List of 10 Best Consulting Firms in UK

List of 10 Best Consulting Firms in UK

List of 10 Best Consulting Firms in UK

Over the last decade, the consulting sector in the United Kingdom has expanded as more businesses have sought professional advice to make better choices. 

With so many consulting companies to choose from, it may be difficult to identify the top ten. This article describes the top ten consulting companies in the United Kingdom, including their expertise, services, and achievements. 

This guide will assist prospective customers in selecting the best provider for their needs and budget. Need an enterprise consultant? 

You've made it! This article includes the top ten UK consulting firms. Each organization is evaluated based on customer satisfaction, competence, and feedback. 

You may find a company that provides financial services to IT consultancy. Determine which UK consulting businesses can aid in the growth of your organization.

List of 10 Best Consulting Firms in UK

The most successful consulting firms in UK provide their client companies a comprehensive range of business solutions.

The following is a list of some of the most successful consulting companies in UK.

Ernst & Young (EY)

Globally, Ernst & Young offers auditing, business consulting, tax, business risk, technology, and security risk, and human capital services. 

EY is the world's leading provider of assurance, tax, transaction, and consulting services. Our insights and quality services contribute to the growth of trust and confidence in the global financial markets and economies.

They cultivate exceptional leaders who collaborate to fulfill our obligations to all of our stakeholders. 

They play a crucial role in creating a better working environment for our employees, our customers, and our communities.

EY may refer to one or more of Ernst & Young Global Limited's member firms, each of which is an independent legal company. The EY headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.


  • Excellent company to work for and working atmosphere.

  • Excellent Education and Salary Increases

  • The environment is sometimes challenging and conducive to learning for novices.


  • Job-life equilibrium and workload.

PA Consulting

PA Consulting Group specializes in business consulting and technology consultant, corporate strategy, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge innovation.

PA serves clients from both the public and commercial sectors, ranging from start-up firms to national governments. 

The corporation is active in several industries, including the military and security sector, the energy and utility sector, the financial services sector, the public services sector, the healthcare and life sciences sector, and the transportation sector. 

In a technologically driven world, they have trust that human creativity will be able to produce a prosperous future for mankind. 

Their personnel consists of strategists, innovators, designers, tech consultants, digital marketing consulting experts, engineers, technicians, and scientists. PA Consulting's headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.


  • Flexible working conditions.

  • Excellent consulting and work-life balance.

  • It was enjoyable to work with a productive teammate.

  • Professional and focused on agile projects.

  • Outstanding people and workplace.


  • None!

Automation Logic

Automation Logic is a technology-enabled transformation, tech consultants firm that assists clients in adopting evolving business methods and IT. 

Their service offering includes consultancy, installation, and operational management solutions for DevOps, the cloud, and automation.

Automation Logic has performed more than 55 cloud and automation engagements for leading organizations in Central Government, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, and other industries. 

They continue to increase our skills and foster the development of fresh talent. Their adaptability means they are constantly cooperative and fast to change. 

Automation Logic's mission is to create a society in which individuals are free to express their full creative potential. PwC Consulting's headquarters are located in London, England, United Kingdom.


  • Positive work atmosphere and culture.

  • Opportunities to study, improve skills, and participate in several initiatives.

  • Opportunities to participate in the enterprise as a whole.

  • There is a caring work atmosphere with supporting management.


  • I really cannot think of any negatives.


Arup is an independent business comprised of designers, planners, engineers, architects, tech consultants, and technical experts who work on all aspects of the built environment in the present day. 

Together, they assist their customers in resolving their most difficult problems, bringing innovative concepts to life as we try to discover a better way and form a better future. The basic objective of Arup is to create a fully sustainable built environment. 

This implies that in all of their endeavors, they seek to strike a balance between the requirements of a rising global population and the limited resources and health of our planet. Arup Consulting's headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.


  • Work-life equilibrium

  • Various areas of labor might be selected.

  • Experience and the ability to work flexibly

  • Excellent degree of diversity and inclusivity.


  • Salary, absence of a solid policy regarding working from home.

  • Promotions are ambiguous.

Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason is the world's premier top management consulting firm specializing in telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT). 

Analysys Mason is a worldwide research and consulting organization that specializes in telecommunications, media, technology consultant, and digital marketing consulting services. 

Their guidance is based on in-depth topic expertise that blends global reach and local market understanding to assist customers in achieving their objectives. Their service offerings are thoroughly interwoven with each of their five core competencies. 

This enables us to make sense of a complicated TMT environment and provide useful insights in ways that cannot be matched by narrower topic experts or generalist consultants with less expertise. 

The organization has played a significant part in significant industry milestones and has assisted customers through significant market upheavals. Analysys Mason Consulting's headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.


  • Excellent combination of strategic consultancy and investment advice services.

  • Excellent learning curve and absence of red tape.

  • Technical preeminence.

  • Excellent peers in the industry.


  • Sometimes, work might be quite repetitive.

  • The bonuses are smaller in comparison to the finest strategy consulting companies.

Coeus Consulting

Coeus Consulting is an independent, award-winning tech consultants organization as well as a management consulting firm that enables IT, professionals, to implement business-wide strategic transformation. 

