Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal – the collegiates behind the success of SISL Infotech and Techjockey

Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal – the collegiates behind the success of SISL Infotech and Techjockey

Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal – the collegiates behind the success of SISL Infotech and Techjockey 

SISL Infotech and Techjockey are the brainchild of the young and dynamic duo – Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal. They have been together since their days of college in Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, where Akash persuaded his majors in Economics and Arjun has graduated in Commerce.

Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, Akash and Arjun had a fair share of corporate exposure. Akash has been one of the core founding team members of Zomato and before that he has worked with TEN Sports. As the Vice President, Sales and Media Alliances with Zomato, his inputs and influence brought him into the company's 'Think tank' fold. Arjun on the same hand has worked as a consultant with McKinsey, where, among others, his major stint has been with the Business Technology Office, Chicago.

Brainstorming on business opportunities that come in with the world moving towards the cloud and digital transformation paving its way in India, their exposure to the Silicon valley and passion to scale greater heights, played a major role in the laying the foundation of SISL Infotech and then Techjockey.

The CEO Magazine Editor Associate, chats with Akash Nangia and Arjun Mittal – the brains behind SISL and Techjockey

The CEO Magazine: Tell us in brief about the company, mentioning Solution/ Product Offerings / Business.

Akash: SISL Infotech is based out of New Delhi and we are a certified System Integrator which caters to turnkey IT requirements. We have a pan India presence in both Govt. as well as Corporate sector and leverage on 8+ rich years of industry exposure and deep engagement with all leading OEM's like IBM (Gold), Microsoft (Gold), Oracle (Gold), Adobe (Platinum), VM Ware (Premium), HPE (Silver), Veritas (Silver). In the most basic terms, we are a one stop shop for all the hardware, software and as well as support needs of an enterprise.

Our solutions include software development services, engineering services, systems integration, ERP solutions, customer relationship management, electronic commerce, consulting & IT out-sourcing. We are offering our services to clients like Airport Authority of India, Delhi Metro, BSNL, NIC, KPMG, HCL to name some.

In fact, it is majorly for the Government Authorities and Enterprises. Catering to almost every business sector, we focus on delivering best in class solution competencies including IT software and licensing, managed services, networking, IT infrastructure, network & gateway security, endpoint security, peripherals, backup, etc.

With our strategic partnership with global technology giants like IBM, ADOBE, SYMANTEC, TREND MICRO, VMWARE, HP, RSA, ORACLE, DELL, MICROSOFT, F5, SAP, REDHAT, CYBEROAM, CA TECHNOLOGY, WEBSENSE and NOVELL, we offer bespoke technology based solutions that work impeccably with our client businesses. To sum up, we are like an extension of your IT department.

Techjockey, based out of Gurgaon was started by us in 2015. It is a software discovery, software consulting as well as software selling portal, having a vertical focused approach. It is an online platform and provides software solutions to various small and big enterprises, Startups, SMEs, MSMEs, corporate', individuals, etc. all over the country.

We also help various small and big vendors in bringing their software's online and ultimately give them a pan India presence and exposure by getting listed with us. With industry as well as specific business line related listing of software's on our portal, www.techjockey.com we  offer software and solutions for industries like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, e-Commerce, ITES and others as well as for business lines like Sales, Marketing, HR, Legal, etc. With a pan India customer base and 500+ partners, we have a portfolio of 1500+ products on our portal.

The CEO Magazine: Can you please add a few words about the company's financial health, plans and profit?

Akash: Since we started, we have been able to make a pan India and international presence (in Singapore and London). Our team and offices are very strategically placed and we have our partner alliances throughout the country. Both SISL Infotech and Techjockey have grown immensely in every direction.

That may be in terms of our reach, in terms of products available on our platforms, in terms of team size and of course profitability. Our team size has grown from a 5 member team when we had started to now around 2000+ employees. The plans have always been to work closely with clients and understand their enterprise-wide technology needs and provide them with tailor-made solutions.

The CEO Magazine: Say something about the unique service/ product of your company?

Arjun: SISL Infotech has become one of the most preferred IT solution provider in the marketplace. Our expertise lies in integrating and providing broader IT solutions across key areas like Infrastructure, Networking, Optimized Desktop, Asset Management, Security, Backup, etc.

Techjockey on the same hand is already creating a buzz in the software sales space. It is a one-of-its-own- kind of business and a marketplace for software solutions. In fact, we are a pioneer in establishing a single platform in India, where you can select, compare and buy software' and solution' for your business.

Our business model revolves around listing quality and unrepresented software solutions and offering them to buyers.

The CEO Magazine: How does the company build a successful customer base?

Arjun: Exceptional client service is something that drives both SISL Infotech and Techjockey. Since SISL Infotech has been in the market for a longer duration, it has helped Techjockey a lot in terms of getting a better market knowledge.

Our tried and tested delivery frameworks and availability of every IT solution that an enterprise needs has contributed a lot in building not only a successful, but also a loyal client base. Our team takes full onus and initiatives to not only provide complete information, but offer tailor-made solutions for the clients IT issues.

We make sure that our team is readily available as and when required by the client. We stick to our delivery timelines and understand the needs of our clients as an independent provider.

The CEO Magazine: What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

Akash: Client acquisition, the kind of projects we are undertaking and delivering, revenue increment year after year, OEMs certification, an increase in the presence all over the country, an ever increasing team size are the milestones that we have achieved.

Our hard-work and effort has been recognized through various awards and the client testimonials that we have received. We recently won the 'Global Partner Innovation Award' in the 'Category of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)' for the Asia Pacific Region as SISL Infotech had generated over 4 million USD of VMware revenue in 2016 in India.

Above all, being appointed as a GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) and being among the only 34 companies shortlisted is an achievement in itself. We had to go through numerous security audits and various rounds of qualification to showcase our technical capabilities.

The CEO Magazine: What is the business problem the group hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings? 

Arjun: Our market research showed that all the big and small enterprises juggle between different companies and solutions for their hardware and software requirements. SISL Infotech and Techjockey are a one stop shop for any and every such requirement of your enterprise.

It may be a government organization, an enterprise, a corporate, SMEs, MSMEs, startups or even an individual, we have all the solutions that a business requires. Earlier only the big Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) were able to make a mark and penetrate into the developed markets.

It was mostly through their direct sales team or a reseller network, but now with our platforms we have enabled even the smaller players to enter the market. India didn't have a single platform to select, compare and also buy specific solutions. With IT evolving towards the cloud and subscription model and perpetual licenses are almost dying out, it has become much easier and economical to buy these solutions. Thus, even smaller organizations with limited budgets are now buying our solutions and using them in their day to day business operations.

The CEO Magazine: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organization.

Arjun: The roadmap is to be a Tier 1 System Integrator and an end-to-end solution provider for all our clients. Our future plans are to have a hybrid business model, with an active online as well as an offline presence when it comes to the discovery, delivery and implementation of softwares and solutions.  We want our platform to have a 360 degree touch-point for every client/customers' software buying journey. 

The CEO Magazine: Tell me something about yourself and the entrepreneurial journey. 

Akash: After SISL Infotech and 2 more businesses, Techjockey is our fourth venture together. We have been friends and batch-mates from the Shri Ram College of Commerce. When we decided to take the entreprenurial leap, it of course came with its own set of opportunities and challenges.

For us, thankfully, everything has been happening at the right time and right pace. Our wonderful team has helped us expand in all the potential territories. About the best aspect of being an entrepreneur, we feel that entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to explore the unexplored and this is what we have been doing.

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