Plan a Super Exciting Trip| These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha

Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha
Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha

Plan a Super Exciting Trip| These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha

Digha is a lovely seaside resort town in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in the Purba Medinipur district at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. Digha is known to be one of the widest beaches all over the world. There are some fun places to visit to make your trip exciting.

Places to Visit in Digha

New Digha Beach

Digha is a small beach town located in West Bengal. One of the most famous beaches in this city is the New Digha Beach. Lying about 2 kilometres away from Old Digha Beach, this destination is a man-made attraction. It's preferred by tourists owing to its easier accessibility, larger expense, and lesser crowd density. The soft sands of the New Digha Beach make up for a lovely weekend getaway.

Tucked away in southern West Bengal, this destination is a quaint holiday spot to spend time in the tranquil lap of nature. The Digha sea starts about a mile away from the beach area, which is lined with casuarina trees as far as the eyes can see.

This beach is famous for its alluring sunrise and sunsets, which are beautiful beyond words. With the golden rays of the sun reflecting off the sparkling sea, this spectacle will surely last in your memories for a long time. It is one of the best places to visit in Digha.

Marine Station/ Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India

MARC- Marine Aquarium cum Regional Centre is one of the attractive tourist places to visit in Digha. It has the largest inbuilt aquarium in India. This aquarium has three kinds of creatures: species of conservative importance, ‘local and curious’ species and freshwater species.

Three species include sea anemones, lobsters, sharks, rays, butterflyfishes, sea snakes, horseshoe crabs and a bunch of other not-so-commonly-heard of organisms.

Top Tourist Attractions in Digha

Talsari Beach is located in the Baleswar district of Odisha and at a distance of 10 kilometres from Digha. The Talsari beach is pristine, and serene and has been bestowed with a spectacular panorama. There are secret beaches, beaches that are beyond the reach of contamination, beaches that refresh our senses and Talsari is one such place.

This virgin beach has dunes, and calmer waves amid several palm trees, coconut trees, and cashew trees known to be the last beach on the northeastern coast of India.

Talsari gets its name from Tala (rhythm) and Sari (row) – the rhythm formed by a well arrayed lush green belt and golden sands with an occasional red fleck (thanks to the red crabs ambling around) meeting the enormous sea, which is almost melodious. Being a fisherman's paradise, Talsari does not experience much tourist rush.

There is a concrete structure where fisherman traps their fishes and sell them in a fish market near the beach where you can also find cooked chicken, crabs and fish. You can simply walk across the river bed or enjoy boat rides and high tides here. Apart from being a sea beach, Talsari is also a riverbank of the Subornorekha River which flows to merge into the Bay of Bengal.

Ambrabati Park is situated amidst the coastal beauty of the quaint town of Digha, a little natural wonderland for those looking to find some quiet environment while admiring the lush greenery of a well-maintained park.

It is located less than a kilometre away from New Digha Beach. A ropeway ride across the length of the park offers visitors a breath-taking view of the New Digha region and the lovely park below.

With neatly paved walkaways, a multitude of seating areas, and boating facilities to enjoy the lake, this park provides wholesome family fun for children and adults looking for a relaxed manner of killing some time during their vacation in the beautiful Digha. It is the best place to visit in Digha for peace seekers.

Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha
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Best Time to Travel Digha

The Winter Season in Digha stays from October to February and Digha's temperature fluctuates between 3 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Digha's weather is quite pleasant and cool and it seems perfect to engage in the beach experience and water sports like scuba diving and swimming. The beaches are crowded, but the serenity remains untouched.

During the days, you can stay at the beaches and at night, you can walk on the beaches with your loved ones as it gives you the perfect cosy atmosphere. Places such as New Digha Beach, Udaipur Beach, Talsari Beach and Shankarpur Beach are some great places to visit in Digha this season. During winters, Durga Puja is celebrated auspiciously in Bengal and the entire city.

Besides, beach parties are held during Christmas and New Year's. so, this is a great time to visit Digha. It is a peak season hence; you are suggested to make your booking on accommodation and travel in advance.

The Monsoon Season in Digha is marked from July to September and Digha’s temperature stays between 26 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. Monsoon brings a little relief from the extreme heat. However, it is still not a good time to visit beaches because of the danger of high tides. Even taking a walk on the beach becomes uncomfortable because of unpredictable rains and high humidity.

