The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide: Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide: Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a beautiful city in the union territory of Puducherry which is on the Southeast coast of India and is surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu because of which it shares a lot of its culture, heritage, and language. Pondicherry is now known to be as Puducherry. The climate of the Pondicherry is classified as Tropical wet and dry.

The month between October and February are ideal for visiting Pondicherry. Pondicherry is not only about seas and its coastal regions it has a lot of things to attract the tourists like buildings, temples, churches, and statues which combined the town planning and French-style avenues in the old part of the town, still preserve much of the colonial ambiance.

Glorious History

Pondicherry does have some history it was recognised only after the arrival of Dutch and Portuguese, British and French traders. By contrast, nearby places such as Arikamedu, Ariyankuppam, Kakayanthoppe, Villianur, and Bahour, which were colonised by the French East India Company over some time and later became the union territory of Pondicherry, have recorded histories that predate the various colonial period.

A little bit of history makes us know about the place and its specialities today we will discuss something about Pondicherry and about its specialities and how to enjoy it.

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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Places To Visit in Pondicherry

1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram

It is located on rue de la Marine and is one of the most important ashrams which is not only known for ashram but also peaceful and meditation. It was founded in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo. The ashram is not only restricted to a minimum amount it does have libraries not only it has different things like sporting, asanas, strength training, and swimming.

Apart from all things it has given respect to its owner by making a Sri Aurobindo grave in the center of the ashram under the Frangipani tree. This place is the place to visit for your inner peace many people are nowadays finding a peaceful place for their satisfaction this place is best for it.

Some important information is there to know while visiting like firstly Timings: 8 am to 12 pm, 2 pm to 6 pm. It is a place with all positivity and is well known for its peacefulness.

2. Auroville

It is the huge golden globe-like structure at the centre of the Auroville is the matrimandir which is a massive meditation centre where one could just sit and focus on one’s inner self. While building this township, soil from 124 countries was bought to the ashram and was put together in an urn and mixed.

Today one can find the urn in the Amphitheatre amidst Matrimandir gardens. It is located in the Villupuram district of Pondicherry, it has easy ways of travelling to it is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the bus stand.

3. Serenity Beach

A beautiful sandy area with blue water and golden sand which make it more mesmerizing. The beautiful beach offers surfing and serves as a great spot to laze around the shade with your book or just enjoy the company of your loved ones with the refreshing day in Pondicherry.

Apart from all, it does not only give the feel of a beach its blue color water makes it shinier and peacefulness in it. Opened 24 hrs. it is in Kottakuppam, it has easy ways of travelling because it is 7kms from the bus stand which makes it easy to travel.

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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4. Arikamedu

It is built with red rectangular stones like an ancient building. A peaceful place situated in the side place but has a lot of silence and a good time to spend as a picnic. It was built in the 19th century back and is adorned with roman lamps, glassware, stone beads, and several other things and it is one of the less explored places to visit in Pondicherry.

The emporium was lately used for archaeological excavations and features several red and black ceramic statues. Timings are 10 am to 4 pm. To see such beauty some prices are required like for adults INR 10 and kids INR 5.

5. Pudhuvai Museum

Is a non-governmental museum operating by a non-profit organization? It is adjacent to the botanical garden in Pondicherry. The museum was inaugurated on April 8, 2018, by chevalier, justice Dr. David Annusamy, Hundreds of visitors visit the museum which is supported by the National Heritage Trust.

Pondicherry is renowned for its French architecture, churches, extravagantly clean and neat laid streets, and beaches with more beautiful scenes. It is also considered ‘Mini Goa’ by some people.

This small Union territory of India has been renamed Puducherry. Apart from being a great tourist spot, it is widely known for its cheap alcohol place which is an attractive part. However, if you are an artist and creative, then it is an excellent place for you to visit as it serves a wide variety of gourmet food.

6. Pondicherry Museum

Pondicherry has a gallery with sculptures and has the remains of archaeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman settlement. The museum also has a collection of rare bronzes and stone sculptures from the Pallava and Chola dynasties and artifacts excavated from Arikamedu.

7. Arulmigo Manakula Vinayagar Temple

This temple is situated in Pondicherry. It gives lots of peaceful and positive vibes to other people. It is mostly known for its silence, peace, and cleanliness.

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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8. Seaside Promenade

This is probably the best place in Pondicherry. The walk is full of tourists and shops. A perfect location to spend your evening. Traffic is not allowed on this road. You can walk and listen to the sound of waves that complete your walk with such a beautiful view.

Apart from this, there are many different views to watch while walking to the side like French War Memorial and the Gandhi Statue these monuments are good views to watch while having a perfect walk on the seaside. Many different and amazing restaurants are there to see and visit for a lovely lunch or dinner.

9. The Basilica of the sacred heart of Jesus

It is a church opposite the railway station. This church has some different and amazing facts about it like it is a Gothic Style 100 years old church with some rare stained-glass paintings of the 28 saints who were related to the devotion of the sacred heart of Jesus the saints were so devotional towards Jesus and they have good power on their worship which make it more energetic and more positive attraction for humans to learn something.

It has red walls which make it feel like the earliest walls and design of the houses made earlier. It makes a good spot and attraction for people’s welfare.

10. Chunnambar boathouse

It is a beautiful boating spot in the Pondicherry which makes you feel like a relieving time given with your family and this boating spot makes it more special by its scenes. It has its ticket prices according to the riding places like if you visit in the backwater that will cost you Rs 220 and if you visit till Paradise beach it will cost you Rs 300.

A little bit of amount will be paid during the entry fee but everything will be paid off by visiting the scenes while having that you will find all your money will be worth it. Timings start from morning 9:30 am till the sun sets down which we all know from a boating perspective.

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry

How To Visit Pondicherry

Mustard-coloured colonial houses, serene beaches, and streets lined with trees best describe Pondicherry, fondly referred to as Pondy. This Union territory town is a favourite holiday destination for all those in search of peace and tranquillity.

Reaching Pondicherry is not a hassle as the place is well connected with other major Indian cities by a network of flights, trains, and buses. The Chennai airport and Villupuram railway station are the aerodrome and railhead serving the city, respectively. There are several Bangalore to Pondicherry trains plying frequently and available easily.

· By air: airport connecting Pondicherry with different regions is Chennai International airport, it is 150 km away from Pondicherry and is well-linked with not only prime Indian cities but also with international destinations, from there you can go for the taxies to reach Pondicherry.

· By road: one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of reaching Pondicherry is via well maintained motorable roads. Several states and private buses ply at frequent intervals from most south Indian cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Mahabalipuram.

Travelling from Chennai are in for a visual treat as the east coast road leading to Pondicherry is an extremely picturesque highway, having dunes on one side and the sea on the other side.

· By Train: the closest railway station nearer to Pondicherry is Villupuram Junction railway station which is 37 km away from Pondicherry. This railway station is linked to many other extensive railway stations like Chennai, and Madurai. Bangalore gives regular trains directly to Pondicherry which usually takes 9 to 10 hours to reach. From that railway station, people are available for buses and taxis.


Visit Pondicherry will give you amazing vibes for your vacation all the vibes that we need during our vacation’s enjoyment Pondicherry will full fill all your expectations which everyone expects while having great fun preparing a trip for Pondicherry to make sure you go through everything while visiting all hotels are available in different areas according to your budget and with great facilities that we all need to make our trip the best memory.

Come visit Pondicherry with all your family to experience all these destinations with a lot of fun and excitement to enjoy.

The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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The Ultimate Pondicherry Travel Guide:  Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pondicherry
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