Nidhi Agrawal, A Country Manager Wizard Filtering Through the Best Decisions for Her Brand Aspiring Success in India and Korea

Nidhi Agrawal, A Country Manager Wizard Filtering Through the Best Decisions for Her Brand Aspiring Success in India and Korea

"Thinking about out of the box, creative ideas/ solutions, and implementing them quickly, and learning from them drives me. I believe, if you don't try new things, or take on new challenges then how would you know the results? The best way to know is to just take risks & try them out."

– Nidhi Agrawal

In a rapidly transforming virtual world, Nidhi Agrawal is an Indian growth partner carving the path for success. Born in India and based out of Korea, the country manager – India for SNOW Corp., South Korean television personality, and tech enthusiast has navigated through her career with a deep-rooted passion to explore new opportunities and surmount challenges fiercely.

Once a young visionary walking through the foreign roads of South Korea, Nidhi, today, is a seasoned professional who has also worked as a freelancer with immense knowledge of Indian and Korean market, and the brain behind the success plan of brands venturing for business in Korea or India.

Nidhi has been a technology enthusiast passionate to learn the mechanical, procedural and methodological aspect of gadgets and her business, she is equally versatile in content creation and works closely with various global teams.

Navigating through various stages of her journey to become a front-runner was the fruit of a strong hustle she put forward. Nidhi's career is a perfectly balanced synchronisation of her passion for gadgets and business which she inherits from her father.


The passionate and ambition-driven Nidhi aims to bring lights to those parts of our brain which are not been enlightened yet, nourishing the ideas which haven't been thought of yet, and taking risks by walking down on paths that haven't been known yet.

At the onset of her career, motivated by her entrepreneurial streak, young Nidhi fancied understanding how the success story of many internationally renowned brands like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and others. She decided to incept her journey to Korea.

In a professionally nascent age, Nidhi endeavoured to capture an insight into the backstage view of business giants. She was focused on her aim of earning the wealth of knowledge and spending it on her country. She passionately discovered Korean's psyche and business tactics.


"Failure is like a guidebook that you can write for yourself. It's an amazing way to "Learn". It will teach you things or give you insights that no one else can ever tell you," emphasises Nidhi.

The leader further added, "One cannot say you can climb the whole mountain from the first time you try. No one can do that. You have to know the small tips & tricks, you have to practice, you have to learn from trying again and again. And then one day, it will be Eureka! There you go, you will be on the top."

Two key lessons one should always remember are that you should not be afraid of failure. You don't try, you won't know. Second, never giving up. 


"I believe that every picture/video has a story, and we want to help people to tell their story using our brand. We want to provide a platform which helps people to make these important moments more beautiful. We want to provide them ONE App which has all they need from creating to editing, simply, ALL-IN-ONE app for any content creation needs," Nidhi expressed.

While she believes everyone is creative in their way and one can create their big trend In B612, anyone can make their creative filters/effects within minutes, anyone can try new things, anyone can bring their ideas into the world, anyone can become a creator. And, not just that, they can even see the ideas which are being shared by other creators all around the world.


Indeed, no journey to success is a bed of roses, Nidhi faced her share of challenges. However, her perspective about challenges was a game-changer. Living by her life mantra of trying new things and exploring the path it could unfold, she didn't shy away from challenges.

Her unique perspective of making decisions through the lens of learning motivated her to take the life-altering. Nidhi's pure passion to be independent took her to Korea, incited her to learn Korean language and even enrol for an MBA course. It was indeed one of the biggest challenges she surmounted in her early life.


 As a Master's degree holder, Agarwal took a step closer to her goal of experiencing the professional approach that makes Korea's business ethic unparallel in the world.

She became a part of Korea's working population by joining Moloco, a 100% programmatic DSP platform company (IT – a mobile performance marketing platform) as the sales manager for the APAC region.

A fan of learning, Nidhi credits her first job for her matchless communication skills, time management, presentation skills, timeline completion, organization skills, teamwork, etc. Every skill enhanced her career and made her become a well-recognised and successful Indian working in Korea.


Today, Nidhi is based in Korea with years of expertise in Indian and Korean markets. In her vital role as SNOW Corp.'s country manager in India, she diligently ensures company's success by planning and implementing business strategies to identify growth opportunities in India.

She is also in charge when it comes to planning and implementing strategies for product localization based on Indian market needs and structure to improve the user experience and overall app performance.

Nidhi has successful setup Snow Corp's local office in India and managing the same while synchronising the efforts of both the product team and marketing team. She is developing local marketing strategies based on the understanding of the product and users, understanding Indian preferences, and market calls.

Nidhi is leading projects to acquire target users by exploring local marketing channels and agencies. She is also collaborating with various departments and stakeholders to make a balance of user needs and business goals. She is also aiming to enhance user experience and product localization by conducting various marketing research (quantitative and qualitative) projects, surveys, etc.


Among various applications that SNOW Corp. has successfully launched, one that has been most popular globally is B612. SNOW Corp.'s parent organisation is Naver Corporation. The application launched in 2016 synced seamlessly with the growth of social media platforms and became popular as an all-in-one camera app equipped with a wide range of editing tools and built-in AR applications.

It also has unique features like makeup, beauty, trendy stickers (1500+), tools to make videos (stories, vlog, videos, bounce, etc), editing (professional editing), various ready to use editing templates, tools to make their filters or effects, tools to create music videos/short videos & more.

Today, B612 has more than 1B+ (1 billion) downloads worldwide and 150M+ total downloads just in India. In India, it has 30M+ users on monthly basis (MAU). With upcoming new updates to the app, B612 is planning to continuously attract new users and grow its family.

Presently, she has been working on many projects to keep pace with the constantly changing and evolving technological advancements.

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