During the rains, you can take a walk around the neighbourhoods near the beaches and enjoy the city instead. Places such as Ambrabati Park, Marine Station/Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India, Talsari Beach and Temple at Chandaneswar are some decent places to visit in Digha. You may find some great deals on accommodations this season.

The Summer Season in Digha stays from March to June and Digha's temperature is 23 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius. Digha's weather remains scorching hot, dry and humid. Visiting the beaches in excessively hot weather is not pleasant as it causes a great deal of sweat and discomfort.

Places such as Talsari Beach, New Digha Beach, Temple at Chandaneswar, Marine Station/Aquarium Zoological Survey of India and Ambrabati Park are some preferred places to visit in Digha.

It is a good time for budget travellers. You can avail of discounts on the hotel at this time and the crowd is also minimal hence it seems perfect for a night beach walk with your loved ones. Therefore, avoid visiting Digha during summers and even if you do, carry ample sun protection gear.

How to Reach Digha

How to Reach Digha by Air- Digha does not have an airport hence; the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata at a distance of nearly 149 kilometres from Digha is the nearest airbase. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is well-connected to prime cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, Hyderabad and Bangalore along with several foreign cities as well like Dubai, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Moscow and Sri Lanka.

Plenty of airline carriers such as Air India, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, Jagson Airlines, IndiGo, Go Air, the Fly Emirates, Qatar Airways and Air Asia do provide regular flights to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Once you reach the airport you can easily take a taxi or hire a cab for a further journey to Digha.

How to Reach Digha by Train- Digha has its railway station, located at a distance of 450 metres from the city centre and nicely connected to other major cities such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Jodhpur, Patna and Varanasi.

Train options like Lalgola Pass, Ganadevta Express, Hazarduari Express, KWAE NILE PSG, SDAH RPH Express, ANVT BGP Special, HWH RPH Special and Kaviguru Express are some decent train options that run trains to Digha Railway Station on regular basis. From outside the railway station, you can hire a taxi or take a state bus to reach your destination.

How to Reach Digha by Road- Digha is widely connected to other neighbouring cities such as Kolkata at a distance of 184 kilometres, New Delhi which is nearly 1,638 kilometres far, Varanasi at a distance of 775 kilometres, Patna which is 678 kilometres far and Bhubaneshwar at a distance of approximately 287 kilometres via well-maintained and smooth roads.

Travellers do have the option of state and private buses in deluxe and non-deluxe variants to reach Digha as per their preference and comfort. Tourists do travel to Digha from their vehicles as well and if you are heading from Bhubaneshwar then NH-16 is the route to follow and from Kolkata, NH-116B and NH-16 are the routes to follow. There are some great places to visit in Digha to make your holiday more fun.

5 Star Accommodation Hotels in Digha

There are some decent 3-star accommodation options which provide premium services at a very reasonable price. LeRoi, Digha@ Digha Railway Station is located at a New Digha at a distance of 68 metres from Digha Flag Railway Station.

It provides you with the amenities such as Bar, Restaurant, Paid Pickup and Drop, Free Railway Transfers, Indoor Games, Lawn, Balcony/Terrace, Seating Area, Conference Room, Free Parking, Smoke Detectors, Smoking Room, Wake-up Call, Doctor on Call, Bellboy Service and Multilingual Staff along with other amenities.

Hotel Dolphin is situated at Gobindabasan at a distance of 530 metres from Old Digha Sea Beach and it offers you the services of the Restaurant, Dining Area, Paid Pickup and Drop, Playground, Free Parking, Indoor Games, Lawn, Seating Area, Balcony/Terrace, Indoor Games, Doctor on Call and 24-Hour Helpdesk with some other basic services.

Hotel Coral is situated in New Digha and it gives you the facilities such as Restaurant, Dining Area, Kids' Play Area, Free Parking, Swimming Pool, TV, Lawn, Balcony/Terrace, Verandah, Conference Room and Doctor on Call.

Hotel Avipsha is located at New Digha at a distance of 990 metres from Digha Flag Railway Station and it offers you the facilities like Restaurant, Dining Area, Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Room Services and a 24-Hour Helpdesk. All of these mentioned accommodation options are providing installed sanitisers, masks and gloves due to safety reasons.

Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha
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Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha
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Plan a Super Exciting Trip These are the Best Places to Visit in Digha

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