Are you the permanent, no shave November kind of a man? Great, then these products will come in hands for you, we have jotted down a list of top 5 grooming products for men for the one who already has a luxurious beard or for someone who has decided to keep one.

Maintaining your bear will be a cakewalk, all you need to do is keep a check and bag all these below mentioned products to deal with the daily hassles of beard dandruff, no growth, falling hair, trimming, setting, etc., take a look to keep the best beard of your lives;

Face wash: Find a face wash that suits your skin type, we all have a different kind of skins, there is oily, dry, rough, hard, sensitive, a combination of both dry and oily, etc. the right face wash can do wonders for you, it may not be at the top of your priority list, but it does actually work well if you want to maintain the entire look with the beard. It'll keep your skin smooth, cleanse it, avoid the unwanted pimples and go perfectly with your beard.

Beard Balm: There are a number of aftershave products that may end up in burns, rashes, redness, etc. and the best way to avoid these razor burns is to apply a suitable beard balm for a smooth texture of the skin. There are all kind of beard balms out there in the market, do not confuse yourself with the ones that are full of chemicals, find something less harmful. Go for a beard balm that is made of natural ingredients, it'll keep them under a layer of your beard skin soft and the added bonus is that you will have a beautiful skin underneath even if you decide to let go off that perfect beard.

Beard Oil:  This is one of the most common and primary products that people go for when they plan on keeping a beard, what they always miss on focusing is what product will suit their skin. Avoid this rookie mistake, find a beard oil that suits your skin, it will keep your beard hair moisturized and at the same time hydrate the follicles to tame them down and negate all that fuzz you see generally and run to a salon to fix. Apart from the obvious uses it also helps in acting as a great styling agent as well.

The Tools: If you are going to invest in keeping a beard, do it right, find all the necessary tools and buy them. The amount of money you are going to spend on going to the barber every now and then would be far more expensive than finding the right tools once and using them for a long time. Plus, you do not have to worry about the timings, the tools are at your fancy, use them whenever you feel the need to. if you are an old school man who likes to keep it simple, buy a good quality razor, a decent beard scissor, and a small comb, these things will sufficiently provide you with the basic help if and when required.

The Strays: Get rid of those little strays here and there, they only make our beard look shabby. Take those tools you got, and chip it off. Shabby beard is no more the upcoming trend, the world has fallen for the well-groomed look already.

We hope we have listed all the necessary things you would require to hit the G-Spot of the top 5 grooming products for men. Go ahead, find your love and make your beard the look of the year, surely you cannot wait to slay the town already.

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