6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie

What's the Best Time to Travel and How to Reach?
6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie|| Best Time to Travel || How to Reach

Dalhousie is a famous hill station in the Chamba District that comes under the state of Himachal Pradesh. It covers the area of nearly 5 hills is situated at a height of 2,000 metres and is located at the western end of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges.

It is highly popular among tourists due to its natural beauty and pleasant climate and is one of the best honeymoon locations in India. You can also spot some architectural construction of the British era such as St. Francis and St. John's Church. It is an ideal location to spend some quality moments with your loved ones.

6 Best Places to Visit in Dalhousie

  1. Khajjar

Khajjar is a small town at a distance of 20 kilometres from Dalhousie, situated at a height of 6,500 feet and known as the 'mini-Switzerland of India'. It is a perfectly picturesque location to spend a day or overnight and very popular among tourists due to its beautiful grassy meadows and small like amidst the meadow which looks adorable.

Tourists can also participate in some adventure activities like paragliding, zorbing, and horse-riding. It is also credited with a nine-hole golf course amidst the lush greenery. Khajjar has been the centre of attraction since the medieval period hence; several Rajput and Mughal Rulers were aware of the beauty of this location and still, this location is on the list of any tourists who visit Dalhousie.

  1. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, just a few kilometres away from the Chamba dam and Chamba reservoir on river Ravi. Kalatop means 'Black Cap' which is referring to the dense black forest which covers the highest hilltop in the sanctuary.

It is allocation made of a thick deodar forest, a carpet of verdant grassland, snowy mountains, a stream of fresh water, and an abundance of wildlife. This spot offers you the experience of trekking and hiking along with a mesmerizing view of Pir Panjal Ranges and an ideal spot to visit for calm seekers and nature lovers. You will surely enjoy the natural surroundings which give you positive vibes and a calm environment.

  1. Indo Tibetan Market

Indo Tibetan Market is located at Moti Tiba and is one of the popular and best spots in Dalhousie to shop. It is a spot to shop for clothes, famous Kashmiri shawls, bags, handmade carpets, embroidery, and other handicrafts which are at a reasonable price and you can find some traditional Tibetan shops.

You can also visit the bustling Indo Tibetan market that resided at a Gandhi Chowk. This market will be open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
  1. St. Francis Church Dalhousie

This church is residing at DFO Road, Moti Tiba just a few miles away from Subhash Chowk. It was built by civil officers in 1894 and it was constructed in the Victorian style of architecture. St. Francis Church's interior is decorated with fine stone works and the quality of Belgian glasses, carvings and dioramas just gives you a glimpse of the past and beautifully reflects the foreign architecture, preserved by the Catholic diocese.

This church is covered beautifully by deodar trees and it gives you a peaceful environment, a perfect location to end your memorable trip. It is an ideal location to visit for history and architecture students.

  1. Bhuri Singh Museum

It is located at Chowgan Mohalla, Chamba and is named after Raja Bhuri Singh who was recognised as an identity of Chamba. It was founded in 1908 and initially, this museum only showcased the paintings of Raja Bhuri Singh but as of now it also displays a vast collection of inherited arts including coins, armour, jewellery, and musical instruments.

Presently it is containing more than 8500 antique items related to archaeology, anthropology, craft and culture. This museum will present you with the past journey of Chamba and other regionals and another highlight of this museum is the exhibition of paintings from Basohli school which displays the scenes from Ramayana and Bhagavata Gita.

  1. Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak is located at a height of 2755 metres above sea level in the Dalhousie and is popularly known as the singing hill and is credited as the highest point of Dalhousie. This location will give you a magnificent view of the entire area of valleys and mountains and is surrounded by lush green deodar trees and colourful flowers that make this valley a beautiful scenic landscape.

The view of Khajjar lake and mud houses amidst dense greenery is just stunning. Tourists can also enjoy trekking and camping to make their visit memorable and more exciting. Pholani Devi Temple and an Air Force Station are other spots to visit at Dainkund Peak. It is a place for nature lovers and calm seekers to spend some good time with their loved ones.

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie

Best Time to Travel Dalhousie

The Summer Season in Dalhousie stays from March to June and Dalhousie’s temperature ranges between 18 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. It is a season when snow began to melt and you find cool and windy weather which seems perfect to enjoy some sightseeing and trekking.

It is a season to take a break from your busy life and time to explore your fun part by enjoying exciting activities like rafting, paragliding, trekking, nature walks and sightseeing and the locations like Panchpula stream, Subhash Baoli and Sach Pass trail are highly preferred to visit. Travellers are suggested to book their accommodations and travel in advance to avoid the rush.

