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Even though the summer comes with its own set of heatwaves and sweat, we all crave for his season.

Because regardless of the hiccups it does give us an ideal opportunity to flaunt our favourite summer outfits that have been kept neatly stacked in our wardrobes for months now and oh how we missed the less baggy versions of us and the sweet sunlight on the windows.

The days have gone where we have to be sitting tied up in our blankets glooming and lazing over a hot cup of coffee in a million layers of sweaters. We no more have to hide away, locked in our houses trying to stay warm embracing the anti-social in us. Now is the time to step out, do those long-awaited meetups with your loved ones, walk on the beach, stroll out for an evening coffee or have that special rooftop date.

 Now that finally the warmth has invaded are lazy shelled afternoons, it is going to stay back for a while and this is just the time to dust the shelves of the drawers, take out the best collection of your summer dresses and clean them up. These summer dresses won't just enhance the looks that you have kept wrapped in the drapes forever now but also help you feel breezy and move around freely to experiment with the way you look. And if you feel there aren't enough or any dresses that you have to match your aura, get up and get shopping.

Here are a few tips to understand how summer shopping can prove to be one of the best experiences;

EVENT: You may end up having a mammoth number of chic dresses all stacked up neatly in your wardrobe but the fact remains that not all your dresses are suitable commonly for all the occasions. Each dress that you own will have its own pace, time, occasion, event or place to be worn. Of course, we all buy dresses that are from the pack of classics, they will be suitable for all the occasions regardless of where or with who you are, but then such dresses are very few in number.

And at the same time, there would be clothes that are not even suitable to wear to bed, those are just bad choices we moan over later. So to make sure that you don't have to get through such hits and misses, you always buy clothes that are fairly suitable in at least multiple occasions if not all. This nature of shopping will not just help you buy the right clothes but would also keep you sorted and comfortable in your attire.

BODY FITTING: One of the major factors that are to be kept in mind while shopping is the body shape, curves and lines. Not all clothes suit all body shapes, it isn't necessary that if something looks really good on your friend, it would suit your body as well, you could always give it a pass. It ould be anything, a bodycon, flares, maxi dresses, florals, block colours etc. if you make a choice wisely, it will prove just right for you.

DESIGNS: A very crucial aspect of the design of the attire is the kind of prints and colours we pick and this can be played very smartly with. We all have our set of favourites, some people like neutrals like maroon, beige, blues, olive, etc because they are suitable for all the occasions, then there are colours like yellows, oranges, peach, greens etc that people like to experiment and see if they can carry or not. And when we focus on prints, it has got a lot to do with where are you planning to wear it, florals go very well with day parties. If you are going to a formal event, pick stripes and for a lasting impact, solid colours are a win-win at night.

BLING:  One of the most essential things to do while you have finally decided on the attire that would go with your occasion is to find the right accessory to go with it. One of the most essential things to do is to accessorize your look if you want to enhance your appearance. Innumerable on various occasions people have completely underestimated the need to bling themselves (and not literally) without realising the importance of it for your ideal look.

Once you have bought all these aspects in place, you will by the end of the day understand that you are in a safe ground. You have a perfect balance and blend of design, pattern, material, accessory and vibe.

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