How to Create a Blog?

Blogging is one of the biggest money-making platforms you can leverage today! Unlock various steps of creating a blog like selecting domain, hosting, CMS, and more now!
How to Create a Blog?
How to Create a Blog?

Blogging is one of the biggest money-making platforms

How to create a blog?

Blogging is one of the biggest money-making platforms you can leverage today!

Wondering how to get started? Domain? Hosting?

You have landed on the right website. After completing this guide inclusive of simple 5 steps, you would be able to create a beautiful blog.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional looking for a career change or upskilling, a blog is a good platform to work ahead with.


So, here it is:

How to create a blog?

There is a common myth that successful blogs are curated by great writers. However, it is essential to understand that blogs are informal and conversational style writings that do not need to have profound English but something that people can understand and find relevant.

Yes. Relevancy is the key here.

Also, for beginners, you don’t need experts, blogs are a great stepping stone for you. You can write about topics that you have an interest in and share your experiences.

You can share about travel, health, fitness, beauty, or even your life as your interests and hobbies through a lifestyle blog.

Sounds interesting right?

How to Create a Blog?
What is a lifestyle blog? Unlock Lifestyle Blogging for Beginners

Give this a read “What is a Lifestyle blog? How to create one?”

So, it does not matter whether you want to write about photography or write about your pregnancy and mom life, both are bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. The fact remains, that both blogs can be famous and successful, given they have some parts right.

Now, we will come to creating content later, before, it is important to understand

Now, we have briefly discussed different types of blogs you can curate based on your experiences in this detailed blog. Have a look!

A blog can be curated through these steps:

Step 1: What is a Domain?

The domain is the first thing you need to create your blog. The domain is the address of your online business.

When it comes to “How to create a blog website?”, this is the first step that you need to consider because it is a crucial part of your online presence.

A domain name is divided into several parts with is inclusive of your brand name along with suffix which contributes to the identification string which is registered in the DNS or Domain Name System.

This suffix decides the level of your domain. There are three levels of domains, TLDs or top-level domains. Generic top-level domains or gTLDs, like com, info, net, edu, and org, and the country code top-level domains or ccTLDs are above the second and third-level domain names.

It is crucial to decide on a domain name that should be short, catchy, memorable, easy to type and be distinct. It should also be available online on social media platforms as a domain name is crucial to have official social media profiles from a branding and marketing perspective.

There are several platforms online which offer you a suitable domain.

Step 2 What is Hosting? How to Get Hosting for Blogs?

Now that you have decided on the address of your company, you have to book the location for your blog, rather than rent it. Hosting is essentially renting space online for the blog.

A host will allow you to publish your website files onto the internet and this service provides you with storage and computing resources for accommodation and maintenance of the website.

How to create a self-hosted blog?

If you decide to go solo, you can go ahead with your server and put your blog online. The entire process with domain and CMS remains the same.

How to Create a Blog?
What is Blog Hosting? Understand Web Blog Hosting Better!

Step 3 How to Choose the right CMS for blogs?

CMS is the content management system that allows you to upload and manage your content online.

You can use free CMS like WordPress and Blogger to have a blog website free of cost. While WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogs, Blogger is the American blog CMS is owned by Google

Both are famous among the new bloggers and even established brands as they are immensely easy to use. All you have to do is install, login, explore the CMS and get started!

How to create a blog for free?

In case, you are searching for the answers to the question, “How to create a blog for free and make money?”, you can work with CMS like WordPress and blogger which offers you a platform to curate a blog for free and manage as well.

Let’s understand how to create a free blog on these CMS platforms through step-by-step guides:

How to create a blog on WordPress?

Wordpres, in the world of CMS, is the most renowned name and one of the most popular answers to “How to create a blog free of cost” in terms of CMS and here’s how you can create a website on WordPress:

  • Install WordPress to easily work with your content

  • Choose a WordPress theme suitable to your brand

  • Configure your plugins to make them more user-friendly

  • Creative administrative pages and then start writing blogs

How to create a blog on blogger?

Blogger, the American online content management system which enables multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries, is a platform that is perfect for new bloggers who need a free yet established platform.

  • Sign in to Blogger.

  • On the left, click the Down arrow.

  • Click New blog.

  • Enter a name for your blog.

  • Click Next.

  • Choose a blog address or URL.

  • Click Save.

To know more about managing your blog on Blogger, have a look at their official website.

How to Create a Blog?
How to Earn from Blogging?

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