Edge Qloud

Serverwala's Latest Cloud Computing Solution for Next-Gen Applications
Edge Qloud

Edge Qloud

Serverwala's Latest Cloud Computing Solution for Next-Gen Applications

Serverwala has launched its latest cloud computing solution, named Edge Qloud. As per the research reports, the Global Edge Computing Market is evaluated to attain a valuation of USD 88.2 billion by 2026.

Taking account of segmented market valuations & projections, intricate factor computation, and competitive strategies, Edge Qloud has been brought forward for Next-Gen Applications. 

Upon deployment, our warren.io based platform permits corporations to accelerate ingenious solutions that can deliver revived value to their clients & processes.

It helps in intensifying the business performance as well as customer experience by decreasing latency while addressing high-level security, increased connectivity speed requirements, and sovereignty needs.

Moreover, when integrated with 5G, Edge Qloud enables corporations to enhance the delivered business value considerably. With the onset of 5G in India, the potential of constructing a cumulative economic impact can shoot up to $1 trillion in the coming years.

This is progressing with the massive possibilities to let businesses across industries recast how they deliver goods & services. Processing workloads in real-time where the business data resides has never been this easier with maximum efficiency and utmost protection.

On the other side, there can be corporations or businesses for which planning new digital solutions for the coming few years may be inoperable.

However, Edge Qloud still provides them with the ability to harness its stability and strengths. This is because it brings in the following proficiencies - 

● Effectively and readily integrating with other IT systems 

● Functioning with devices & networks supported by public as well as private cloud providers 

● Compatibility with existing software development languages, management, and executive tools 

● Permitting the quick and effortless upgrades 

● Not requiring substantial investment in hardware 

● Possessing high energy efficiency 

● Assuring an elevated level of data privacy & security 

● Developing future-proof technological solutions 

Adapting modification required for operational essentials. 

● Enabling organic scaling and future-ready infrastructure

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As a part of our vision of rendering cutting-edge benefits & facilities at the most feasible pricing, we are offering the cheapest Edge Qloud services on an hourly as well as monthly basis. At the

same time, we provide the opportunity to let you acquire customized services based on your business demands & necessities.

You can have easy customization at the level of component (services, hardware, software), application, verticals (energy & utilities, healthcare & life Science, telecommunications, etc.), region, and others.

We have further assured to mention the comprehensive and precise details relevant to Edge Qloud services in the service level agreement, official web page, and emails sent to customers post-purchase.

Serverwala's Edge Qloud services come with the following assured key features - 

● Hourly Billing 

● Our Unique Edge Qloud Interface 

● Fully Managed Services 

● Zero setup fees 

● Low CAPEX 

● Complete self-service onboarding process 

● Highest Uptime 

● Even lower OPEX 

● Bimonthly updates 

● SLA & dedicated support

Along with these features, the high flexibility incorporated with the Edge Qloud and breakthrough innovations in AI allows businesses to modernize their infrastructures while staying compliant and reducing the burden of compliance obligations despite where their data resides.

The founder & CEO of Serverwala, Mr. Akshay Saini, states that the Edge Qloud has been developed with his & his team's global market experience and advanced research methodologies.

He further affirms that the Edge encloses forward-thinking and a multi-layered approach for facilitating optimized business operations based on the constantly evolving market dynamics. 

Head Office: Jaipur Electronic Market, Ridhi Sidhi Circle, Gopalpura Byepass, Jaipur(RJ), Rajasthan 

Branch Office: 5th floor, B wing, Community Coworks Ackruti Trade Centre, Rd Number 7, M.I.D.C, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093 

Technical Support: dctech@serverwala.com 

Billing Inquiries: billing@serverwala.com 

Sales Inquiries: sales@serverwala.com 

Sales: +91 7300005415 

Support: +91 8003399228 

Accounts: +91 7073977799

Headquartered in India, Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd. is considered the industry-leading data center across the world. We take pride in being a highly renowned data

center for readily accommodating the demands & necessities of diverse businesses globally. Serverwala data center also has been earning recognition through reputable awards for enabling small to large businesses to advance and become successful.

Our customers & clients receive access to the best-in-class services, hyper-scale facilities, most advanced technologies, and assistance from proficient specialists to stay at the forefront of the market competition.

We provide them exclusive support for capitalizing on data insights, streamlining business operations, eliminating overhead expenses, and gaining a competitive edge in their industries.

With the Edge Qloud services and industry-specific cloud solutions, we have made digital transformations rapid, efficient, and extremely secure. All this has been backed by Serverwala's invincible commitment to seamless service, confidence, transparency, and accountability. 

Statements regarding Serverwala's operations and intent are subject to modification orwithdrawal without notice and represent only ideals and objectives.

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