"Our forte has been to successfully tailor our solutions to support customer needs whether it is in the space of Consulting, Product Management or Service Delivery". – Joe Wu

Today, we are on the brink of massive change. AI, design thinking, robotics, and big data have made a splash across all industries, but perhaps their greatest impact is in the consulting industry. Digitization opened the floodgates in terms of potential work for consulting firms– clients need help transforming to embrace a digital future, understanding new technologies, and implementing new products to engage their customers. As technology and innovation have grown in the different fields, businesses and start-ups in the industry have found amazing ways to improve their offerings and revolutionize the industry.


Amid the flood of innovation and development in the consulting industry, Zapare Technologies has emerged as a customized and dynamic approach to improving the healthcare payment horizon.  Renowned for its unique solution, Zapare Technologies works with Hospitals, Physician groups, Financial Institutions, Clearing houses and Billing agencies to streamline, scale and improve their healthcare payment processing by efficiently deploying an array of intelligent technologies, staffing, and business process management solutions.

An innovative seed that was sown at the end of 2017 flourished well and became the cornerstone and set a new benchmark in the consulting industry.

"In our experience, we realize that each business and project is diverse in nature. This understanding helps us to devise strategies to systematically analyse, plan, implement and maintain the projects in phases and led to the conception and introduction of Zapare Technologies", asserts Joe Wu-CEO of the company, and the man behind the brand.

With an innovative approach, Zapare Technologies smoothen the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization street to their needs by utilizing minimal resources. Currently, they are serving the US Healthcare market with ambitions to expand further to other countries, particularly Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.


Zapare Technologies is backed by a highly specialized management team with over 20 combined years of experience in the healthcare industry with proven ability to optimally combine digital technology, skilled resources, and efficient business processes to implement creative as well as proven market solutions to suit an ever-evolving market.

Joe Wu

Joe Wu holds a Master's Degree in Health Policy and Management from Emory University. He comes with great expertise in outsourcing overseas with different cultures and people. Born in Taiwan, Joe moved to the US at a young age and grew up there. His first job coming out of grad school was with a start-up company with an overseas office in Thiruvananthapuram. This offered him exposure to an eye-opening journey focused on learning, communicating and engaging with people halfway around the world.

The job impacted Joe a lot and brought him to connect the people in India with the clients in the US and bring them together to offer something valuable.  Since inception, Joe has been instrumental in building up Zapare Technologies, from a start-up idea into a successful venture. Joe is a very detailed-oriented person and customers love details; with his systematic and creative approach to any given situation, he is able to provide a reliable solution to the customers; that is why he is able to convert an idea into a growing company in such a short period.

Merijayana Winston (Vini)

International executive specializing in Management consulting and Business Process Management (BPM), Merijayana Winston is the COO of the company. She holds over 12 years of extensive experience in setting up large scale operations from scratch and operationalizing them within a finite timeline. Due to family responsibilities, she started her career in late 2008 but soon gained expertise in running multi-site operations with 1500+ employees for leading banking, financial and healthcare companies.

Vini is a graduate in economics with a special interest in behavioural economics and EI (Emotional Intelligence). She believes these are crucial drivers in a world that are moving towards Automation and AI. She studied High-Performance Leadership at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations. She is a master in employing behavioural economic theory to maximize employee engagement through creative incentive structures and organizational design, therefore achieving the workforce's potential of performance while providing the client's unparalleled quality. Her ability to harness goodwill from people helps her to build long-lasting relationships with both customers and employees alike.

Johncy Joseph

Johncy Joseph's career graph has been pointed north all the way in his professional career. He rose from an independent contributor in Administration to an Operations Manager for a 200+ member team to successfully launching and operationalizing a Private Limited company, all in a career spanning 7 years. Fortified with an innate understanding of human psychology, behavioural drivers and good judgment he has been able to forge relationships with clients and vendors. He commands respect and loyalty from employees that extends beyond the call of duty.

He played a key role in founding the Company. He was instrumental in building successful relationships with the Government authorities and other entrepreneurs which translated to goodwill from the community at large. Having companies, visit him for consults speaks volumes about him and his work. He is very good at government officials, vendors, and also employees.


Timing and opportunity is everything in business. Though the 3 founders of Zapare Technologies had been in this industry for over a decade and always nurtured the dream of starting their own enterprise for a long time, it all came together only in 2017 when they were able to finally lay the foundation for Zapare Technologies. At this point, they had a unique opportunity to consult for a large US-based Healthcare company regarding solutions for the development of a new application using cutting edge technology.

Even though being in the industry for a very long time and having all this experience; the foundation of Zapare Technologies was taken just three years ago by Joe, Vini, and Johncy. While they were looking for different opportunities,  a former client of theirs reached out to them for a consult. Looking for something specific, the client was looking for solutions regarding development not marketing.

The three founders were able to come in and help them not only with the idea, workflow, and design but also were able to deploy highly qualified resources for testing. This was a key point where they identified a niche business opportunity where their talent and experience could be transformed into a service profile too.

