This Republic Day – Bucket Listing the Capital City

This Republic Day – Bucket Listing the Capital City

This Republic Day – Bucket Listing the Capital City

This Republic Day – Bucket Listing the Capital City

India is one of the biggest and largest democracies in the world because of its honourable constitution. To celebrate our sovereignty, secularity and happiness of being the largest and most flourishing democracy, each year 26th January is celebrated as 'Republic Day' in India.

It has been more than 70 years since the constitution of India came into existence and to date, the Republic day is celebrated with equal enthusiasm around the country. This year, the national festival is falling on Sunday which can be a great opportunity for you and your family to take a trip around the capital and celebrate this Day.

Most of the people with their entire will, for years have followed the undying ritual of watching the parade telecast live on the local channel (Doordarshan). Nonetheless, the capital gives you all the reasons to switch your TV off and get out of bed to explore the patriotic side this Republic Day:

Energy At The Republic Day Parade

Let's be honest. There's something incredibly patriotic to be part of the crowds at India Gate and the Red Fort as celebrations begin. There's no match to the thrill and excitement of physically being there to watch the Republic Day parade live. You'll see the President delivering his speech live to millions of Indians, followed by the National Bravery Awards given to children from all over the country along with the memorial awards to those people from the army who has shown amazing bravery whenever their country needed them.

Echo Of The Patriots

The 8-kilometre long path from the 'Rashtrapati Bhavan' to the historic Red Fort boom with sounds of the Republic Day parade.

There are many things that you won't be able to hear on TV:

  1. The echo of 21 booming cannons saluting the Tricolour as it is hoisted by the President of India.

  2. The powerful roar of helicopters from the armed forces flying above and past the crowds, showering them with rose petals.

  3. The thundering sound of boots hitting the concrete coupled with the commanders' powerful cries to attention when the contingents of the Army, Navy and Air Force march past the President's stage.

  4. Perfect tunes emanating from 20 well-practised marching bands filling up the skies.

  5. The collective intake of a thousand breaths as the armed forces proudly displays the country's mighty defence in the form of cutting edge weapons, tanks and missiles.

March Of The Brave Soldiers

The impressive march past by nearly 25 armed forces' groups is undoubtedly the most awaited part of the Republic Day parade. The sight of the brave soldiers, willing to lay down their lives for the nation is bound to fill your heart with pride. Dressed in crisp uniforms of their respective regiments, putting colourful headgear, marching with clockwork precision in faultless formations is a sight to behold for kids and grown-ups as well. Also, look for the camel mounted BSF contingent which is the only camel mounted regiment in the world.

India, Unity In Diversity

Along with the colours and ceremony, there will be a display of more than 30 cultural activities from different Indian states showing the grand diversity of India. From folk songs to intricately carved murals, from traditional dance to re-enactments of state history, the activities have it all. In short, you will see whole India in this parade and don't forget to cheer for your home state from the crowds.

Most Awaited Air-show

As the parade draws to an end, comes the moment that is not only loved by kids but adults as well, the gravity-defying stunts of the Tornado Bikers and the BSF Dare Devils; their liveliness and elegance are duplicated by none and this is a sight worth witnessing. In the end, the parade will come to an end with spectacular air show by the mighty Indian Air Force. The drills and complex formations created in the air by jet formations are enough to give you goosebumps. No TV screen in the world can capture that feeling.

Bottom Line

Being part of the full of life crowd of compatriots, soaking in all the sights and sounds at the venue and the feeling that we belong to a great and powerful nation can only come from being a part of the celebration. There couldn't be a better way of enlightening our new and young generation of the rich heritage that they belong to. So make a change in your Republic Day plans and head to the capital this year to give your children and yourself one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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