Best Places to Visit in Coorg, Best Time, Things to Do – “A Perfect City Guide”

Best Places to Visit in Coorg
Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Best Places to Visit in Coorg, Best Time, Things to Do – “A Perfect City Guide”

Coorg is located in the state of Karnataka and is known as Kashmir of Karnataka. It has been a centre of attraction not only for local people but also for foreign travellers who visit every year to enjoy its scenic landscapes and natural beauty, Coorg is a witness of several historical and cultural events which increases the importance of this location. Scholars mark its existence from the 2nd Century under the rule of Kadambas of Goa and also have witnessed the rule of mighty Cholas, Hoysalas also had control over this region and it was also ruled under famous Vijayanagara emperors.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Abbey or Abbi Falls is located 1 kilometre from the town of Madikeri. Tourists can enjoy the natural picture of the waterfall and it is one of the best places to visit in Coorg, a famous picnic spot, perfectly located between the natural greenery of coffee plantations. You can hear the sound of a waterfall far away from the roads. This location gives you a calm environment and the natural beauty will make your stay here for long.

Dubare Elephant Camp is located on the bank of Kaveri in Coorg. This camp grabs the attention of wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. Here tourists can get close to the elephants and see them playing. Here elephants are used for jungle rides and other activities, uniquely tourists can participate here in various elephant-related activities, it gives you three-hour elephant interaction.

They can feed elephant ragi, sugarcane, jaggery, coconuts, and bananas, they can bathe them and for the next 45 minutes, they can enjoy the elephant ride into the jungle. Tourists can avail elephant rides according to the given schedule of 10 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 5 pm.

Honnamana Kere Lake is the largest lake in the Coorg area, located in Daddamalthe near to the village of Sulimalthe which resides approximately 6 kilometers away from Somwarpet. Apart from the nature lovers this spot is also visited frequently by religious believers due to its religious importance, it was named after the goddess Honnamana, a temple in this region near the river that is regularly crowded by devotees.

There was a story related to this that goddess Honnamana sacrificed herself for the human’s good health. It attracts many tourists during the festival of Gowri Pooja. Covered by mountains, Cliffs and huge coffee plantations along with two hills sound like the perfect location for nature lovers who can relax here and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg
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Popular Tourist Attractions in Coorg


Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg at the height of approximately 1620 meters above sea level, located in Madhapur at the border between the Dakshina Kannada and Coorg districts. Kotebetta means Fort Hill and at the peak of the hill, you can also spot the temple of Lord Shiva.

Its 10 kilometers trek from Hattihole to the peak gives you a trekking opportunity, trek lovers can trek their way through dense greenery and huge coffee estates, and in the end, the view from the peak makes a huge impact on tourists, however, tourists are suggested to bring a torch, insect repellent, proper shoes, and first aid kit.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort was first built by Mudduraja in the last quarter of the seventeenth century and later renovated with stones and bricks by Tipu Sultan who also renamed the fort as Jaffarabad. This fort is a witness to rich history and successions. Again, renovated by King Lingarajendra and later by Britishers.

There is a church inside the fort, a beautiful piece of architecture which is built in gothic style and along with this Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, District Prison and Kote Maha Ganpathi Temple are other constructions in the fort and this Ganpati temple is one of those temples which participates in famous Madikeri Dasara Temple. It is the place to visit for history enthusiasts and for those who want to spend their time in a little busy and less congested place.

Padi Igguthappa Temple

Padi Igguthappa Temple is situated in Kakkabe town, built by Lingarajendra in 1810 is one of the most ancient temples, this temple is 45 kilometres away from Madikeri city and dedicated to Lord Iguthappa which is another name for Lord Subramanya, resembles the Keralite temples in architectural design, this temple plays an important role in the culture and traditional practises of kodavas.

The annual festival is very popular among local people which is held in March, it is well celebrated and various ceremonial dances and performances are also performed, devotees come together and offer special prayers to the deity. A unique ceremony is celebrated by devotees weighing themselves against coconut, sugar, fruits, rice, etc. Puthari festival is a festival where the temple plays a key role during the harvesting festival. Tourists can take buses from Madikeri, Virajpet, and Napoklu or you can visit through your private vehicle as well.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg

How to Reach Coorg

How to Reach Coorg By Air- Unfortunately, Coorg does not have an airport, and the nearest airport would be the Mangalore Airport located approximately 160 kilometres away from Coorg, this airport is well connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Tourists have plenty of flight options from these major cities to reach Mangalore in terms of timings and fares.

