When bio meets technology, ‘Bio-Inspired Robotics’ occurs

When bio meets technology, ‘Bio-Inspired Robotics’ occurs

When bio meets technology, 'Bio-Inspired Robotics' occurs

Nature has always endowed us with numerous ideas and inspirations. Robotics research is also not left behind. From small crawling insects like robots to large bipedal robots, nature has always steered the progress wheel of robotics research industry. To gain a deep understanding of our biological systems, engineering has delved into nature to obtain insights for the development of new robotic component- bio-robots, inspired from natural intelligence, adeptness, and collective behavior. This collaboration will help in decoding unsolved mysteries of biological sciences. Bio-inspired robots have upgraded the present day robots to challenge the variety of unstructured and dynamically evolving environment. These smart robots will soon be moving, hoping or crawling in our home, hospital, office, and outdoors!

Let's have a look:

  • The Rolling Spider (BionicWheelBot) by Festo

Biological Model: cebrennus rechenbergi or flic-flac spider

  • Secret agent fish by EPFL

A miniature robot that can swim with fish

Can infiltrate by mimicking the communication and movement of fishes

  • Sarcos Guardian exoskeletons- Guardian GT and the Guardian XO
  • RoboBird by ClearFlight

By mimicking a bird of prey in look and movement, and the flying robot effectively scares off smaller birds without the aid of potentially harmful netting or noise-emitting devices.

  • HEXA by Vincross

Resembling a crab, HEXA is a six-legged, sensor-rich robot designed to be a platform to handle variable terrain

  • MantaDroid by the National University of Singapore

Manta rays move through the water as if they're flying.

Useful for a sensitive sea life

  • HAMR, a robotic cockroach from Harvard

A centimetre-scale robot resembling a cockroach, HAMR can turn sharply and run at high speeds, climb, carry payloads, and survive long drops unharmed.

  • SoFi, the robotic fish by MIT
  • Soft robotic octopus by Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies

Can move through water and over the seabed like an octopus

The other bio-inspired robots are:

  • Robotic Fish: iSplash-II 
  • XRhex: a Reliable Hexapedal Robot 
  • Stickybot: a gecko-inspired robot 
  • u-CAT robot

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