Unshackling From the Robotic Monotony with a Soothing Vacation

Unshackling From the Robotic Monotony with a Soothing Vacation

Unshackling From the Robotic Monotony with a Soothing Vacation

Yashasvi Khushu || The CEO Magazine

From the mechanical lifestyle that we are living today, it has become an inevitable need to escapade into a breakthrough that is rejuvenating and halts our run-of-the-mill tedious shackles.

Having said that, the time to pump up your energy back and take a soothing vacation is now. One of the best ways to drift off from your regular mundane lifestyle is to travel, travel to places you always wanted to, with or without someone, going solo isn't that bad either, given you're an inquisitive bug.

Contrary to popular belief, India is a goldmine for travelers. With this growing travel brain drain among Indians, people have lost touch to the serenity, greenery, mountains, beaches, architecture etc. this country has on offer and yet to be explored. Therefore, here are a few destinations for a pleasing vacation in one of the best destinations in India:

Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala

One of the most visited hill station India, McLeod Ganj is not just a popular travel destination in Himachal Pradesh among wanderers but also home to the world-renowned Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.  This place has an enchanting charm of its own, that captivates the traveler enough to keep coming back. This hill station is full of archaeologically aced temples and monasteries, spiritually captivating Tibetan culture, beautiful landscapes, picture-perfect sceneries and more. If you are looking to bust stress, there could not be a better place to run away.

Andaman Islands

If you are a beach person, this place will impress your guts to heaps and mountains. Just grab yourself a helmet and snorkel away to experience the beautiful marine and exotic coral life this place has on offer. It's a travelers delight to visit this place filled with naturally beautiful beaches at the islands in Andaman brings to the visitor. You can go trek towards Madhuban, experience the serene sea walk at the North Bay Island or dive underwater and the Havelock Island.

Coorg, Karnataka

This little peaceful town, Coorg is nestled in the west of south Karnataka and popularly known, as the Scotland of India and is boastful of its flora. The kind of flora that the metro cities in India lack. What will astound you is the diversity it offers in terms of scenic views, a variety of coffees, culture and wildlife. A number of families locally run little resorts amidst the greenery, the sunsets and the sunrises are the best here to soothe your senses from all the hustle of the city back home. Coorg is just the right place for the ones who like to admire nature in its most raw form.

Old Manali, Manali

If you are from any other part of India, let this be the information of use, Old Manali is the heart beating in itself; it will take you away from all your stresses in an instance. However, if you are from Delhi, you already know what Old Manali is all about, this little town is all warmth and love of little markets, bakeries, cafes, breezy weather, naturally lit roads, pretty flowers, and picturesque art. The peace and calm this place brings to its visitor is rare, it is one of the most popular traveler destinations for a reason. With the sound of water gushing, birds chirping and striking village charm, it will feel like you have moved over to a different country.

Hampi, Karnataka

If the monotony has saturated you and you yearn for solitude, Hampi will bring you the peace of mind you are searching for; it attracts a wide number of travelers looking for solitude. The, swelling terrains, astounding backdrops, architectural marvels and tranquil ambience will take you back in time in the medieval era and leave you asking for more.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

In the northern region of Himachal Pradesh, situated on the banks of the beautiful river Parvati, is the tiny village of Kasol enveloped in Parvati valley. Also known among the travelers as mini Israel, this place has recently transformed in the scenic lust of wonderful valleys, minimalistic population, and virgin hills for the backpackers looking for peace of mind, visiting this place at least once is a must do.

The holiday destinations in India are always buzzing with tourists looking for a break, but these few places are the ones that are less crowded and offer the right kind of serenity one looks for to escape the fast pacing metro life. A country that is full of culture, valleys. Mountains, beaches, wonders, architecture, meadows, diversity, and geographical richness has to be weighed well, why make extravagant lengthy travel plans, when serenity is a get-away away.

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