Tripura: The Culturally Rich Land Of “Three Cities”

Tripura: The Culturally Rich Land Of “Three Cities”

Tripura: The Culturally Rich Land Of "Three Cities"

From the most peaceful villages to the great temples of various deities, Tripura is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. It is one of the "Seven Sisters of Northeast India" with unparallel scenic beauty and untouched nature. The location is surrounded by the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. The unexplored valleys, forests, and waterfalls gushing around the majestic mountains make Tripura a perfect land to explore and spend the holidays.

According to Hindu mythology, Tripura means the land of three cities which was constructed by the Asura (demon) architect Mayasura. These cities were known for prosperity, wealth and world dominance until the avatar of Lord Shiva destroyed them due to the sinful nature of Maya.

The lingual diverse groups of Tripura have given rise to a composite culture. With the dominant Tripuri culture the state is home of various other tribal groups such as Murasing, Chakma, Hlam, Garu, Kuki, Uchaoi, Dhamai. These groups have migrated in Tripura as tea labourers. Since the Bengali residents are present in the largest number of ethno-linguist community of the state, Bengali culture is the main non-indigenous and non-Tripuri culture of India.

There are various festivals celebrated in Tripura's different towns and cities. From the Famous Durga Puja in Tripura, Kharchi Puja in Agartala, Garja Puja performed by the tribal, the famous Boat Race, Buddha Poornima to Diwali. Each of these festivals has its unique importance and is celebrated with full spirit by the people of Tripura. The streets get filled with people and each tribe celebrates with its unique dances and songs.

Top Places to Visit in Tripura

  1. Udaipur: Formerly known as the city of Rangmati, Udaipur is the third largest city in the Indian state of Tripura. During maharaja reign, the city was the capital of the state. Major attractions in the state have been Tripureswari temple headquartered in the Gomati district of Udaipur. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, the significant shrines or pilgrimage destinations. The tourism capital of Tripura has various tourist spots including the Tepania Eco Park, Puran Rajbari, etc.
  2. Dharamnagar: The second-largest urban body in the state of Tripura, Dharamnagar is the strategically planned commercial center offering connectivity and the presence of many business and financial institutions. The former city ruled by many emperors, Tripura has various historic ruins displaying the ancient old history of the city. The destination is perfect to visit throughout the year with its stable climate in the summers as well as the winters.
  3. Agartala: The fastest developing city and the capital of the Indian state of Tripura, Agartala lies on the bank of Haora River. Agar is the valuable perfume and incense tree of genus Aquilaria and the suffix Tala which means underneath. The name references to the density of the Agarwood Trees in the region. The Agartala city has the Venuban Buddha Vihar with the metal idol of Buddha inside the Buddha shrine. The city celebrates the festival of Buddha Poornima every year. The most beautiful palace in India, the Ujjanyanta palace is the former royal palace in Agartala. Name of this famous tourist spot was given by the poet Rabindranath Tagore.
  4. Belonia: Linked to the capital state of Agartala by the national highway, Belonia city of Tripura lies on the border with Bangladesh. The most famous place of interest in Tripura is the archaeological site Pilak have explored various structures belonging to the Buddhist and Hindu sects along with various antiques being discovered belonging to the 8th to 12th centuries. Belonia is home to wonderful natural locations including the Muhurichar river island, Pilak, Yogmaya temple, and the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. The location is best for travelers who are looking for peace in the lap of nature.
  5. Ambassa: the city famous for nature, hills, and palaces, Ambassa is the naturally rich location of Tripura. Ambassa is home to the famous ancient temples just like the other top attractions in the state. The scenic settings and the rich culture of land make it one of the leading attractions in Tripura. The sites of historical importance and places with breathtaking landscapes are much more than what one could manage to see during the short visit.


Diversity of the land of Tripura is seen in its culture, people and festivals. Each city of this culturally and demographic rich land has its unique elements. From lakes to the dense forests, the beautiful nature is the most important attraction of Tripura. The temples have documented the ancient history of Hindu culture. These temples are a perfect spot for spending the peaceful team at Tripura.

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