Market Search India Pvt. Ltd.: Constructing a gateway for new entrants to Indian market with its marketing intelligence

Market Search India Pvt. Ltd.: Constructing a gateway for new entrants to Indian market with its marketing intelligence

Market Search India Pvt. Ltd.: Constructing a gateway for new entrants to Indian market with its marketing intelligence

When a business is established and thrives in the home market, expansion in a new market is looked out as a right opportunity to take the plunge. While it is easy to understand the local existing market, customer base, and requirements, it turns out to be a daunting move to branch into a new market. If looked out, Indian Market is not so comfortable for the foreign ventures to enter at first thanks to the increasing competition, variations in consumption patterns across regions, culture and economic differences and unknown threats. To address all these complications, Market Search India is constructing an easy way for the multinational companies to make their entrance in the Indian market driven by the expertise intelligence in a disciplined approach with the appropriate level of investment into a thorough market analysis. Market Search India Pvt. Ltd. is an independent market research consultancy in India. Over the years, the company has crafted a niche for depth of its strategic analysis and ability to understand the deeper conceptual, psychological, cultural and social issues that shape today's complex markets. Market Search India has helped a number of Indian and Foreign companies including a number of PSUs to successfully introduce their brands in India and nurture them through continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction.

The onset towards a unique approach

With 25 years in extensive and niche market research, Market Search India Pvt. Ltd is offering its best to understand the dynamic and complex structure of markets around the globe and provide accurate tailor-made solutions which constructively derive progressive and profitable growth to the client base. It was the time when the Indian economy was sprouting to become a breeding and beckoning ground for the foreign brands. To enter the Indian market, it was necessary to get into formulating a full-proof plan following the steps to ensure the risks waiting in the Indian Market. This fact-finding need of multinational organizations to understand the market resulted as incorporation of Market Search in 1991. The management at Market Search takes immense pride in introducing the organization as one of the leading market research companies in India to assist and support a range of Indian and Foreign companies to launch and strongly sustain their brands over the years.

Areas covered by Market Search

Market Search's diversified portfolio covers the entire gamut of marketing tools and solutions. Most of the research undertaken by Market Search India involves detailed survey analysis backed by research models based on market intelligence to help its patrons to understand and gain market insights to develop, design precise plan of action on a focus group.  The product portfolio includes:

  • Market size estimation

Market Search India uses proprietary models to estimate accurately the market potential for an organization's products in the complex Indian market.

  • Market entry research

It provides a comprehensive view of the opportunity for an organization's products and services in India – taking into account the market size, competitive scenario, routes to market, opportunities, and threats, expected changes in market structure and consumer behavior, price-value equilibrium and social aspects of the business.

  • New product research

Starting from Ideation and concept development, Market Search India helps in screening ideas, testing prototypes, identifying areas for improvement and to refine product designs and plans.

  • Price sensitivity analysis

Nestled in Mumbai, Market Search India has created a number of digital products to address the emerging needs of the customers which provide a lot of flexibility and speed in collecting, analyzing and disseminating insights to clients at the click of a button. Market Search India's clientele enlists reputed names from all folds of Industry consisting of Industrial products, Healthcare and Pharma, Realty and Hospitality, Retail, Automotives, Oil & Gas sector. At Market Search India, each of the assignments handled from the start till its completion by seasoned professionals possessing extensive experience in the industry to ensure the quality of the results are of a high standard and clients get the right guidance. Domain of Market Search's expertise has enabled the organization to maintain and enhance long and rewarding association with its valuable clients from the geographies of India, UAE, UK and USA including Tata Motors, Godrej, Bajaj Auto, CRISIL, Mahanagar Gas, Aditya Birla Group, Heidelberg Cement, Trent Westside Novartis,  etc. to name a few.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Outlined below are the milestones set up by Market Search India:

  • In 1994, the organization grabbed its first breakthrough in UAE market followed by entry into UK market in 1999.
  • In 2003, Market Search India tied with a Danish firm and brought Autonomous Neural Network based products for the first time in India to replicate human decision-making.
  • Market Search India has received a number of papers and awards on its unique research approaches in international conferences and forums like ESOMAR, AIMRI, at Norway, Germany, Greece and United Kingdom.
  • Market Search India is also a member of the Council of European Union Chamber of Commerce from its inception in India.

The organization has been regularly introducing new approaches to research new designs and techniques for the benefits of its clients hence winning prestigious assignments over the years. Walking towards the future, the company plans to launch new value-added digital products in the upcoming 2 years to address the emerging needs of the market. Furthermore, the company is looking out for its expansion from a research and consulting firm to a provider of ongoing marketing support to clients. Market Search India is holding a bright future ahead for sure.

Man behind Market Search India

Mr. Sundara Rajan


Sundara has established 3 successful ventures in Marketing Research and Consulting, Leadership Development and ePublishing spectrum. Sundara is also known as a Pioneer in behavioral profiling among the Indian Corporate Sector. He also provides consultation on brand building and marketing for Tata Realty and Infrastructure, Tata Trent, Godrej & Boyce and others. He has also trained and certified more than 4000 managers in India and other countries on using scientific tools effectively in their workplace. Prior to incorporating Market Search, Sundara has served top positions at Indian Organic Chemicals Limited and Johnson & Johnson Limited. Sundara has also catered his presence as a Speaker at various International as well as National Seminars.  He has also authored "Ethos of Indian HR – Best Practices in Indian Companies 2016". He possesses numerous associations with industries such as:

AIMRI – Association of International Research Institutes, London

Chairman of Sub Committee, Confederation of Indian Industry – CII Western Region HR Excellence Award, 2007-08

Convener, Confederation of Indian Industry – CII Western Region HR Excellence Award, 2004-05

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