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SyncMinds Technologies

SyncMinds Technologies

Laxmi Sowjanya & Sandeep Mallila, Co-Founders - SyncMinds Technologies

The ever-evolving IT industry undergoes new emerging trends every year. Ever since the pandemic, virtualisation and digitisation have skyrocketed, and with that, there has been an increase in offshore IT services. Offshore IT services are a cost-effective solution for overseas clients where they can outsource work to countries with low costs and quality resources.

SyncMinds Technologies, a unique software service provider, located in Hyderabad, India, is a product and service company. Dedicated to building long-lasting relations with clients, the company is helping its clients technologically for all their needs.

The company has been in operation for almost a decade and is experienced in moulding unstructured requirements into an assembled solution. SyncMinds Technologies provide offshore software development services and also have a novel product named WayAlerts.


SyncMinds Technologies’ Mission

The company’s mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing timely and quality delivery of the development and support process. The deliverables are within the agreed time. The highest level of integrity, accountability and commitment is maintained. SyncMinds’s flexible, focused, and innovative approach ensures the professionalism of all the team members.

SyncMinds Technologies’ Vision

The company’s vision is to serve customers with integrity, accountability, and commitment. The company drives to maintain transparency at all levels to ensure customer satisfaction. There is transparency in all the tasks delivered by the company. It is fully committed to over-deliver and under-promise to ensure customers’ pleasure.

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The Visionaries Behind SyncMinds Technologies

Laxmi Sowjanya, Co-Founder, SyncMinds Technologies

Always an entrepreneur at heart, Laxmi is the Co-Founder of SyncMinds Technologies. From the ideation of the company and then taking it to profitable growth to the present successful status, she has seen all the operational aspects of this journey.

The driving force behind the company and experience in converting an idea into a product, she focuses on solutions rather than problems.

It has always been the dream of Laxmi Sowjanya to be a businesswoman. In her career, she has worked with some of the reputed companies in India and the USA, but laying the foundation for her own business has always been her end goal.

When the opportunity to fulfil her dream to start her venture arose in 2014, she all but grabbed that opportunity. She was accompanied by Sandeep Mallila, who shared the same vision as her and together, they set on a path to success.

Laxmi comes with 15+ years of experience in software/product development, project management, operations, and other related tasks. Her core area of expertise is operations, and currently, she is managing the entire operations of SyncMinds.

Laxmi loves tasks that challenge her skillset and pulls her out of her comfort zone. Also, being a fitness enthusiast and travel lover, she brings that spirit and motivation to the team. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Sandeep Mallila, Co-Founder, SyncMinds Technologies

Sandeep is a passionate technological expert in solving real-world problems. Result-oriented, visionary, and technology aspirant are some words to describe him.

He has been working for some of the world’s largest electrical utilities in Asia, North America, and Europe. His expertise lies in diversified fields, including but not limited to software, hardware, IoT, and cloud computing, and in dealing with clients worldwide in varied domains.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sandeep is the CTO of SyncMinds, and as a technology enthusiast, he looks after all the technical aspects of the company. He assists the team at SyncMinds Technologies in developing business processes and converting them to solutions for end users.

The Journey So Far

Founded in 2014 by two young visionaries, Laxmi and Sandeep, having a combined experience of 35+ years, SyncMinds is an expert in providing services right from the ideology phase to PoC development, Designing and planning, and implementing and marketing to the end users.

Post-market analysis and converting the analysis report to actionable items ensure the product’s greater success. The team at SyncMinds are also into providing IT support and business process implementation to some of the largest utility and telecom clients worldwide, enabling them in the digital transformation phase.

Over their decade-long journey, SyncMinds Technologies worked with several clients, including IQGeo, Analytics4Networks, Boreas Group, Seven Times etc.

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Core Values Of SyncMinds Technologies

The core values define the entire work ethic and culture of an organisation. Laxmi explains the three values acting as the foundation for SyncMinds Technologies:

Integrity: The team at SyncMinds believes in doing everything with high standards of integrity. Laxmi says, “We never over-promise and under-deliver; rather, we ensure that we under-promise and over-deliver. We always deliver more, so you can expect more from us.” The team ensures to deliver quality services for all their clients while maintaining the timeline.

