What Are Some Creative Ways To Use Google Adwords?

What Are Some Creative Ways To Use Google Adwords?

What Are Some Creative Ways To Use Google Adwords?

Nowadays, a large number of businesspeople are using Google Adwords to reach their target audience and to expand their business. It has become the most popular online advertising networks across the world. But the main problem marketers face with Google AdWords is that they find it really expensive when a lot of bid on the same keywords with the highest commercial intent.

Thankfully, this is not only a way to use AdWords. We have pulled together some tried-and-tasted techniques for using the AdWords. All of these ideas required that you have used Google AdWords earlier, good background knowledge about it and you have measurable goals tracking on your website.

Now, you are to have great fun while learning about creative ways to use Google AdWords. Here, we go!

Target People who don't ready to buy yet

Initially, it may sound strange and you will wonder why I should go after the people who aren't ready to buy yet.

But you go deep, you get the concept of how. Most marketers bid on high buyer-intent keywords as they take AdWords as conversions. Instead, you should treat AdWords as a traffic engine. When you bid on lower buyer-intent keywords to bring traffic to your site and it puts people into funnels to be targeted in different ways.

With this approach, non-conversions on the first visit can be an opportunity, not a loss. As long as you are working on your marketing funnels to generate leads, you grab potential clients for a fraction of the investment, and then utilize those advertising mediums to convert them down the line.

Fuel Your Organic SEO Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered as the most effective digital marketing initiatives. When you create valuable content and optimize it in the right way, you convince Google to rank your site for key terms and phrases in the long run.

True, writing and publishing high-quality content is vital but it takes a lot of time. Sometimes, it can take months before the result of SEO strategies come. But how to find keywords that worth your attention before you dedicate our writing, generating and building back links.

Google AdWords can help in your SEO keyword research. According to marketing experts, if you people are okay to pay for traffic from certain keywords, it's worth working to get that same traffic for free.

But this will take time from week or months to bring organic results but, you can see the results of your PPC ads on the same day you launch a campaign. Once you find the right keywords that are actually driving traffic to your site, you can easily include those in your strategy and boost your site traffic.

Stand Out in Ads Post

Whether you are in the healthcare industry or travel, most of your competitors are using dynamic keyword insertions and bidding on similar keywords, and you can easily see that their ads give the same message.

When there are a number of the same ads, your brand advertising is easily lost and that affects your chances of getting clicks.

While working on advertising and promotion many times, marketers lose sight of what their target audience is looking for- The End Goal, what people want to achieve with your product or service. Understand this secret and you can write unique ads.

Make Things Personal

Just like your content, writing your ads can make your audience feel personal. Use words like "we", "us", "me", "myself", and "I".

Using these words in an ad post creates an impact on customers' minds that you focus on their needs and the chances of getting a click go high. The famous name of the digital world, John Kuraoka, the second-best word is you and the best word is the customer's name.

But advertising is not developed that much so we cannot add the visitors' name to our Google ads automatically so, try to go with the second-best at least.

So do some research, and find how you can use power words like "you" to enhance your ad performance. For better output, try to use the power in your headline or first description line.

Bottom Line

These are some creative ways to use Google AdWords. Hope these tips will help you to find unique ways of advertising and generate maximum revenue.

Do you have any creative way to use Google AdWords uniquely? Share that in the comment section below; we will be happy to add your tip here.

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