Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood

Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood
Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood

Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood

Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood

Companies are always trying to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. That is essential when it comes to very competitive markets, and a Hollywood-esque advert could be the difference between getting custom or not.

We are seeing more and more adverts go to extremes to try and capture the imagination of their target audience, and many of the efforts that we have seen wouldn’t be out of place if they were set on the big screens in Hollywood. But, which adverts are among the most incredible that we have seen in recent years?


There are few industries that are as crowned as that of the betting sector. Therefore, the adverts that these companies produce have taken on a life of their own, as they are getting bigger and better with every passing year.

One of the best adverts that we have seen from a betting company in recent years was the one produced by Betway titled ‘I Bet My Way’.

The advert does an excellent job of being perfectly suited to its target audience, shows some of the world’s most notable events, and adds a betting element.

That includes betting on David vs Goliath and early boxing fights. The advert encourages its viewer to follow their instincts, and shows that betting on events has been popular throughout time, as we have always wanted to pick sides.

Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk has often used catchy classic songs in their adverts, as they have been a surefire way to catch the imagination and attention of the viewer. One of their most successful attempts at doing this in their advert came with the release of the advert titled ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’.

The advert showed a male being put on hold before eating a bite of chocolate and then dancing along to the Baccara classic with the same name as the advert.

Since then, the song has taken on a life of its own over recent years, as it was revived as the anthem behind Scotland’s run to the European Championships in 2020, and remains a constant anthem at weddings up and down the country.

The success of the advert likely played an important role in the song becoming popular again, and followed a similar comedy sketch that you may see in shows like The Office.


Few alcoholic brands have developed and produced as many entertaining ideas throughout their history at Guinness. A number of hugely important campaigns, such as ‘Race Against Time’ have had profound impacts.

However, they managed to capture the mood of the world with their 2019 advert titled ‘Welcome Back’. As the world was coming out of lockdown, Guinness released the advert coupled with a cover of ‘Always On My Mind’ by Jack Savoretti.

The advert welcomed back the return to life as we knew it, and showed streets empty as people looked forward to the re-opening of pubs. The advert closes with one final image of a group of friends getting back together for the first time since lockdown and enjoying a pint of Guinness.

At the end, the brand also announced that they were pledging money to support pubs hit by the cost of the pandemic.


Another brand that constantly delivers entertaining adverts on a regular basis is Coca-Cola. That is so much the case that many don’t believe it’s the festive season until the Coca-Cola advert with the lorry has been on the television.

However, one of the brand’s first and most successful campaigns came in the 70s, as the ‘Buy The World A Coke’ advert had profound impacts around the world.

That included the song used giving New Seekers a number one single. It is also an advert that many younger people would have seen, as it was the basis behind the final moments of the hit drama Mad Men.

The advert had a huge impact on the brand, and remains one of the company’s most successful campaigns to this day, and one that had truly passed the test of time and remains as prominent as ever to this day.

John Lewis

There are few adverts that get as much publicity ahead of their release than the Christmas advert released by John Lewis. Every year, the company goes bigger than the last, and that has led to some of the world’s greatest adverts being released in time for the festive period by the company. One of our personal favourites was released in 2018, and centred around the story of Elton John.

The advert shows the musical legend at different stages of his career, but reveals that everything was only possible because of the piano that he received for Christmas when he was a young boy.

It was a timely reminder that a single present at Christmas could change your life forever, and perfectly fits the demographic that the company was looking to hit.

Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood
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Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood
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Epic TV adverts that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood
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