Touring Pathankot: A doorway to an off the beat travel experience

Touring Pathankot: A doorway to an off the beat travel experience

Touring Pathankot: A doorway to an off the beat travel experience

Living in metro cities, we often crave for traveling to mountains to escape from the slavery of those "dingy cells" of workplace and apartment. Seizing an opportunity to get away from stress and work pressure, one wants to have a rejuvenating break from life. It is a magnificent city in terms of beauty and size situated in district Gurdaspur, Punjab. Owing to its geographical location, Pathankot retains a significant role for the travelers heading towards the mountains. It is also considered as a linking-spot to three states i.e Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Jammu & Kashmir. The city with beauty within and nearby serves as one of the best refueling-stops for travelers before heading towards endeared hill stations including Jammu and Kashmir, Dalhousie, Chamba, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Jwalaji and Chintpruni. It also exhilarates them with proper food and amenities.

Pathankot is encircled by chains of captivating mountains of Shiwalik range, segmented foothills of the breathtaking Himalayas and a mesmerizing view of flowing Ravi and Chakki river. The Picturesque view of Shiwalik range during monsoon season soothes one's soul. Rain drenched mountains and the sweet aroma of wet soil makes the view even more appealing. The heaven- leaking light on the hills of Shiwalik range adds a golden blush and brightens up the entire view. The scene is so glorious that it gives a lightning bolt moment to the spectators. During winters, snow-capped mountains can make one's day, imparting an everlasting content to one's soul. Temples on the banks of the river Chakki provides a heavenly place to be in.

The beauty of the natural world came unbidden in the hearts of viewers. This city has various temples, Gurudwaras and Churches along with various ancient and historical places. It is a green city with the Ravi and Chakki rivers on either side which creates a spectacular and serene painting. Being the last city of the Punjab state; it is surrounded by fields and gigantic trees. Those Elysium- green fields can be termed as nature's true treasure. Being season friendly, this city promises to seize one's heart. By the virtue of its location, beauty of seasons and diversities, it can be treated as God's favorite creation. One will be stuck in its beauty that it will be impossible to not to praise it. John Keats was right in saying,

" A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

Early morning news horrified the whole country stating attack on Pathankot air base which in turn dusted the name and beauty of the Pathankot city. Since then, a lot of misconceptions prevailed throughout the country that the city is no longer safe for travelers. Breaking this myth, let's have a short overview of this old and, yet splendid city and its significance.


The strategic point of location has prompted the establishment of an army presence and air force station for the Defence of India. It is also considered as a military-town with Asia's largest military station of Momoon Cantonment, which brings about the glory and systematic functioning of the city.

Rising as a commercial hub

After partition, migrants from West Punjab (currently known as Pakistan) settled in and around this city. People started trades of different kinds such as supplying the army needs, weaving of shawls and upholstery items etc. These traders prompted the growth and expansion of the city. Buying 'shawls' is a steal deal if you ever pay a visit to this city.

Education hub

Pathankot's location prompted the students from nearby rural areas of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir to study here. It has various world class schools like Pratap world.

Religious and historical places

Mukteshwar Dham

As per the mythology of Mahabharata, it is said that Pandavas along with their mother stayed here during their exile. It is also known as "Pandav Gufa" as they built a resting place for themselves. It has a beautiful serenity-pool at the bottom. The aroma of the flowing water is very powerful. "Langar" is prepared for all visitors.

Kathgarh Temple

This temple has a beautiful built and well-maintained garden on its premises. The sweet fragrance of the flowers perks up one's spirit. It has statues of various historical figures to click some pictures with.

Nurpur Fort

Pathankot was the capital of Nurpur state. It is an old fort which has been demolished partly. It is a must to visit place for knowing the history of Pathankot closely.

Ranjit Sagar Dam


Pathankot city avails Punjabi food delicacies. This city has many eating points where one can satisfy their bellies with rich food both veg and non-veg.

Street food

Billa's lassi – near Gandhi Chowk

If you are a fan of lassi (buttermilk) then this would be must hit shop of Pathankot. It serves sweet lassi with a thick layer of cream on top of it.

Kulcha shop– near Patel Chowk

This street food is one of the famous eating joints in the city where people across the city visit to satisfy their cravings.

Famous Restaurants and places to stay

  • K hills
  • Hotel Grand
  • Hotel Venice

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