Accelerate Growth, Scale, Performance and Profitability with Blue Helion

Accelerate Growth, Scale, Performance and Profitability with Blue Helion

Accelerate Growth, Scale, Performance and Profitability with Blue Helion

While globalisation may have created a level playing field for large-scale organisations, it has not yet delivered the same results for mid-market firms who often struggle to expand into international territories, create a sustainable competitive edge and translate it into lasting profitability. And this is precisely what Blue Helion, a new-age boutique growth and operations advisory firm, achieves for its clients.

With a deep understanding of the UK, USA and Indian markets, they build and execute actionable strategies to scale growth using a strategic mix of risk management approaches that employ both organic and inorganic routes to boost productivity, performance and profitability simultaneously. All of this with an unwavering commitment to the end goal and accountability for success irrespective of the engagement span.

Creating Success Stories in New Markets with Blue Helion

Blue Helion’s expertise consists of fully integrated strategic, operational and M&A advisory. This includes adding the components of scale, agility and elasticity to drive successful outcomes with their embedded leadership model.

Mid-market firms keen on expanding into international markets can benefit from Blue Helion’s “Sales as a Service” model - Helping you arrive and thrive in new and exciting markets!

Looking for a partner to enable growth scale inorganically – Blue Helion’s M&A services enable firms to traverse the journey from strategy to acquisition and integration smoothly.

Need expert guidance on meeting the liquidity milestones – Blue Helion offers its tailor-made consulting services to clients looking to raise funding through Venture Capital or Private Equity, or for a strategic buyer.

Blue Helion - How Did the Growth Journey Start

From a 2-member team in December 2020 to 15 consultants across 5 locations and two offices (in Bangalore, India and Ascot, United Kingdom) in July 2022, Blue Helion’s story is that of expertise, commitment and a demonstrated track record of client success. They have been steadily growing their client base across sectors and have earned their stellar reputation of a credible mid-market growth advisory partner. In January 2021, they signed up their first global client, and by May 2022, they had multiple clients across continents.

All of this has been possible because of an adept team of consulting and technology professionals (with decades of corporate and entrepreneurial exposure) at the core. The founding partners of Blue Helion are Anish Sengupta and Jubin Mishra, with Sean Linehan as the Managing Director.

Mr Anish Sengupta is an IIT -IIM alumnus with 20+ years of experience leading large technology teams to scale, transform, and execute M&A for new-age Technology Enterprises and Start-Ups. Mr Sengupta has worked extensively in the USA, India and the APAC region.

Mr Jubin Mishra, co-partner of Blue Helion, is also an IIM alumnus and comes with over 23+ years of experience. He has largely contributed to strategy, consulting, marketing, communications, business development, human resources and M&A for Technology, Financial Services and Business Services companies across the USA, Middle East and the APAC.

Sean Linehan is a London Business School alumnus who has worked for software and consulting firms across the USA, UK, and Europe. With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership, his area of interest has always been AI, Analytics, ERP, Change Management, Digital Transformation Services and CRM.

With their fundamental values centred on CLEAR that stands for Client Centricity, Logical Thinking, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Accountability, Ownership and Risk Taking, Blue Helion is all geared up to take up the management consulting industry by a storm around the world.

Their prestigious clientele includes a public listed global Internet Venture, a Gartner Recognized India-based Quality Engineering Company, a public listed French IT Services Company, a US-based Digital Services organisation specialising in cloud and data, one of the top 20 HR Services and Staffing companies in India, an App development company focused on US market and also a large IT Services and Solutions company in the Middle East.

Blue Helion’s Engagement Models

Clients get to choose from three engagement models based on the long-term objective and business bandwidth.

Retainer Model: The retainer engagement model is a basic long-term plan where the company takes time to reach a certain outcome promised at the start of the partnership. Under this model, Blue Helion works as an extension or an operational leader for the client.

Fixed Price Model: Mostly suitable for projects of a shorter turnaround timeline and an easy to medium equity model, this engagement model is ideal for start-ups who require operational leadership and domain experts as part of their team or as an advisory extension.

Hybrid Model: As the name suggests, the hybrid model is tailor-made based on business and growth requirements.

Future Roadmap of Mid-Market Technology Firms

The mid-market technology and business services sector is about to witness an unprecedented need for specialised M&A services. Though bigger players will try to monopolise markets, Blue Helion foresees a future of beneficial coexistence for the mid-market players that offer superior value. However, this will require more than strategic thinking and operational efficacy.

Talent acquisition and retention will gain greater value in the growing mid-market companies and scaling will require professional intervention. This is where companies with designated partners to help them grow will have a distinct competitive advantage over others.

Blue Helion aspires to become the Leading Growth Advisory Partner for mid-market technology and business services companies. They are expanding their presence in the UK and Ireland and evaluating their focus in the USA and Middle East markets. They are keen on expanding their services to Defence, Engineering and Electronics System Development and Maintenance (ESDM) Sectors. Gradually, they have a vision to have a 100+ team of consultants leading specialised practices like Sale-as-a-Service, Enterprise Risk & Compliance, Human Capital Development and Operational Consulting.

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