The Monsoon Season in Dalhousie is marked from July to September and Dalhousie’s temperature fluctuates between 18 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius. Dalhousie is a place where you do not find heavy rainfalls and its weather stays cool and windy throughout the day.

Monsoon is the season when you find Dalhousie at its height of beauty and offers you perfect romantic environment and weather to visit Khajjar, popularly known as ‘Switzerland of India’ and Satdhara Falls and engage in activities like boating, hiking and horse riding and it is also a season to be witnessed the harvest celebration called Minjar Fair which is celebrated in July or August and Manimahesh Yatra which takes place in August and September. This location is more naturally safe in monsoon as compared to other mountain regions.

The Winter Season in Dalhousie stays from October to February and Dalhousie's temperature is rise to 13 degrees Celsius and go down to 11 degrees Celsius. Generally, Dalhousie serves you the chilled days and the morning sun gives you pleasant and comfortable weather but this is also the season when you easily spot snow-covered mountains and snow everywhere which presents this location as a paradise.

This season you will get less crowd and more easily can explore this beautiful and picturesque hill station. Travellers can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset from Khajjar Lake, also can engage in hiking, trekking, shopping, sightseeing and it is a season to play in the snow. You will be able to find some great deals on accommodations and travel.

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
Tips for Consultants who Travel Frequently

How to Reach Dalhousie

How to Reach Dalhousie by Air- Gaggal Airport is the nearest airbase from Dalhousie at a distance of 130 kilometres and well connected to other major cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh and Kolkata.

Travellers can reach Dalhousie as per their schedule through flights which are operated regularly by several airline carriers such as Air India Regional, Spice Jet, and Jagson Airlines. Once you reach the airport you can easily hire a cab or taxi for a further journey.

How to Reach Dalhousie by Train- Pathankot Railway Station is the nearest railhead which is approximately 80 kilometres away to Dalhousie and well versed connected to other prime cities such as New Delhi, Jammu, Bhatinda, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ahmedabad and there are plenty of train option to Pathankot Railway Station which travels regularly such as Jammu Tawi, Jammu Tawi Jhelum, Jammu Tawi Pooja SF, Mumbai Bandra – SMVD Katra Swaraj SF Express, Udhampur AC SF Express, SMVD Katra Express.

Travellers can take a bus or hire a cab to Dalhousie from outside the Pathankot Railway Station which is an approximately 3-hour journey.

How to Reach Dalhousie by Road- Dalhousie is vastly connected to other major cities via roads like New Delhi at a distance of 565 kilometres, Chamba which is approximately 40 kilometres away, Amritsar at a distance of 200 kilometres, and Shimla which is residing approximately 365 kilometres away.

Travellers can easily travel through state and private buses by Himachal Road Transport Corporation and Haryana Road Transport Corporation. From Delhi's Himachal Bhawan you can take luxury buses to travel. You can also travel through your vehicle and if you are heading from Delhi then it will approximately take an 11-hour drive via NH-1.

5 Star Accommodation Hotels in Dalhousie

GenX The Gateway Dalhousie is located at Village Kunna and gives you the services of romantic décor, Dining Area, Restaurant, Breakfast Buffet, Rental Vehicles, Coffee Shop, Fireplace, Free Kids Stay, Pet Friendly, Free Parking, Fitness Centre, Children Playground and 24-hour Room Service with some other basic services.

Fortune Park Dalhousie is residing at Near Gandhi Chowk, Subhash Baoli Road and offers you the services of Coffee Shop, Breakfast Buffet, Bar, Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Spa and Massage, Couple Massage, Currency Exchange, Rooftop Terrace, Game Room, Rental Vehicles, Airport Transfers and VIP Rooms Facility along with other basic amenities.

SS International Hotel and Spa is situated at Near Gandhi Chowk, Khajjar Road and provides you with the services of Restaurant, Breakfast Buffet, Fitness Centre, Spa, Rental Vehicles, Free Parking, Free Kids Stay, Airport Transfers, Babysitting, Outdoor Pool and 24-hour Front Desk and some other amenities as well.

Grand View Hotel is located Near Dalhousie Club and offers you the facilities of Restaurant, Breakfast Buffet, Game Room, Free Parking, Massage, Spa, Kids Club, Rooftop Terrace, Evening Entertainment and Concierge Service. All of these mentioned accommodation options do provide the installed sanitisers, masks and gloves due to safety reasons.

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
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6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
6 Stunning Places to Visit in Dalhousie
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