Top 10 Pen Brands in the World, Defining Style and Standard in the Global Market

Top 10 Pen Brands in the World, Defining Style and Standard in the Global Market

Top 10 Pen Brands in the World, Defining Style and Standard in the Global Market

Earlier, pens were used in art work, now; they are not used only for writing but for expressing emotions. They are a critical part of our life from the day, we start learning. Sometimes, pens define the daily needs; sometimes it defines the status. A premium pen brand signifies the class and style of a person. One can take his standard on the next level with a pen from a luxury brand; it will completely enhance how a person feels about pens as well as how he writes with them.

But luxury pens are in limited editions, custom-made by hand with the finest materials and the most sophisticated methods. These luxury brands offer a variety of pens with high-quality at a premium cost.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc needs no introduction in the world of pen manufacturing. The Montblanc International GmbH is based in Germany. Pens offered by this company are a symbol of class and are the most expensive pens in the world. The pens of Mont Blanc are crowned by the precious stones that make them exclusive and priceless.


Parker has been writing its success story since 1888. The first thing that people attest to is the sheer confidence that using a Parker pen carries to their performance in  studies or work. The Company has been well-known for making a wide assortment of pens other than the prominent Parker 100 that came out in 2004.


Founded in 1846, the Cross company owns several luxury pen brands including Cross and Sheaffer in the world. This brand is particularly famous among the US presidents; all presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump have used Cross pens to signed legislation. Because of the quality and comfort of products, Cross is renowned as the best selling pen brand globally.


Founded in 1912, the Sheaffer Pen Corporation is an American-based pet manufacturing company. It carries on the rich tradition of manufacturing some of the finest luxury pens on the market. The collection presented by Sheaffer includes Brand-inclusive names like Legacy Heritage, Intensity, VFM, Prelude, and Taranis.


The first Italian fountain pen factory, Aurora Pen Company entered the market in 1919 as. And, for almost 100 years, Aurora has been recognized for its high-quality Italian craftsmanship, glamour, and design in its every piece. Aurora's limited editions have enthralled Collectors for years in addition to their everyday writing instruments.


Another Italian pen manufacturing brand, Ancora is one of the leading brands. The company is mainly famous for making their pen nibs using 18K gold, and utilizing other high-end materials, like precious metals, gemstones and handled seashells, silver, and brass to make pen barrels. The company was founded in 1919. Ancora's collection is known for its exquisiteness.


Among the leading pen manufacturers in Europe, Lamy was established by Josef Lamy. The brand was a pioneer in utilizing the moulded synthetic plastics to make their product. Present-day, the company has emerged as the world's top luxury pen brands.


Conklin is known for its one-of-a-kind resin finishes with innovation and high quality. The brand has been bringing vivid and unique designs since its inception in 1898. The concept of Conklin was conceptualized by Roy Conklin in Toledo, Ohio USA.


Bentley is a synonymous of performance and quality, from sporting victory to the last word in luxury. The collection of pens from Bentley captures the heritage and prowess of the brand. The best part is that all writing instruments from Bentley are produced in limited editions, their aesthetics designed to capture the very essence of the brand design.


Papermate is among the most stylish and luxurious pen brands in the global market. Every feature of this brand product is amazing. The one drawback of this brand is that it is not available in many countries; its products are only available in few countries.

Last Verdict

Pens show the power and prestige of any person, and some expensive brands can help you feel special and unique. Take your standard on the next level with a pen from a luxury brand; it will completely enhance how you feel about pens as well as how you write with them. This list incorporates top players in pen manufacturing industry. Check these brands and find your favourite choice.

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