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Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Environmental Engineering
DR. Uday Kelkar - Director & CEO - NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

DR. Uday Kelkar - Director & CEO - NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

DR. Uday Kelkar - Director & CEO - NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

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NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (NJSEI) was founded in 2007 as a wholly -owned subsidiary of NJS Co. Ltd. NJS Co. Ltd is a Full-Service Environmental Engineering Consultancy Company established in 1951 in Tokyo, Japan and is a publicly traded company listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.

NJSEI, is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organisation, providing global environmental engineering expertise and solutions to its clients with a strong focus on all aspects of water, energy and waste management-related projects.

NJSEI aspired to cultivate our own workforce, enabling us to instil and uphold unwavering standards of ethics, quality, and reliable and cost-effective solutions and deliverables for clients across the country.

Headquartered in Pune with regional offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Ranchi, as well as over 10 project offices nationwide, NJSEI leads the provision of extensive Environmental Consulting Services, emphasising water, energy and waste management.

Dr. Uday Kelkar – Director & CEO, NJSEI

Dr. Kelkar boasts over 29 years of extensive experience in the design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Projects, with a notable 18 years spent in India working on projects for multilateral and bilateral agencies, including the World Bank, JBIC-JICA, USAID, USTDA, and ADB.

Over these years, his diverse roles encompass Managing Director/Business Director, Business Development Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Process Engineer, and Team Leader on various design/engineering projects in the water and sanitation sector, spanning the USA, Middle East, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, and India.

His expertise encompasses the study, evaluation, and design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes, Process Chemistry, Advanced Oxidation, Physical/Chemical Disinfection, Advanced Nutrient Removal Process (BNR), Membrane Applications in Wastewater (MBR and Tertiary Filtration), Energy Management, Recycle, and Reuse of Domestic Wastewater for Non-Potable application, Landfill Leachate Treatment, Master Planning, and Treatment Techniques for the Minimisation, Handling, and Disposal of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Residuals.

Dr. Kelkar has received numerous honours and awards, including the Innovative Business Leadership Award at the World CSR and Business Sustainability Conference in Mumbai in January 2021, the “Hall of Fame Award 2016” as one of the “50 Most Influential People in the Indian Water & Wastewater Industry 2016,” and the “Environmental Leadership Award” from the United States Asia Environmental Partnership Program as part of the USAID-Asia initiative in May 2010.

NJSEI, under the leadership of Dr. Kelkar, has been recognised in over 150 combined papers, publications, and presentations on various subjects related to advanced water and wastewater treatment processes, distribution system water quality, disinfection, sludge management, and the recycling and reuse of wastewater for Indirect Potable / Direct Potable and non-potable applications.

In the intricate tapestry of NJSEI’s leadership, key officials play pivotal roles, steering the company toward unparalleled success in the realm of global water and wastewater consultancy. At the helm of this dynamic team is Dr. Uday Kelkar, the visionary Director and CEO. Dr. Kelkar’s leadership serves as the guiding force, driving the company’s commitment to unwavering standards of ethics, quality, and reliable deliverables.

A Vision of Charting a Sustainable Future

NJSEI aims to be a top-tier consulting engineering firm in India dedicated to crafting sustainable solutions in Environmental Engineering. The organisation’s mission is to foster a corporate culture, processes, and structure that encourage motivation, collaboration, mutual respect, trust, and transparency.

This commitment will establish a value-driven, performance-focused organisation where individuals can thrive in a genuine learning environment.

The NJSEI team collaboratively strives to surpass client expectations and secure their advocacy. Adhering to these principles, NJSEI has successfully delivered several consultancy services for various prestigious projects and projects that include building facilities for reuse and recycle of wastewater for clients in India.

Over the past 17 years, NJSEI has worked on projects financed by both local (State and Central Government agencies) and international institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Norwegian Aid, AFD -Agence Française de Développement, and others.

Serving as the cornerstone for the organisation’s operations are the values of service, commitment, and excellence, which collectively define NJSEI’s unwavering dedication to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in the realm of Environmental Engineering.

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Their Core Values Include:

Service: NJSEI prioritises its clients, actively listening to their needs and delivering intelligent, cost-effective solutions.

Value: The organisation treats its clients’ problems as its own, developing and implementing practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Excellence: NJSEI brings advanced technical expertise, disciplined project management, and a dedication to safety and quality to all its projects.

Opportunity: The organisation values its diverse and expert workforce, offering equal challenges and opportunities to all associates and staff, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to success.