They assist IT, executives, in creating, executing, or managing strategic change by utilizing our extensive and in-depth knowledge across 7 Capabilities, ranging from Operating Models to Technology & Architecture. 

They also assist clients in assessing the suitability of emerging technologies to their business requirements (such as RPA, AI, and Customer Experience Management). Coeus Consulting's headquarters are located in London, England, United Kingdom.


  • Good atmosphere, expanding business, and good culture.

  • An abundance of distant jobs.

  • Very supportive culture.

  • Highly ambitious and accessible leadership group.

  • A rapidly expanding firm with a diverse clientele.


  • Not aggressive to compete for staff.

  • Vanilla benefits (but improving).

Curzon Consulting

Curzon Consulting is a business operating in the Management Consulting sector. An award-winning management consultant that produces measurable and long-lasting benefits for our customers. 

They have assisted corporate executives in Financial Services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Engineering, Healthcare, and the Public Sector in overcoming significant obstacles. 

Everything they do is geared around positioning their customers for long-term success. They collaborate with their customers to develop a strategic vision and assist in its effective execution. 

They assist businesses in overcoming obstacles such as how to maximize top-line growth, optimize profit, improve operational performance, and increase customer value. 

They adopt a business-oriented approach to digital, applying the appropriate answer to particular company challenges. Curzon management consulting firms headquarters are located in London, England, United Kingdom.


  • A talented and determined group of individuals.

  • Entrepreneurial culture that encourages initiative and listens to younger employees.

  • Excellent exposure to partners of all grades.


  • Due to the lower size of the company, there are fewer projects.

OC & C Strategy Consultants

OC&C Consultants is a management consulting firms that assists the top management consulting firms of large multinational organizations and leading national enterprises, as well as private equity firms, government, and other public institutions, in the development of winning strategies.

Corporate strategy, business strategy, innovation and growth strategy, strategy realization, mergers, and acquisitions, private equity, operational strategy, supply chain, procurement, and information technology consultant strategy are among the services provided by the company.

Consumer goods, technology, media, communication, infrastructure, business services, leisure, retail, and industrial items are served by the company. 

OC&C Strategy Consultants, on the other hand, work globally to offer clarity to the most complicated challenges confronting ambitious management. The headquarters of OC&C Strategy Consultants is in London, United Kingdom.


  • Work Variety, Colleagues, Culture, Vitality, and Wonderful Clients.

  • Extremely devoted staff, many opportunities for advancement.

  • Very intriguing work.

  • Excellent people and several options for education.


  • Limited responsibilities for junior staff.

Procura Consulting

Management consulting firms Procura Consulting. Retail, media, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, transportation, information tech consultants, and private equity are served by the company. 

The company also provides cost reduction and executive search services. Through procurement excellence, the Procura team assists businesses in achieving step-change gains in profitability and operational performance. 

Clients of Procura Consulting confront a variety of procurement difficulties, including the urgent need to minimize operational or sourcing costs, enable regional or global transformation, optimize digital marketing tools, and execute sustainability and ESG supply chain programs. 

Procura Consulting's headquarters are located in Bishopsgate, London, Greater London, EC2M 3XU, United Kingdom.


  • Everyone is aware of one another's sentiments in a pliable and amicable environment.

  • Excellent learning opportunity.

  • Good culture.

  • If you produce outcomes, you'll get excellent bonuses and promotions.

  • Possibilities to work on internal ideas and projects.


  • The fast pace and high degree of responsibility may not be suitable for everyone; it might be a matter of sink or swim.

  • Client and long hours of labor.

Yonder Consulting

Yonder is a business consultants firm that assists customers in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. 

Traditionally, this requires the skills of distinct research, consultancy, and innovation organizations; yet, the combined strength of this knowledge produces the momentum businesses need for long-term success. 

Yonder combines the talents of four specialized companies: the award-winning research and consulting of Populus, the cutting-edge data capture of Populus Data Solutions, the brand consultant and commercial strategy of BrandCap, and the insight-driven innovation of Decidedly.

The momentum firms need to achieve long-term success today is generated by the combined strength of these specialized skills inside a single team. Yonder consultancy is headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom.


  • Focus on professional and personal development.

  • Excellent coworkers.

  • Flexibility, Everyone is very intelligent, competent, and affable.


  • None!


In the United Kingdom, several consulting businesses provide a range of services. The top consulting businesses in the United Kingdom are those that provide a variety of services, have a solid reputation, and excel at customer service. 

Several renowned top consulting companies in the United Kingdom can assist organizations of all sizes with high-quality services. 

Ernst & Young, PA Consulting, Yonder Consulting, etc. are among the top firms. These organizations have a history of generating outcomes and assisting businesses in achieving their objectives.

The best consulting businesses in the United Kingdom are those that provide a broad variety of services, have a solid reputation, and can give exceptional customer service.

When selecting a consulting business, it is essential to evaluate your unique requirements and goals. 

Each company has its unique strengths and areas of experience, so it is essential to choose the business that can best fulfill your needs. 

Once you have narrowed down your alternatives, it is essential to get estimates from various companies and compare their prices before making a selection.

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