Huma Qureshi

The Talented Actress Making Her Mark
Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi

The Talented Actress Making Her Mark

Huma Saleem Qureshi is a versatile Indian actress, model, and producer known for her remarkable work in Hindi language films.

With her talent and commitment to her craft, she has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also received numerous awards throughout her career. Her estimated net worth is $5 million, equivalent to over 41 Crore in Indian rupees.

In this article, we'll explore the life and journey of Huma Qureshi, from her early life to her impressive acting career.

Early Life and Education

Huma Qureshi was born on July 28, 1986, into a Muslim family in New Delhi, India. Her father, Saleem Qureshi, is a well-known restaurateur who operates a chain of restaurants called "Saleem's," and her mother, Ameena Qureshi, hails from Kashmir and is a homemaker.

Huma also has three brothers, one of whom, Saqib Saleem, is a fellow actor. The family moved to Kalkaji, South Delhi when Huma was a child.

She completed her undergraduate degree with honours in History at Gargi College, affiliated with the University of Delhi. During her college days, she ventured into acting and worked with the Act 1 theatre group.

N.K. Sharma, a prominent figure in the theatre scene, served as her mentor and acting teacher during her early theatre days. Additionally, she contributed to various NGOs and assisted a documentary filmmaker, highlighting her early interest in social issues.

Acting Career Begins: Television Commercials (2008-2012)

Huma Qureshi initially didn't plan to pursue a career in acting but eventually moved to Mumbai in 2008 to audition for film roles. She auditioned for a film called "Junction," which unfortunately never materialised. However, it was during this time that destiny intervened.

While working in television commercials, she was spotted by acclaimed director Anurag Kashyap during a shoot for a Samsung Mobile commercial. Impressed by her acting skills, he promised to cast her in a film, a promise he later fulfilled.

Anurag Kashyap's faith in Huma led to her signing a three-film contract with his company, Anurag Kashyap Films.

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Film Debut and Critical Acclaim (2012-2013)

Huma Qureshi made her remarkable film debut in Anurag Kashyap's two-part crime drama "Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1" (2012). In this film, she portrayed Mohsina, the supportive wife of a criminal character, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Her performance in the film, along with the film itself, received immense praise. The film even premiered at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, further establishing her presence in the industry.

She continued her role as Mohsina in "Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2," the second instalment of the same series. Once again, she captivated the audience and critics alike with her performance, solidifying her status as a talented actress.

This earned her nominations for the Best Female Debut and Best Supporting Actress categories at several prestigious award ceremonies, including the Filmfare Awards.

In the same year, Huma Qureshi appeared in "Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana," a romantic comedy, as Harman, where she played the love interest of Kunal Kapoor's character. Her role received critical acclaim, and the film was a financial success.

Further Success and Versatility (2014-2018)

Huma Qureshi's career continued to ascend with roles in various genres. She was part of "Ek Thi Daayan" (2013), a supernatural thriller, and "D-Day" (2013), an underworld drama. Her performance in these films garnered positive reviews, even when the films themselves received mixed feedback.

In 2014, she featured in "Dedh Ishqiya," a black comedy and sequel to "Ishqiya," alongside Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, and Naseeruddin Shah. The film received critical acclaim, and Huma's portrayal of a companion of a con woman was particularly appreciated.

Huma continued to showcase her versatility by appearing in "Badlapur" (2015), a crime thriller, and "Highway" (2015), her debut in Marathi cinema. She also featured in "X: Past Is Present" (2015), a collaborative film.

Awards and Recognition

Huma Qureshi's talent did not go unnoticed in the industry. She received accolades like the BIG Star Entertainment Award for Most Entertaining Actor (Film) Debut (Female) for "Gangs of Wasseypur."

Her performance in "Dedh Ishqiya" earned her the Stardust Award for Breakthrough Supporting Performance (Female).

Her work in "Badlapur" also earned her a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2021, her portrayal in the web series "Maharani" led to a Filmfare OTT Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

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Recent Career and Upcoming Projects (2019-Present)

Huma Qureshi made her mark on the digital streaming platforms with her role in "Leila," a dystopian series on Netflix. She was praised for her performance in the series. Subsequently, she worked on "Maharani" in 2021, which also received acclaim.

Huma Qureshi made her Hollywood debut in the film "Army of the Dead" (2021). She has continued to explore her range by taking on various roles, including featuring in the Tamil film "Valimai" (2022) and the web series "Mithya."

Huma has also delved into the world of reality television, hosting the show "Fit Fab Feast" on Zee Cafe. Her future projects include a biopic where she will play the role of renowned chef Tarla Dalal.

Brand Endorsement

Huma Qureshi, the versatile Indian actress, has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of brand endorsements. Some of the brands she has endorsed include Saffola, a well-known name in the health and wellness industry, and Samsung, the global technology giant.

Her association with brands such as Quaker Oats highlights her as a symbol of a balanced and health-conscious lifestyle. Huma's engaging persona, acting prowess, and wholesome image make her a popular choice for brands targeting a contemporary and health-conscious audience.

Personal Life and Identity

Huma Qureshi has been open about her identity as a Muslim in India. She has shared that she never felt "different" because of her faith and that her upbringing was harmonious and inclusive.

Qureshi's father, Saleem Qureshi, runs a well-known restaurant, "Saleem's," which is located in Kailash Colony, Delhi.

Huma Qureshi has left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry with her diverse roles and exceptional talent.

Her journey from an accidental auditionee to a celebrated actress serves as an inspiration to many aspiring actors, and her dedication to her craft continues to shine on the big screen and digital platforms alike.

As Huma Qureshi embarks on exciting projects in the coming years, her impact on Indian cinema is bound to grow even more profound.

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