Its primary motto is “Empowering People to Save the Environment”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Left to Right: Tarun Garg - DGM Business Development, Parul Goel - General Manager Process, Mandar Pimputkar- Vice President (Projects), Pradipto Sarkar - Director, Vidyadhar Sontakke - Director,  Dr. Uday Kelkar - Director &amp; CEO, </p><p>Sanjay Kumar Guleria - Director, Ajit Savadi - Senior VP(Business Development), Dr. Yogeshwar Gokhale - Director, </p><p>Nizamuddin Ahmed - Vice President Southern Region, Archana Kumari - Head HR</p></div>

Left to Right: Tarun Garg - DGM Business Development, Parul Goel - General Manager Process, Mandar Pimputkar- Vice President (Projects), Pradipto Sarkar - Director, Vidyadhar Sontakke - Director, Dr. Uday Kelkar - Director & CEO,

Sanjay Kumar Guleria - Director, Ajit Savadi - Senior VP(Business Development), Dr. Yogeshwar Gokhale - Director,

Nizamuddin Ahmed - Vice President Southern Region, Archana Kumari - Head HR

Core Team at NJSEI

The Core Team at NJSEI

Joining Dr. Kelkar at the executive level is a team of professionals, each bringing their expertise to fortify NJSEI’s standing. Dr. Yogeshwar Gokhale, Director, ensures that the financial backbone remains robust, securing the company’s fiscal health. Meanwhile, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Guleria, the Director overseeing the Northern Region, strategically positions NJSEI in this critical territory.

Mr. Vidyadhar Sontakke, as Director, contributes to the overall governance and strategic vision in the Western Region of India, while Mr. Pradipto Sarkar, as Director of the Southern Region, ensures a seamless integration of NJSEI’s expertise in diverse geographies.

The global perspective is anchored by Mr. Kengo Fujikawa, the Director and MD-Global Division at NJS Co. Ltd., as well as Mr. Kunihiko Kiuchi of NJS Co. Ltd., Japan, orchestrate a harmonious blend of international and local insights and technical knowhow.

In the realm of human resources, Archana Kumari, the Head of HR (GM HR) and her team, play a pivotal role in nurturing and cultivating the workforce, embodying the company’s commitment to its employees.

While, Vidyadhar Vengurlekar, Vice President of Project Management, Ajit Savadi, Vice President and Mandar Pimputkar, Vice President of Projects, bring their strategic acumen to the forefront, steering the successful execution of projects.

This formidable team, led by Dr. Uday Kelkar, paints a portrait of NJSEI as a company not just thriving in its legacy but forging ahead, shaping the future of global environmental consultancy with a blend of experience, innovation, and commitment.

Nurturing Excellence in Environmental Engineering

NJSEI offers a comprehensive range of environmental engineering solutions that cover the entire spectrum of Environmental Engineering disciplines, meticulously integrated into the project life cycle.

This extensive scope encompasses initial Project Identification Studies, Master Planning, technical, economic, and financial feasibility assessments, detailed engineering design, cost estimations, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation, construction supervision, and contract management.

In its quest for thought leadership within the environmental infrastructure sector, NJSEI emphasises the integration of technology, processes, and systems in the water and energy domains. The organisation champions the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and related technologies to drive innovation.

NJSEI is committed to delivering distinctive solutions funded by national and international agencies while striving to become an employer of choice, attracting diverse, talented professionals.

The organisation places a premium on the mentorship of its workforce under top-notch technologists and professionals. NJSEI also collaborates under various business models, including Design-Build-Operate (DBO), Public-Private Partnership (PPP), and Hybrid Annuity, to advance its mission.

Pioneering Innovation in Environmental Sustainability

NJSEI takes pride in spearheading innovative projects, a first-of-its-kind initiative in India. These ventures include consultancy services for Sludge Management in Delhi, addressing the techno-economic and environmentally sustainable disposal of sewage sludge.

NJSEI has contributed to the development of documents for the ‘Guidance for Sludge Treatment and Biosolid Management and Pre-feasibility Study for Projects in Four Indian Cities’ study being funded by Norwegian Development Aid (NORAD), NORWASTE in association with cGanga for NMCG for shaping the policy framework for Sludge Treatment and Biosolids Management in India.

NJSEI’s pivotal role extends to the upgrade of three STPs in Delhi under Yamuna Action Plan III, leading to an 80-90% reduction in pollution load. Additionally, the company has offered consultancy services for a 76 MLD STP with Tertiary Treatment in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and has prepared guidance notes for promoting municipal wastewater reuse and reclamation in India.

NJSEI has undertaken projects like the reuse of domestic sewage at 40 MLD STP in Anjar, Gujarat, for Welspun India Textile Ltd. and 130 MLD Reclaimed Waste Water Reuse Project in Koradi, Nagpur, showcasing a first-of-its-kind capacity for wastewater reuse.

NJSEI’s initiatives also include wastewater reuse and recycling 22.75 MLD STP for Rashtriya Chemical and Fertiliser Ltd, (RCF) Chembur, Mumbai and also for BPCL at Mahul, as well as other scheme designing for sewage treatment and disinfection in Bengaluru, highlighting their commitment to advancing sustainable water solutions.


