10 Best Home-Based Travel Business Ideas

10 Best Home-Based Travel Business Ideas

These days, people prefer a way to work from home. People love the flexibility, the relaxed atmosphere and the work in your PJs simplicity. The problem is finding the right work from home opportunity that comes from a reputed business and provides the actual potential for financial success.

Breaking into the travel business is an excellent way to start if you are looking to begin your entrepreneurial journey in service-based business from home. Just imagine getting paid to travel or to share your enthusiasm for travel by helping others with their trips? Thanks to digital devices and online development, starting and operating a business have become possible from anywhere. The best thing about the home-based travel business, the startup costs are relatively low and there are plenty of opportunities for something with the passion to sell travel.

You can base your business on referring travellers to travel companies, or you can also make money by booking their reservations yourself. There are various options when it comes to how you will conduct your travel business. Here are some of the best home-based travel business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your home:

Best home-based travel business ideas

Travel Blogger

If you love writing and photography besides travelling, a travel blog can be your ideal home-based travel business idea. Bloggers create helpful guidance, explore new places, take interesting and beautiful pictures and provide recommendations and tips on their blog sites.

No doubt blogging is an excellent career opportunity and can be the best option when you are looking for the best home-based travel business but before you take the plunge, understanding blogging is tough and sometimes it can be time-consuming. It takes a couple of years before you make money through blogging, but when you start doing, you will be paid to travel the world and write about it.

In case, you do not have expertise in writing or you are not interested in writing, you can go with a camera and try being a travel vlogger. These days, vlogging is emerging as a lucrative business idea on YouTube.

Like all blogs, to make money as a travel blogger you need to first create a following who want to know about your adventures. Monetization of the blog can be through sponsors, affiliate programs, ad feeds or selling ad space.


Photography is a great skill to have when you want to go to the travel business. If you start a photography business, you could travel the world and capture its beauty with your camera. There are mainly two ways to make money from travel photography. First, you can get hired by a company, usually a publication, to take photos. Another way is to sell your photos after the fact to publications; you can easily sell these photographs to publications or as art. You can have your own online digital photography site or by creating merchandise like as a poster or tee shirt.

Starting as a skilled photographer at a specific type of photography like candid portions, family photography or wedding photography is also a great option.

Travel Consultant

Unlike travel agents who book trips, a travel consultant works with people on various travel issues. Main works of travel consultants include preparing people to travel or businesses needing information on cultural issues in selling their products abroad, or international travel for their employees.


If you are good in different languages, you might be able to start a business as a translator. You can easily translate anything from books to documents in different languages. And that is something you can often do from the comfort of your home.

Starting a business as a translator can be an excellent way to see the world and establish a successful business. The demand for translators is increasing in almost every industry. They help international businesses, globe-trotting executives and high-profile people by translating documents, emails, books, conversations and more.

Social Media Influencer

There was a time, we people used to share cat videos and family updates on Facebook. Now, if you have a large following online, you can use it as a steady income source through sponsored posts and pictures. Brands always look for influencers to advertise their products and encourage followers to buy goods and services.

Some brands even pay the bill for social media influencers to attend their events or stay at their resort in exchange for documenting their experience on their social media accounts.

Although becoming an influence is more difficult than other business options, those who succeed to become an influence have good names and fame. Today, there are a lot of people on social media who are getting paid to travel. Many of these people are bloggers; some are Instagram, share pictures of their travel adventures. Affiliate marketing is also a popular way by which social media influencers can earn an income.

Travel Writer

Travel writing and blogging both are similar as in both situations, you have to write but there is a major difference also. The difference is that in travel writing, you actually sell your articles to another magazine or blog but in blogging, you write for your own blog.

There are plenty of magazines, online as well as online that does not only pay for your writing pieces but might even foot the bill for the train. Moreover, some publishers even hire writers to author travel books. The main problem a freelance travel writer has to face is finding the work. Like most freelance writing jobs, there is an ebb and flow, so you will adjust to a famine lifestyle. Besides, you have to adhere to what editors need that may differ from your interests.

Tour Guide

Starting as a tour guide is one of the best home-based travel business ideas. Here there is the only condition that is to be a tour guide from home, you should live in or near a place people want to visit.

If you want to make a successful business as a tour, know everything about the place where you will work as a guide. Know the history of the places; find out the outdoor areas where your visitors can enjoy scenic hikes or bird. Also, get information about the best foodie establishments; you can also set up food tours.


While making travel plans, many people prefer to have someone watching their home or pet. So if you are looking for the best home-based travel business you can offer your services as a housesitter in your areas.

A lot of people feel better about leaving for vacation, someone staying at their home to take care of their things. And in exchange for your services as a house sitter, some people will be happy to pay to stay at their home while they travel abroad or stay at one of their multiple homes.

There are various websites and services to get your name out there. You can also add your own house sitter agency, marketing yourself as trustworthy and reputable.

Bed and Breakfast

When it comes to the bed and breakfast, you think of large old homes with a lot of rooms. But in today's modern era, you can start your home-based travel business with a single bedroom with a bathroom and offer a place to stay for travellers.

To make your business successful, you need to promote your Bed and Breakfast service properly, either you can promote yourself, or use a service to list your rooms.

Apart from having a clean place to sleep, travellers will expect breakfast and maybe an afternoon snack or tea. This is a fun way to meet people, share your local, and learn about others around the world.

Book Author

Finally, writing books has always been a lucrative business option. And this is something you can do from anywhere. Some writers find that travelling can be inspirational or therapeutic besides, some prefer writing about the places they visit.

If you love exploring different places, their culture, lifestyles, natural atmosphere, you can specialize in travel books. To become a travel author, it is necessary to travel places for research and get a sense of the places and things you are writing about. You can write about any particular place or write your complete journey and publish it. A lot of people are there who love travelling but they cannot travel due to various reasons. Here, these travel books come as solutions, they will read your books and enjoy their travel through reading.

Last Verdict on Best Home Based Travel Business

So, these are some of the best home-based travel business ideas. Get ready to explore the world and be your own boss. Starting your own business does not mean you need to set up an office and stay in one place. In this digital age, many businesses do not need a brick-and-mortar shop, and some businesses will take you to your dream destinations.

It is a fact that travelling and owning a business is not for the faint of heart, but if you are determined to see the world while owning a business, these business ideas go perfect for you.

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