Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. Offers Excellent Solutions For Personal Workspaces Through Its Range Of Highly Elegant Ergonomic Furniture

Dr. Vinod Gupta
Dr. Vinod GuptaFounder & CEO - Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, Information Technology has spread out, and corporate sectors have been built everywhere. And as most of these jobs were desk jobs or computer jobs, the need for ergonomic furniture also skyrocketed. Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi NCR-based design and manufacturing firm that specialises in ergonomic office furniture and accessories, debuted to provide economical solutions.

Dr. Vinod Gupta, a proficient designer and architect, established Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. in 2002. Sanjay Chaudhary, a construction industry professional and L.P. Singh, an architect, also contributed to the company’s establishment.

Since its inaugural, the company has been custom designing and building offices and furniture for many Indian companies. In 2018, Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. diversified its offerings to provide ergonomic solutions for office workspace, personal or home workspace and educational institutions.

How Did Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. Start Its Journey In The Domain?

More than building an office from scratch, buying or renting furnished office spaces is the normality of today’s time. Office work also abides by a hybrid model, mixing work from home and commercial office spaces. This was the beginning of Opus Indigo’s B2C journey into ergonomic furniture and accessories. Their office and production facility is located in Delhi, NCR.

Dr. Vinod Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd., is popularly known for his work on green buildings and sustainable design. He has also ventured into the teaching profession, giving lessons on architecture and product design, ergonomics, and sustainable design at premier institutions in India.

Dr. Gupta has designed buildings and institutional campuses in India and the USA, winning many accolades for sustainable design. His works have been published in Indian architectural journals and other books.

The Overarching Goals and Objective Of Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Soon after the IT boom, there was also a need for proper infrastructure to accommodate all employees. However, the condition of IT office workers is quite grim as half of the Indian work force suffers from back or neck pain.

This can be attributed to the corporate lifestyle of working on computers or laptops, sitting in one place for long hours. Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated its services to building a pain-free working environment through its products. They have also focused on meeting the needs of Indian workers, which are quite different from the requirements of Europeans and Americans.

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd - The Versatile Products And Value Services

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. is not into making medical devices. Still, ergonomic furniture has been linked to inducing proper posture and preventing musculoskeletal disorders caused by sitting on office chairs for long hours while working on a computer or laptop. Good furniture is designed to improve the workers life.

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. goes an extra mile considering the physical well-being of its customers and designing furniture and accessories that are capable of achieving the feat. To be able to customise furniture for their Indian customers, they manufacture their products in small batches. Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. develop valuable products by learning from the continuously evolving Indian work conditions.

Staying away from large multi-national companies, Opus Indigo has partnered with smaller Indian clients, that includes LensKart, Bhartiya International, IBM Daksh, Adaan, Science Olympiad Foundation, IIT Gandhinagar, NIIT University, American Institute of Indian Studies, Bharati Bhawan P&D, Tata Telecom, CMC Limited, Ubest, KLG Systel. Currently, they have less than 50 employees operating.

The Inspiring Background Of Dr Vinod Gupta

After joining the furniture industry for the very first time, Mr Vinod was appalled by the realization that the Indian market did not have products for the requirements of the Indian customers. European office furniture design was not quite right for Indian people, especially Indian women of short stature and those wearing long dresses or sarees to work.

Typical office furniture with partitions also posed a challenge for keeping the office floor clean. On top of that, the available furniture was not suitable for partially air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned offices.

Dr Gupta started focusing on these very Indian problems using his years of experience designing and teaching energy-efficient and environment friendly architecture and devising appropriate solutions.

European and American designs and brands vastly dominate the organised furniture industry in India. Then there is the unorganised market run by local craftsmen incorporating traditional techniques.

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. lies almost in the middle, assuring quality like reputed brands, and using local materials and skills used by the unorganised sector. Opus Indigo has extended experience of using sustainable materials and practices.

Differentiating Factors About Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. develops all of its goods to meet good design, ergonomics, and sustainability criteria. Their designs are strikingly different from western designs that have little to no use in the Indian context.

During the pandemic, as WFH became the normal, Opus Indigo designed goods that are apt for the limited personal space available in Indian homes and are also affordable. The company earns its revenue by selling on eCommerce platforms and keeping its costs and margins as low as possible.

Achievements and Acknowledgement of Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. was a B2B company that ventured into the B2C range only a few years back. They acknowledge their success lies in their keen ability to address those Indian needs that none of the other companies is paying heed to. Success is not merely a profitable construct for the firm. Instead, it establishes new standards for Indians to lead a healthy work-life.

Various Hurdles And Obstacles Encountered Along The Entrepreneurial Path

Global furniture marketing brands have already promoted workspace furniture products, concepts, and standards, setting up a very questionable taste among the masses. Initially, Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. was not able to deal with this entrenched taste.

It took a while to understand that MNC’s in India are not free to change from international standards. It took even longer to identify the market for ergonomic furniture that is amenable to change.

This is the reason why Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. tied up with small Indian companies that were not obliged to follow such standards. The company has to also educate their Indian audience that western furniture manufacturing is not quite up to the mark for the Indian needs. We know that western dresses are not the right outfit for our climate and culture. Western furniture also has the same issues.

Significant Accomplishments of Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

In 1992, the redefinition of ergonomic furniture design for Indian offices began with Dr Gupta designing the first intelligent building in India for CMC Limited. This was followed by the sustainable office interior design for UBEST in 1995. They built their first ergonomic call centre in 2003. In 2006, they launched their office workstation with a monitor shelf.

In 2006, Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd. launched its Pyramid Workstation. Their very own production facility was built in Noida in 2008. They developed educational furniture in 2009. The first batch of ergonomic accessories was produced in 2018. From 2019 onwards, Opus’s ergonomic venture has been raving on eCommerce platforms.

Dr. Vinod Gupta
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