Organizations like hospitals and social groups struggle to keep pace with the dynamic market and do not have the expertise to do that at times, here when Joe, Vini, and Johncy come in and bring some experience and knowledge and change technology that helps them make their process and workflow more efficient.

"Since we have worked together in the past, each one of us has brought together our own opinions and ideas on improving things. The business opportunity gave us the idea, drive, and encouragement to get started and introduced Zapare Technologies."- Merijayana Winston (Vini).


"Zapare Technologies is very high-specialized, we have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and we have proven ourselves in the digital aspects of the technology along with skilled resources and efficient business partnerships that we think to lead to driven solutions for the ever-evolving market. As the market is dynamic, it is always evolving; it's always coming up with new things so we can take that and create a solution, a customized solution for our customers," asserts Johncy.

"Since we have a lot of experience, we can see how the market has grown for the last 20 years. Behind the scenes, being new entrants in the simplistic market and over time new technologies have entered the industry. We can harness the power of technology and add it along with the main product we have to create solutions," Vini further adds.


Currently, Zapare Technologies is 100% focused on exporting the services to the US. With the focus on the healthcare sector and the current market structure, they believe that there are various opportunities for the Indian-based company to go out and be able to provide those services. Domestically, in India, the healthcare sector is still cash credit and technology being at a nascent stage in the domestic market, Joe believes that it is still early and there is a scope for future opportunities where ideas and concepts of the brand can be moved domestically.

They are mainly focused on the US healthcare market and also other potential markets around the world that have similar challenges that they face in the US.


The marketing strategy of Zapare Technologies is based on referrals from past customers they have worked with and the relationships are formed through their network. They have become a known entity by maintaining good relationships with their clients who are aware of their background and refer them to other organisations that they know.


When Joe, Vini, and Johncy began their careers, the market was very basic. There were entries on the very low level but now it has arisen to developing cutting-edge technologies like AI and OCR that have made the process efficient and reduced the operations time. A lot of transformation in the US market and the technologies they use are being outsourced to India including radiology, medical coding, etc. The technology has shrunk the globe in a market where one can utilize resources from all over the world.


Over the years, the industry has emerged and combined the consulting aspect comprising of the ideas and plans with the execution in the service cloud industry. Having those combined into one helps the consultants to showcase to the clients how effective the ideas are in the real world. Having witnessed the transformation in the industry has been one of the key parts of Joe's career.


Being a comparatively young company, Zapare Technologies is competing against the established names in the industry. Another challenge is the cost, being a hot topic; it comes down to how long they can offer their service at the cheapest possible rate. Unfortunately, the challenge is while doing so one compromises the quality of service.

"We as a brand believe in getting the job done correctly and securely and be efficient to ensure a reduced cost but also increase the value offered", Johncy further adds.


"Our business model is built on trust, reliability, and communication. Cost and quality are important factors however we believe that the mentioned factors are core to ensure that clients are comfortable associating with us and getting the best services, asserts Joe.


Joe believes that in the contemporary global market, one has the reach to go 24X7 around the world. He says that because of the global market along with efficiency gains and high competition, there is an opportunity for anyone to go out, explore an interest that drives them and make an impact.


At Zapare Technologies, integrity, and trust are core to making sure they constantly serve clients at the highest level and encourage their employees by creating a space for them to be productive, grow and feel that they are a part of the family so that they can create a better social brand and value for the company.

Joe stressed, "We want to inspire leadership, following integrity, become reliable partners, and be at the cutting edge in terms of technology offering that as a scalable service to our customers. Internally, we look forward to being good leaders to our employees as they are a key part of what we do; they are our brand ambassadors, who represent our company to their acquaintances and social media creating social value for us." 


As all businesses are run by people, relationships matter as much as the technology, the price, service that you offer.

"We have an edge over our peers in terms of how we offer our services with the background that we have, the connection and relationships that we have cultivated with the technology, prices, and efficiency. We generally focus on both our customers and our employees and that no one's interest is compromised. It is a crucial part of our success," Vini proudly shares.


Zapare Technologies has been a part of the community since inception. Last year, when the Kerala Floods impacted the area, the measure team went out provided help by providing supplies.

While hiring employees, they have a policy of giving preference to local talent first. They have collaborated with agencies that provide free training under Government schemes so they are able to support such candidates.

Further Johncy shares, "The community around us is an essential part for our business as people know the brand. So we work in a way that creates an impact on the community. "


Vini stressed, "We will continue at the same pace and keep exceeding people's expectations. We are making a strategy to bring more technological solutions to stay ahead at the forefront of this dynamic market by supporting clients through high-quality services at an affordable cost to increase their revenue."

"For us, this is just the beginning and we are just starting to scratch the surface of what we can achieve. Just like an iceberg, one just sees the tip of the iceberg, but there is a whole piece of the iceberg that one does not see. We tend to dig deeper and provide the services to our clients."- Joe Wu

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