Dr. Kulneet Suri, The Epitome Of Knowledge, Innovation, Strategist-On Bearing The Light For Higher Education For 23 Years

Dr. Kulneet Suri
Dr. Kulneet Suri

Dr. Kulneet Suri, The Epitome Of Knowledge, Innovation, Strategist-On Bearing The Light For Higher Education For 23 Years

Don’t stop when you are tired. Do not stop when you are done. Do not rest on your laurels—keep going so that you become what you believe”.

This statement simply defines and justifies the life and works of Dr. Kulneet Suri, who is currently the Senior Director at IMS Noida, IMS-DIA which are part of the 11 institutions under the umbrella of UNISON EDUCATION Foundation-- Campuses, situated in Dehradun and Noida.

Dr. Kulneet Suri is a Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School ) Alumni always striving for innovation and strategic expertise. Dr. Suri is also a business panel judge for Conrad Foundation, an organization founded by Nancy Conrad, (wife of NASA astronaut, Pete Conrad-the third man to walk the moon).

Dr Suri has expertise in various strategic decision-making processes and communication strategies and this stems from her association with COLEMAN RESEARCH as a management expert. She was also Harvard Business Review for her views on mentorship for professional and personal growth.

And featured by THE LEADER’S COUNCIL, UK & THE NORTHERN IRELAND for her views on Emotional Intelligence. Recently she has been featured by THE ENTREPRENUEUR

The Inspiring Early Years Of Dr. Kulneet Suri

Her first meaningful break was at AIRTEL handling multidimensional assignments in the private and corporate sectors. Her heart was always beating for the Education sector and she took her next plunge to work with IEC Group of Institutions and IEC University as Head International Operations. Her 23 years of experience in the Higher Education Sector prevails over everything else.

Branding and Marketing, Strategic Alliances, Business to Business Sales process, Strategic Marketing, Business Operations, Media planning, Corporate Relations, Career Mentoring, Business Development, International Alliances, work on Agile processes, innovation and sustained education business processes, and Project leadership, Academics and Research, CSR activities; Dr. Kulneet Suri has touched every minute section with dexterity and detail.

Dr. Kulneet Suri: Responsibilities As Senior Director Of IMS Noida, IMS-DIA

IMS Noida, IMS-DIA with 11 campuses spanning across Dehradun and Noida and 65 worldwide partner institutions are headed by the Senior Director Dr. Kulneet Suri in the present day. As part of her responsibility, she looks after all new enterprise initiatives and academic and research activities.

There is no shortage from contributing articles in academic/professional journals to authoring the book Total Quality Management (TQM) and books on English Language. She has also working on fiction titled “NAINAA-The Unforgettable,” penning down the life experiences of a woman. Her articles are published on all news media outlets across India and overseas at an increasing rate ranging from all National and most of the International dailies and magazines of recognition and prime.

She has been promoting regional economic growth, working alongside local authorities & businesses, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, CII, NASSCOM, CEGR, ICCI, and many other key stakeholders. Onboarding members from 35 countries across the globe, she has managed to form an International Academic Advisory Board.

Her lectures' echoes are still discussed in various international universities like EDINBURGH NAPIER UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF WEST OF SCOTLAND, UCLAN in the UK, and MUST (A state government university in MONGOLIA) and NANYANG in Singapore. She firmly believes The foundation of every country, the state is the strong foundation-Education of the Youth.”

Revolutionizing The Higher Secondary Educational Domain

Leading the vibrant branding/marketing department of IMS Noida, IMS-DIA, she has been able to create an impact in the Higher Education degree courses and given an unmatched growth of 40% to the Institutions. Besides that, apprenticeships with hundreds of local employers, handholding women-start-up entrepreneurs, professional training solutions for employers, and adult learning are part of the wide range of growth programs she contributes consistently.

Her original skillsets comprising strategic marketing planning, budget management, effective stakeholder management, team management, campaigns across digital, print mediums in a creative manner, crisis management, risk management and internal communication have been crucial in surpassing many obstacles and working for critical mission initiatives.

