are going to discuss in this article. It is an approach to present the entire blueprint of how a magazine donates your brand an enhancement and conceives market influence. The function of magazines is remarkable in distributing knowledge and information among people.

A business magazine is a separate section of the magazine that focusing on trade and economy sector. India is known as a hub for trades, from small to big enterprises. The best thing about the country is that it is a huge market for any sort of business. It is because of no other reasons than this that business magazine is always on the great demand here. On an average there are around 95,000 plus magazines, are sold in India on the daily basis.

These business magazines include current events and their impact on business, future ventures, investment plans, market moment, and detailed industry analysis. They are more into how business sectors are performing and how incorporation of new companies is impacting the industry. These magazines are mainly useful for those who are in the business world. As far as the world initiate riding high on monetary blast, multitudinous numbers of business magazines have appeared in the market. They provide all the information that is needed to extinguish the thirst of general mass and present cutting edge data in no time.

Here, it is an attempt to provide an overview of best business magazine in India with their incorporation year:

  1. Business India (1978)
  2. Business Today (1992)
  3. Outlook Business Magazine (1995)
  4. Images Retail (2007)
  5. Business Barons (1996)
  6. Business World (1981)
  7. India Business Journal (2005)
  8. India (2009)
  9. The Franchising World (1999)
  10. Forbes India (2008)

When you are running a business or working in the corporate world, having knowledge about the market is compulsory. If you wish to keep your cup filled with knowledge, then you can do so with the business magazines. The surprising fact is that these online magazines are not just the source of information, but are a true source of inspiration for the young entrepreneurs. As the country is growing and as more and more corporations are entering the economy the future prospect of the best business magazine in India is accelerating.

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