Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead

Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead
Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead

Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead

The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic had brought the whole world to a standstill. Locked in our homes, we were debarred from performing our day-to-day activities. The digital space was our only go-to place for relief and entertainment in the midst of it.

OTT platforms quickly grew to fame, and before we knew it, we all were members of the binge club. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot, Disney+Hotstar and many others kept us entertained.

The reason why OTT is the possible future of entertainment lies in the immense versatility OTT content has. It provides a unique and diverse range of content along with ultimate ease of use and user experience. Additionally, the continuous integration of technology with OTT is shaping it into a formidable player in the content space.

Because of the rise of OTT platforms in recent years, Tata Sky introduced an OTT aggregation service called ‘Binge’ a few years ago. With its rebranding to Tata Play, the company wants to foray deep into this category apart from being known as the best DTH services provider.

Let’s take a closer look at Tata Play’s OTT strategy.

Tata Play: The New OTT Address

Entertainment content consumption in India is massive. OTT platforms have unlimited content in every genre starting from romance to thriller to horror to kids entertainment and a lot more.

So, Tata Play’s rebranding strategy aims to include the most and best of OTT content while also keeping its DTH services intact. That way, consumers will be able to enjoy the best of both media in one space. Including Netflix in the Tata Play family is another major aspect of the OTT strategy as Netflix is the largest OTT platform in the world.

Tata Play Binge Combos: OTT Is Now All the More Irresistible

Tata Play introduces a bunch of combo packs, combining both DTH plans and OTT plans. Innovatively termed as Binge Combo packs, these are the best options for families members, having individual choices of TV shows and OTT content and wanting to access content on multiple devices.

You can enjoy your Binge Combo pack on your TV with Tata Play Binge+ set top box. Or else; the Binge combos are also available on +HD, HD & SD set-top boxes with an Amazon Fire TV Stick - Tata Play edition, which you get for free with a Binge Combo.

You can even enjoy your Binge Combo with Tata Play Binge on your mobile. It is an aggregator application that hosts all the 12 OTT services of Tata Play and lets you stream on three devices at a time.

Tata Play Netflix Combos: Netflix and chill Gets More Fun

The new Tata Play Netflix Combos are bundled offerings including TV broadcast channels, 12 OTT apps, plus Netflix under a single subscription pack. You can watch on up to 3 devices at a time. Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of subscribing to different OTT apps separately.

Wrapping Up

OTT is definitely going to be the future of entertainment and Tata Play is contributing to the process efficiently. So, get your Tata Play DTH connection today and dive into the world of OTT.

Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead
Is OTT the Future? How Tata Play Is Taking the Journey Ahead
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