Kandasubburaj Ramiah - MD - Gulf Asia Engineering and Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Kandasubburaj Ramiah - MD - Gulf Asia Engineering and Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Gulf Asia Engineering and Projects PVT. LTD.

Spearheading Innovation and Excellence in Global Project Management and Consultancy
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Project management companies play a pivotal role in the success of construction and engineering projects, serving as the orchestrators that ensure seamless coordination. Their expertise in planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and overall project oversight is crucial for delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of clients. Among these companies, Gulf Asia Engineering and Projects, GAEP stands out as a powerhouse.

Founded in 2022, GAEP, a subsidiary of RP Group of Companies based in Bahrain, functions as a High-Value Execution centre in Chennai’s industrial hub, Kosmo One. The core focus of RP Group of Companies lies in construction, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector.

GAEP specialises in engineering, project services, and Project Management Consultancy (PMC). It offers expertise in full-scale construction, from Project management & consulting, Schedule forensic analysis and Risk assessment & management to Project controls, Contracts Management, Engineering, QA & QC, Construction Management, QS & Estimates and IT Solutions. HVEC, the offshore One Stop Solution for “Project Services,” provides cost-effective, high-skilled support throughout the project lifecycle, from proposal to project close-out.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions in Energy and Infrastructure

Striving to be the Go-To Partner for NextGen services, GAEP emphasises operational excellence, productivity, and ROI, integrating advanced technology for seamless business processes. Committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions with a focus on environmental stewardship and safety, HVEC also aims to foster an exceptional working culture and provide global project exposure in the Energy and Infrastructure sector.

The enduring values at the core of GAEP are centred on being people-driven, technology-driven, growth-oriented, and transformational. These values emphasise prioritising team and client needs, embracing innovation, pursuing continuous growth, and driving positive change in projects.

Under skilled leadership, GAEP aims to optimise operations for RP Group of companies and other clients through innovative processes and advanced technology. The focus is on delivering seamless shared services for administrative support, financial savings, and logistical solutions, which enables front-line teams to excel in delivering high-quality projects, exceeding client expectations, and driving sustainable growth.

GAEP aspires to be the premier office within the RP Group of companies, providing exceptional support and efficiency. The goal is to contribute to the development of world-class infrastructure, supporting nations, and enhancing community prosperity.

Mr Kandasubburaj Ramiah, Managing Director, GAEP

Mr. Kandasubburaj, a mechanical engineer, brings with him a remarkable three-decade track record in the dynamic field of oil and gas projects. His expertise spans the entire project life cycle, demonstrating proficiency in Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas Processing, LNG, speciality chemicals, Cement, and Sugar industries. As a visionary leader, Mr. Kandasubburaj showcases an unparalleled commitment to innovation and strategic growth.

Mr. Kandasubburaj’s unparalleled leadership is underscored by his achievement in steering the 7-billion-dollar investment project, The Paradip Refinery. His adept management involved orchestrating diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and efficiently executing large-scale projects. This experience has finely honed his skills in effective stakeholder management and navigating complex project dynamics, shaping a leadership approach centred on unity and precision.

GAEP’s Competitive Edge

The project management industry is highly competitive. GAEP manages to stand out with its distinctive features, including autonomy for swift decisions, a fast-paced environment for efficiency, and an all-encompassing structure offering clients a one-roof solution. Their subject matter experts with a global track record in mega projects add unparalleled expertise to their services. Leveraging relationship-based assets, GAEP cultivates strong ties with RP Group of companies’ sister companies specialising in construction and contracting, enhancing capabilities and broadening the competitive edge for comprehensive project management solutions.

Emerging Successful Amidst Challenges

Establishing a subsidiary of a foreign company presented substantial challenges, including navigating government approvals, extensive documentation, and compliance with FDI regulations, a process that spanned six months. Securing suitable office space in Chennai and recruiting the initial 50 resources also proved to be difficult, but GAEP successfully navigated these hurdles with determination and strategic planning.

Their dedication to continuous learning and innovation is evident in the establishment of a one-stop knowledge centre. With their expertise in handling large-scale initiatives, GAEP contributed to nine mega projects. Within a year, their team grew from 10 to 150 people. Mr Kandasubburaj shares,

“We take pride in being the first employer for 300 Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs), offering valuable opportunities to work in and for the Gulf region, kickstarting their professional journeys.”

Success within GAEP is multifaceted. On a leadership scale, it involves achieving goals promptly to surpass customer satisfaction. At the company level, success includes financial achievements, meeting targets, and ensuring sustainable growth.

“We gauge success by the realisation of individual potential among team members, ensuring that they thrive both professionally and personally. We are committed not just to delivering value to customers and maintaining financial health, but also to nurturing the development and fulfilment of the team.”

Mr Kandasubburaj

Most Notable Project

GAEP’s flagship project involves setting up a temporary facility up to the final handover for multiple projects in the Gulf region. Their meticulous and strategic approach, including interim management, ensures the project’s success. A comprehensive project management plan prioritises timeline, cost efficiency, and quality control. Collaborating closely with the client GAEP ensures their solutions align with client needs, surpassing expectations for the temporary facility.

Future Endeavours

Project management consultancy is poised for significant transformations in the future, and GAEP is strategically positioned to succeed. Mr Kandasubburaj emphasises, “Our key focus is knowledge transfer, mentoring young talent for sustainability of expertise. Valuing experience, we seek individuals with over 20 years of expertise, enriching our team and knowledge base.”

Although the IT boom brought a scarcity of engineering talent, GAEP proactively addressed this by establishing a strong presence in Chennai, emerging as a major hub for engineering talent. This positions them to tap into a rich pool of skilled professionals, ensuring a continuous pipeline.

GAEP actively seeks exceptional talent, particularly young professionals. They have plans to recruit 5,000 engineering professionals across all experience levels, from 2 to 25 years, to work in the Gulf region. Recognising the transformative impact of technology, GAEP commits to staying at the forefront of innovation in project management. “Embracing advanced tools and methodologies is integral to our strategy, allowing us to adapt, lead, and innovate in this dynamic field,” says Mr Kandasubburaj.

Leadership Mantra

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Kandasubburaj shares,

“Prioritise your key resources—invest in talented individuals. Build connections for opportunities and insights. Craft efficient management systems with clear communication and performance frameworks. Starting a consultancy is resource-heavy, so prioritise essential tools, tech, and skilled personnel for project success.”

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