“BeatRoute” By Priyanka Ravindran, Changing The Dynamics Of Brand Promotion And Innovating New Trending Marketing Strategies

Priyanka Ravindran
Priyanka Ravindran

“BeatRoute” By Priyanka Ravindran, Changing The Dynamics Of Brand Promotion And Innovating New Trending Marketing Strategies

For many years women have been in the shadow of men. History has many instances where women were incapable of working outside, let alone lead a team. However, time and time again, women have broken those stereotypical molds to challenge the norms of the so-called society.

Over the years, several women have been leaders, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs and made important contributions in their service field. One such great example is Ms. Priyanka Ravindran, The Founder & CEO of BeatRoute, who has been featured on the “25 Iconic Businesswomen Need to Follow in 2022” as an established entrepreneur. The list itself is a celebration of the achievements of women; this recognition makes Priyanka a lot happy and proud. This platform is her way to show other women the possibilities that lie ahead in their lives.

Her Initial Journey To Start BeatRoute

With a supportive family and crew, her zeal to do better at her work reached the tipping point when she was introduced to the media space. After finishing college, Ms. Priyanka joined the media force, and there she gradually stumbled upon digital marketing and film promotions. This pleasant accident presented her with different possibilities to look into, and thus, her journey began in the media space.

BeatRoute- Promoting Brands Presence

BeatRoute is a digital marketing and creative promotional agency, based in Chennai and run by Priyanka Ravindran. Established on 19th May 2016, it specializes in marketing, promoting films, entertainment projects, and content creation for different brands. The team has a special eye for specific campaigns that interest their target audience.

The company is invested in working in content marketing and influencer marketing on the digital space. Creating engaging content, stories, and brand positioning are their strong suit. In addition, they pay special attention to promoting films in unique ways.

Overcoming Challenges As An Entrepreneur

The primary hurdle while forming BeatRoute was Priyanka’s decision to quit a comfortable job and embark on an uncertain journey. Overcoming personal struggles to professional ones, like team dissociation and idea theft, the entrepreneur’s life has been one full of surprises, if nothing else.

BeatRoute Aspires To Bring Innovative Promotional Strategies Forth

Movies are a great form of communication, and for a movie to reach the right audience, it requires proper promotions. BeatRoute is dedicated to bringing out the best promotional strategy that will surely attract many eyes and make them pay attention to the presented content. In addition, they have a vision of creating advertising content that will be remembered for its creative outlook even after 50 years.

BeatRoute- The Journey So Far

Quality is the ultimate thing that BeatRoute strives for, over the allures of quantity. They take up projects that are right for them without taking up everything that’s up for grabs. Since its inception, they have worked with 100’s of clients, and most came through referrals. BeatRoute understands who’s the target audience, what’s required to infiltrate the target group and works on delivering the best advertisement and promotional services.

As mentioned before, setting up BeatRoute was a challenging venture of its own. And over the 6-year-long journey, they have learned quite a few lessons. BeatRoute was recently working for one of the Government organizations in TN. Even though their ideas were liked, due to a specific governmental policy of not engaging an agency for more than a certain spend, their services could not be engaged However, there are no hard feelings between the government organization and BeatRoute, and they remain on good terms.

Priyanka Ravindran
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The Misfortunate Incident And The Strong Emergence of BeatRoute

In another unfortunate incident, concerning a video shoot in front of a crowd of 5000 people, the artist was not briefed about the activity. The artist performed something opposite of what they had envisioned, putting the company into a lot of trouble. However, they have managed to come out of the situation stronger.

Apart from the rare accomplishment of becoming an entrepreneur and also getting featured among the “25 Iconic Businesswomen, she is about to receive other awards and recognition for her work. This year only, she has been asked to attain the digital marketing 2.0 conference in Dubai and receive a leadership award for her significant and dynamic skills and contributions.

Role Of The Team Members At BeatRoute

As the CEO of BeatRoute, Priyanka Ravindran depends on her team of 20 members and her husband, Sudhir Viyas D, looking over the film marketing section. A strikingly talented copywriter Naagarajan, and the designers, Suriya Vadivel, Mani Bharathi & Yadav, hold the creative forte; Social media strategists Jeevanesh J, Aldo Xavier & Neha Ravichandran are the creative minds behind the unit. The core team working daily also includes photographer-cum-editor Cibi Agnel and Abhishek Mallappan.BeatRoute is currently working on some big projects including a few Amazon Prime Video Projects in Tamil and Telegu and their BTS sections. The company is genuinely concerned about its employees' time, space, and mental health and strives to provide every possible support.

Upcoming Trends In The Media Business

The entertainment industry was hugely hit during the pandemic, and things have not changed quite much even after the pandemic is almost over. The only thing that boomed in between the catastrophe was the OTT platform. It had kept people engaged and hooked to their screens while providing consistent work to teams like BeatRoute.

India fully embraced the shift to the OTT platform during the 1st lockdown, which became the gamechanger for the entertainment industry. However, to adjust with the ongoing trend, they had to scale down their broader marketing language for audiences from get the cinematic experience at theatres to sitting comfortably at home and enjoying the content at their convenience.

Fundamental Values Of BeatRoute

Each individual on the team takes a very personal approach in their respective job. This creates a space for ownership and for different ideas to come together. As the whole team takes it too personally and as their own, they can take up the right decision at all times.

Challenges Faced In During The Pandemic Downturn

The first lockdown sure did have challenges in store for BeatRoute. From being used to working in an office space where they collaborated in person, to drastically shifting to the WFM atmosphere was initially very discomforting. Campaigns didn’t seem to materialise over zoom calls; however, by November 2020, they managed to find another office space, and things have been going well since then.

Current Ventures They Are Engaged With!

The BeatRoute team is working on Director Mani Ratna Ratnam’s magnum opus “Ponniyin Selvan.” Priyanka Ravindran has worked earlier with Mani Ratnam for several projects. Five projects are in progress for Amazon Prime Video. The regional marketing campaigns for Kichcha Sudeep’s pan-India film “Vikrant Rona” are also handled by BeatRoute.

The Enigmatic Future Of BeatRoute

They aspire to work on international projects someday and change the South Indian film space. Ms. Ravindran had a lot to say to the young entrepreneurs about working towards success and recognition. Some of which are to be open to learning lessons from everything and everybody, keeping up good relationships with clients, and keep supportive people around.

Priyanka Ravindran
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Priyanka Ravindran
Priyanka Ravindran
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