Commitment: Instead of being just a 9-5 company where business is closed as the clock ticks, SyncMinds go the extra mile to provide the best support to its clients. The team is committed to connecting with their global clients to understand their pain points and provide solutions to all their troubles.

Customer Is King: At SyncMinds, it is always the customer first! The team believes that customers come to them to resolve issues they may have and is committed to assisting them in the pursuit of a comprehensive solution to their problems. SyncMinds Technologies puts its customers on a pedestal and ensures they are satisfied.

Differentiating Factors

The IT sector is highly competitive, with big tech giants ruling the industry. SyncMinds Technologies has to face competition from corporate entities, which are more like a well-oiled machine where process reigns supreme. Amid competition, the attitude and service delivery by SyncMinds is what sets them apart.

Their speciality lies in providing a personalised and 100% professional service with a human face to make the clients feel that they are a part of the game and not just a number. Key aspects differentiating SyncMinds Technologies from others

  • A team with diversified experience, able to handle any challenge that is thrown at them.

  • Handling problems independent of technology and domain.

  • Coming up with an efficient solution that exceeds client expectations.

Recognitions And Milestones

Starting a completely bootstrapped company without any investors backing them is a milestone in itself. Laxmi Shares, “Success for SyncMinds is by each day how close we come to achieving our envisioned dream. Any new opportunity, appreciation from clients, faced and solving a challenge at work all these counts as success.”

Laxmi won the “Woman of Strength” award at the “Women Leadership Conference” held in 2018 in Hyderabad.

Apart from this, SyncMinds has achieved several milestones over its almost decade-long journey, including

  • Launch of its product in 2017

  • Entering IT Services in 2020

Hurdles Along The Way

An entrepreneur’s journey is never easy. Laxmi, too, had her share of ups and downs and challenges. However, every challenge was a learning experience for the team of SyncMinds. One of the main challenges they faced was finding the right team of developers.

Laxmi shares, “We outsourced the development activity to a company. We later found out that the developers there were being made to work overtime on various projects, and the quality of work was very much affected by it.

We had to scrap all the work and start afresh by hiring developers under our wing this time. That was a learning experience for the whole team of SyncMinds Technologies.” Having a personal and work-life balance is essential for employees to thrive and excel in the workplace.

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Current Proceeding At SyncMinds Technologies

The IT industry is undergoing major changes. With people becoming more conscious of their data and modified government regulations across the world within Telecom and Utility domains is, forcing companies to upgrade their IT systems.

Even the healthcare industry is seeing the adaptations of technology-driven solutions at an accelerated rate post covid. The team at SyncMinds is working on presenting a solution for a problem statement to the World Digital Health Forum.

They are in the process of talking to the experts to put out the best presentation. Additionally, SyncMinds Technologies is also focused on developing a utility vertical with offshore and onshore resources.

Future Outlook

Discussing her plans for the future of SyncMinds Technologies, Laxmi shares, “At SyncMinds Technologies, we are providing services to sectors like Utilities, Telecom and Health care, all ever growing and critical to the infrastructure of any country. We aspire to grow tenfold in the next five years.”

She further explains, “SyncMinds Technologies is expanding on IT services heavily. Particularly in our niche domains, we are looking forward to expanding business globally. At the same time, we are venturing into the agriculture sector, where the traditional profession will be IT-enabled by our endeavours.”

Lessons Learned Along The Journey

The Covid Pandemic impact was something that affected every business leaving a devastating effect on businesses globally. SyncMinds Technologies also suffered the impact of the pandemic.

But the fact that they provide customised and personal services to all their clients made the impact softer. Laxmi shares, “With the covid, we again understood the value of the human nature of business in this period.”

As an entrepreneur herself, Laxmi Sowjanya’s journey has been full of learning. With her own experience, she advises young industry entrants, “Challenges and uncertainties are inevitable in an entrepreneur’s journey. Accept it and be prepared to face it. Surround yourself with people who share the same dream or vision as yours. This will keep you motivated and focused. Last and not least, be consistent in working towards your goals.”

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