10 Highest Paying Jobs in the IT Sector in India

10 Highest Paying Jobs in the IT Sector in India

Are you looking for the highest-paid tech jobs to make your future bright in the IT sector? So, here are some of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India that are worth your interest and help you bring in generous paychecks.

Presently, the growth of the Indian economy has paved the way for new professional's opportunities. Unlike before when the two most popular professionals i.e. doctor and engineer were the buzzwords, now there are a plethora of career options. Tech field is offering a variety of job options in multiple segments. Any technical skills that you possess can be of great help to you get a job in the IT field irrespective of your academic major filed.

In order to get desired pay packaged and additional benefits, you have to choose the correct field and figure out the kind of training and practice, or certification you will need to get one of these highest paying jobs. 

10 Highest Paying Jobs in IT Sector in India

Data Scientist

A data scientist is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India. A data scientist is responsible for analyzing and interpreting complex data to support organizations make better and more timely decisions.

To become a successful data scientist, you should be able to understand machine learning algorithms, create data models, code in a language like SAS, Python and other analytical tools and also identify business issues and also provide proper solutions.

Data science as a field itself offers a wide variety of work opportunities and salary potential. For instance, data analysts and data architects both are some of the most in-demand jobs which are among the highest-paid tech jobs within the data domain.

Blockchain Engineer

One of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India is blockchain engineering. In this position, one is responsible for developing and implementing solutions and architectures regarding blockchain technology. With the emergence of digital payments in India, blockchain has been getting excellent attention over the years. Today, it has become a key innovator in the fintech sector.

There are numerous other avenues for this emerging technology like smart contracts. In the date of the day, this segment is facing a shortage of skilled professionals. You can make a bright future as a blockchain engineer. And for this, you need to make sure you have great proficiency in programming, in-depth understanding of Etherium, Ripple, R3 and Bitcoin technologies, through knowledge of consensus methodologies, and command of security protocol stacks and crypto libraries.

Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers are technical practitioners who are well-versed in every stage of development, including backend and frontend. Full-stack developer's work is to design and build APIs with MEAN stack technologies, keeping the code integrity and data security intact.

To become a full-stack developer, you should the following skill-set:

Coding, scripting, and developing API

MongoDB, Node.js, Angular, Express

Comprehension of web development fundamentals

Acquaintance with database technologies

Software Architect

 In the last few years, software architect has gained great popularity as one of the highest-paying tech jobs in India. A software architect is mainly responsible for optimizing the development process. They make several design choices and dedicate the standards for coding as well as technology platforms.

Also, they have to develop prototypes that are in line with customer needs. To make a career in this job profession, you should have the required qualities like proper understanding of software architecture, data modelling and excellent analytics ability. Just like most of the other tech jobs, programming skills are must for software architects as well.

In India, the demand for software architects is at an all-time high, and the average salary for this job is 24 lakhs to over 40 lakhs rupees annually.

DevOps Engineer

Another popular option of this list, DevOps engineer is referred to some on the development team taking part in the deployment and network operations, or to someone from the operations team working on app development. They are well versed in coding and scripting and network operations. They hold a strong knowledge of DevOps tools like Gift and Jenkins Knowledge of Linux or UNIX system administration.

DevOps engineers also involve sometimes in designing and maintaining a deployment infrastructure, integrating cloud services so that processes can be automated, or shell scripting in PHP/Python and Ruby.

Product Manager

As the name says, Product managers' work is central to product development. Their role starts from conception and continues till product launch. Product managers determine the operative plan, assign the relevant team members, and fix the timeline to complete each task. Besides, they also need to decide the scope of any particular product and establish milestones peppered throughout its journey.

Apart from all these works, as a product manager, you also need to undertake several strategic and marketing activities. No doubt, this is among the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India.

As per the leading job search sites, the number of openings for this job is increasing in recent years. To go on this designation, you should be skilled in product lifecycle management product management tools like JIRA, Pivotal TRacker, Asana and more.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

The IoT solutions architect is a leadership role in overseeing the strategy behind the development and successful deployment of IoT solutions. This is one of the most in-demand tech jobs apart from being one of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India.

As an Internet of a Things solutions architect, you should have an excellent understanding of IoT solutions, strong programming skills, an understanding of Machine Learning, and knowledge of hardware design as well as architecture.

An IoT solutions architect leading and participating in the activities around architecture and design, supporting to develop an overall IoT ecosystem engagement as per the IoT solutions frameworks, and translating business requirements into solution architecture needs. 

Cloud Architect

Next on the list of highest-paying jobs in the IT sector in India is cloud architect. A cloud architect deploys and oversees an organizations' cloud computing strategy. To get this job successfully, one should have a thorough understanding of cloud application architecture, knowledge of Amazon Web Services Azure or Google cloud platform with good communication skills.

Generally, the works of cloud architecture include developing cloud architecture, developing a cloud strategy and coordinating the implementation and deployment of it and also making sure that application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are done properly. You can find various job roles and responsibilities that pay handsome salaries within the cloud computing field.

Cybersecurity Specialist

The main task of a cybersecurity specialist is to protect information systems from hacking, viruses, malware, phishing, and other cyber attacks. They are also responsible for implementing security programs across organizations.

As a per Cisco report, one out of every three Indian companies has faced financial losses in the cyber attack through theft or another way. This is the reason why the demand for cube security professionals is picking up, mainly in industries like Computer Network Services, ITes, Accounting, and Management Consulting.

If you are interested in cyberspace, you can have a bright future in this job with a handsome salary package. The best part is that there is a great scope for this profession in India in the coming days.

Chief Security Officer

When it comes to the highest-paying jobs in the IT sector in India, a Chief security officer is probably one of the finest and lucrative career options in the software field. The job as a Chief Security Officer is to handle all the physical and digital safety of the organization. However, in the IT field, their main focus is on information security.

Protecting and keeping online information safe in this modern era has become very tough keeping in mind how frequently the websites get hacked, cyber frauds happen, etc. As a Chief Security Officer, one becomes responsible for designing, implanting, and evaluating, and bringing reform in the network and information security of an organization. This is quite a reputed and lucrative career option and the salary range is also very high.

Wrap Up of Highest Paying Jobs in the IT Sector

So, there you got it, the list of some of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector in India that capture every aspirant's fancy. Presently, the list is wide-ranging when it comes to finding lucrative jobs in tech. However, the best thing is that you can go for a career option as per your interests and inclination towards a particular job. Start your preparation and target learning avenues that help you develop the required skills.

You should also be ready to take the challenges and risks involved as higher the salary will be more the pressure and workload and not every person is able to handle it. So, you need to be preparing to accept challenges in any kind profession. Also, work hard to get into such a profession.

 Your dream job role and one of these highest paying jobs are waiting for you. Start your preparation now!

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