Awards, Accolades & More

Dr. Kulneet Suri has quite a few accolades and achievements in life, and her roots are to be given credit for this growth. Her academic qualification includes a doctorate in Business Management from TSNU-Eastern Europe, M.A/M.Phil from a premier Indian University, an MBA in International Business & Marketing & PLC-Leadership and Management from HARVARD UNIVERSITY-HARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOL (a proud Alumni).

Significant National Conferences & Research

She has partaken in numerous conferences and research events, both nationally and internationally, moving on from her academic highlights. Among the national conferences and research work, she has taken part as an IIT Delhi panellist for Higher Education Perspectives in INDIA; CEGR panellist for Excellence through Leadership in Higher Education & Skills for Effective Research; Corporate Employability IIC; and Smart Cities & Logistics by CEGR and participated in India Ed-Tech dialogue(New South Wales-Government of Australia).

Key International Inputs-higher education

Among the international conferences, in Griffith College, Ireland on Women Empowerment; in the University of West of Scotland on hygiene factors in workplace; in Edinburgh Napier University on Internationalization of higher education; in the University of London on National Education Policy; and in Victoria State Government Australia, on education and innovation exchange are crucial moments in her career and life.

Prestigious Professional Memberships

She has been welcomed and has a professional membership in different organizations and circuits of very high repute. From being an executive member of MIAE, Mongolia, ABE, UK, and Association of Leaders & Industries; a Lifetime Member of NHRDN Delhi Chapter, IIT Delhi Chapter, and an honorary membership for all; Senior Vice President of Delhi-NCR Chapter CEGR; a PAN-INDIA National Secretary of Integrated Chamber of Commerce & Industries; to being the Member of Advisory Board-KDCI, Government of India, she has shared her knowledge and awareness on every occasion and in each and every opportunity she received.

Other Notable Achievements of Dr Kulneet Suri

All these attributions over the years have earned Dr. Kulneet Suri many awards and accolades.

  • Co-Chairperson of Department of Girl Education-CEGR;

  • Conferred Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar in 2017 by Advisor AICTE;

  • Conferred Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar in 2018 by Director AICTE;

  • Conferred Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar in 2019 by Director AICTE;

  • Conferred Visionary Leader in Higher Education by Integrated Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 2018;

  • Conferred Leadership & Innovation Award by ICCI at IIT-DELHI in the year 2019;

  • Conferred Award for Innovation in Curriculum for GLOBAL LEARNING by UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, UK 2019;

  • Conferred Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar in 2020 for higher education initiatives;

  • Conferred Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar in 2021 for higher education initiatives;

  • Award conferred by NASSCOM & Knowledge Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 2020; are among the lot. She is an all -time top recipient of Rashtriya Gaurav Shiksha Puraskar for consecutive eight years which is commendable achievement and speaks for her illustrious work

She has also authored books about her experiences in the industry. Total Quality Management—KTS, K+ Beginner’s English—Dreamtech Press (WILEY), K++Intermediate English-- Dreamtech Press (WILEY), K+++Advanced English-- Dreamtech Press (WILEY), K++++Business English-- Dreamtech Press (WILEY), and the recent one NAINAA-THE UNFORGETTABLE(Amazon) are all of the books she has written to date.

Her work has been featured in leading international and national newspapers magazines, such as The Entrepreneur, The Times of INDIA, Education Times, Tribune, Deccan Herald, Mail Today, Business World, India Today. The Telegraph and the list is endless

Dr. Kulneet Suri breathes in and breathes out higher education. Her powerful contributions to the Higher Education Sector and her compassionate nature to give a helping hand to the needy and downtrodden has positively impacted the lives of many and her magical charisma continues to inspire many today-tomorrow and for future.

She is an enigma of conventional wisdom, meticulous and profound like her many works and yet very humane when it comes to upliftment of women, girl children and the downtrodden. boast a positive effect.

You are always ONE CHOICE away from changing your life—keep growing—Today-Tomorrow-Forever.

Dr. Kulneet Suri

Dr. Kulneet Suri
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Dr. Kulneet Suri
Dr. Kulneet Suri
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