What distinguishes NJSEI from others in the industry is its commitment to quality and superior performance in delivering results. The organisation’s core mission is to establish sustainable Environmental Engineering solutions that safeguard the environment for present and future generations.

In pursuit of this ambitious goal, NJSEI strives to offer both conventional and innovative, cost-effective solutions to address environmental challenges in India. Throughout this journey, the organisation maintains a laser focus on delivering exceptional client service alongside sustainable growth.

NJSEI’s dedication isn’t limited to meeting client expectations; it extends to exceeding them. They provide well-documented and impartial services, catering to projects at various levels, from FR/DPR preparation to project management.

Quality is the cornerstone of NJSEI’s deliverables, and their extensive industry connections ensure they remain closely aligned with the entire water and wastewater sector.

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“Success at NJSEI goes beyond financial gains” - Dr. Uday Kelker

NJSEI has established itself as a prominent player in the water and wastewater industry, both nationally and internationally. The firm has served a distinguished clientele across India as well as internationally, showcasing a track record of technical excellence, superior quality, and exceptional service delivery.

This success has elevated NJSEI’s status, positioning it as a leading consulting firm offering water and wastewater consultancy services to clients worldwide. Dr. Kelker shares,

“To put it plainly, “success” for us means achieving our company’s goals and milestones. It’s not just about stepping in when things go awry; it’s about assisting our clients in getting closer to their objectives through meticulous planning, feasibility studies, diligent supervision, and effective contract management – especially in the realm of engineering. While financial rewards are certainly important, true success can’t be solely measured by financial gains. It also involves acknowledging the other crucial factors that have contributed to our triumph. We take immense pride in the appreciation received from our clients for our project deliverables and our consistent approach to solving their problems in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.”

Innovating Tomorrow With Continuous Learning and Technological Mastery in Environmental Engineering

NJSEI remains committed to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements. The firm actively engages in training programs, conducts workshops for its engineers, and maintains regular interactions with market vendors. As a result, NJSEI has a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies in the environmental engineering field.

The company has successfully implemented innovative approaches, such as vortex-type grit chambers, biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes like MLE, A2O, MBBR, IFAS, SBR, and MBR, as well as tertiary-level treatments using disc filters, ultrafiltration, and disinfection technologies like UV and ozonation, among others, including ZLD-based plants and sludge management solutions.

12 MLD Advance Tertiary Treatment Plant (ATTP) for direct potable reuse at Colaba, Mumbai, being designed by NJSEI, is the best effort for the title “Together let’s Create Pure Water from Used Water” under the slogan “Nav Jeevan”. This plant will produce drinking quality water from existing STP in Colaba, Mumbai.

In response to evolving trends in the consulting sector, NJSEI has strategically prioritised cost optimisation, particularly given the heightened competition and the rise of smaller players in the industry. This approach involves a keen focus on project requirements and the timely identification of the right experts.

Embracing the advantages of digital transformation within the consulting sector, NJSEI has leveraged digital tools like dashboards and digital twins to process real-time information swiftly. This streamlined approach significantly enhances the attainment of project deliverables and objectives, ultimately leading to cost savings and reduced project timelines.

Navigating Setbacks

The journey of the NJSEI has been marked by substantial growth fuelled by the escalating demand for qualified professionals. However, the path wasn’t without its initial hurdles. One significant challenge was the scarcity of talent to fill the multitude of roles requiring specialised skills.

Professionals require comprehensive training and education in their domain before becoming proficient in serving clients effectively. Additionally, the environmental engineering landscape is dynamic, and experts might face potential job instability if their skills become obsolete.

Despite these challenges and obstacles, opportunities have emerged for fulfilling careers that create a tangible, positive impact on society by safeguarding the environment.

What Lies Ahead for NJSEI?

The consulting firm envisions a future where it plays a pivotal role in addressing India’s growing population and the escalating demand for water and wastewater treatment services. Engineering services and innovative approaches will be integral in every infrastructure development that requires environmental problem mitigation.

NJSEI’ mission is to emerge as one of India’s leading consulting engineering companies, with a strong emphasis on creating sustainable Environmental Engineering solutions to protect the environment for current and future generations.

To accomplish this, they aim to offer both conventional and innovative, cost-effective solutions to address environmental challenges in India. Their core focus remains on delivering exceptional client service alongside sustainable growth.

With the vision of being preeminent in the eyes of clients, recognised as an employer of choice for diverse talent in India, and providing comprehensive solutions for environmental improvement, NJSEI aspires to be among the top 5 Environmental Engineering Companies in the nation within the next five years.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>DR. Uday&nbsp;Kelkar -&nbsp;Director &amp; CEO - NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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