Delhi to Coorg Distance is approximately 2394 kilometres hence, from the national capital a flight takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes, and simultaneously from Bangalore you can reach Mangalore within an hour and after reaching Mangalore Airport tourists can take a bus or hire a cab to reach Coorg. Tourists can easily go for an Air option to reach Coorg within less time for a safe and hassle-free journey.

How to Reach Coorg By Road- Coorg is well connected to major road networks of the state. Tourists can take state buses (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) for a smooth and reliable journey to reach their destination. KSRTC gives you an option of deluxe buses as well to make your journey convenient which runs regularly from major cities like Bengaluru which is approximately 243 kilometres away, from Mangalore which resides 151 kilometres away, and from Mysore 107 kilometres away from Coorg.

KSRTC is known for its good services and stops at very few stops on the way to Coorg. Tourists are suggested to take evening or night buses so that they will reach Coorg by Morning which will give you enough time to check out the hotels and a day for sightseeing.

How to Reach Coorg By Train- Coorg does not have any railway station of its own so, Mysore Railway Station will be the nearest railway station for Coorg which is 107 kilometres away from the destination. Mysore Railway Station is well connected to other cities and tourists can take the train which runs regularly to Mysore.

Once you reach Mysore Railway Station you can take a bus service or hire a cab to Coorg. Apart from this Mangalore Railway Station which is 150 kilometres away and Hassan Railway Station which is 104 kilometres away from the Coorg are other options followed by Tourists visiting Coorg.

Best Time to Visit Coorg

The summer season in Coorg is marked from March to May and the Coorg temperature in this season ranges from approximately 20 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius and because Coorg is a hill station hence this season is more favourable and recommended to visit due to the pleasant and fresh Coorg weather. One of the great options to spend your summer vacations when the flowers are in full bloom.

And it is the season where you see the coming plenty of tourists to visit and explore the location. Tourists can engage in various outdoor activities. However, nights are pretty chilly, so tourists should bring their warm clothes as well. The Winter season in Coorg stays from October to February, it is the season when honeymoon couples visit due to the ideal temperature to approximately 10 degrees Celsius. Tourists will experience the chilly nights, cool breeze, and pleasurable days.

The chilly thrilling nights with the warmth of the fireplace give you the perfect moment to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Tourists can engage in activities like camping in the wild, trekking, safari and enjoy birds chirping, and much more. Monsoon season includes the months of June to September, which is called the ‘off-season’ but during this time you can get some amazing deals on hotels and tourism packages.

Western Ghats’ monsoon is recognized for heavy rainfalls and intense weather but tourists can visit the place because it is the season when tourists get the beauty of nature on its zenith, the whole location looks more greenery and attractive, giving you the best views of stunning landscapes, dense clouds cover the peaks, a view for perfect picture and especially in this season you can enjoy rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg
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5 Start Best Hotels in Coorg

Some of the good five-star hotels in Coorg include Madikeri Resort and Spa located approximately 4000 above sea level, it gives you the services of a large spa, complimentary service of Wi-Fi luxurious accommodation, 4 dining options, and amazing view of rainforests from each treatment room. Coorg Wildness Resort situated in Madikeri gives you the services of a fitness centre and bar, infinity swimming pool, restaurant, and a wide array of adventure activities and trekking.

Aurika Coorg, Luxury by Lemon Tree Hotels resides in Madikeri 2.3 kilometres away from Abbi Falls provides a service of restaurant, free private parking, fitness centre, 24 hours helpdesk, a bar, concierge service and gives you an option for currency exchange. Copperhill Luxury Homestay in Madikeri situated 3.8 kilometres away from Madikeri Fort gives you the services of the garden, terrace, 24 hours front desk, complimentary Wi-Fi with other amenities.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg
Best Places to Visit in Coorg

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