A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time

A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time
A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time

A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time

Mount Abu is a popular hill station in the Aravalli ranges in the state of Rajasthan, touching the border of Gujrat. In medieval times it was recognised as the summer capital of Rajputana. It is set on a high rocky plateau with an elevation of 4,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by forest which offers you amazing and bearable weather along with some natural landscapes.

Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Nikki Lake

Nikki Lake is located in the centre of the hill station and is known as the first man-made lake in India with a depth of around 11,000 metres and a width of a quarter of a mile. It is surrounded by dense greenery, mountains and rocky areas. This lake gives you natural scenic landscapes and can be a great experience for nature lovers and photographers.

This lake also offers you romantic and cosy vibes via its crystal-clear water and natural wonders to make some good memories with your loved ones as well. This lake is also considered sacred to Garacia Tribe and It is also famous for Mahatma Gandhi's ashes was immersed in Nakki Lake on 12th February 1948 and Gandhi Ghat was constructed here.

Travellers can also enjoy the boating experience here or you can take a side path that led you to the sunset point to enjoy a beautiful experience.

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the hill station with an elevation of 1722 metres from sea level and lies about 15 kilometres from Mount Abu. It is named Guru Shikhar after the Guru Dattatreya who is believed to reside on the peak as a monk.

The top of the peak has been converted into temples in his remembrance. You can reach this Guru Shikhar after a 15 kilometres drive followed by several steps. The top of the hill gives you a stunning view of the entire hill station and an epic view of landscapes to make your trekking worthwhile. It can be one of your best trekking experiences in Mount Abu.

Top Tourist Attraction in Mount Abu

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 288 kilometres and it crosses numerous mountain highs from 300 metres to 1722 metres at Guru Shikhar which is the highest peak in the Aravalli ranges. It is the boasts of rich biodiversity and one of the oldest developments of Mount Abu Mountain ranges and it offers you several sightseeing spots with some magnificent views it was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1960 to sustain the biodiversity of the entire region.

This place is an ideal visit for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. This place offers you the wildlife of Rajasthan to its very natural habitat with the touch of an exciting experience.

Dilwara Temples is situated amidst the dense greenery of Aravalli ranges in Mount Abu and it is one of the most popular Jain shrines in the country. The credit of this massive and fine construction goes with the Vimal Shah and was designed by Vastupal Tejpal, dating back the 11th to 13th centuries.

This temple is an architectural wonder from the inside, observing designs and patterns is carved out on roofs, walls, archways and pillars. This temple is equally divided by the five shrines namely- Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pittalhar, Parshavanath and Mahavir Swami temple further dedicated to Lord Adinath, Lord Rishabdev, Lord Neminatha respectively.

Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi are the most famous out of these five temples and each shrine is having a Rang Mandap, a central hall, Garbhagraha, the innermost sanctum where the Lord resides and Navchowki a group of nine heavily decorated ceilings. Apart from this, marvellous structures Hathisthala and Kirti Stambha are other stunning developments. This temple gives you a glimpse of the rich culture and popular traditions of Jainism.

A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time
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Best Time to Travel Mount Abu

The Winter Season in Mount Abu stays from November to February and Mount Abu's temperature ranges between 12 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. Mount Abu's weather in this season is quite pleasant and cool but not extremely chilly. This season is considered a peak season due to the comfortable weather conditions.

Travellers who are more into sightseeing can surely visit in this season so as the trekking lovers and adventure seekers. At the end of December Mount Abu organise the Winter Festival, a full-fledged three-day carnival that offers you the rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan along with living performances by many artists, in this festival travellers do participate in sports activities to make their trip more fun and enjoyable.

Apart from this, the popular Camel Festival and the joyous celebrations of Holi are the events that are highly celebrated among tourists. As mentioned earlier this is a peak season of Mount Abu hence; travellers are suggested to make bookings on accommodations and hotels in advance.

The Summer Season in Mount Abu is marked from March to June and Mount Abu's temperature stays from 23 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius. Mount Abu's summer is filled with hot and dry days but evening gives a little relief as cool air gives you a chance to explore Mount Abu.

The evening is the time to enjoy the activities of trekking and boating at Nakki Lake and mountaineering kinds of adventurous activities. Travellers can also be witnessed several festivals in this season such as Gangaur in March and one of the highlights is the two-day Summer Festival that occurs in June, it showcases an array of classical and folk music performances and the tribal life of Rajasthan.

It is not the peak season so, you will be able to find some great deals on accommodations and travel. An ideal season to make a budget-friendly trip to Mount Abu.

The Monsoon Season in Mount Abu stays from July to October and Mount Abu's temperature fluctuates between 28 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius. Mount Abu does not witness heavy rainfall but this season is for nature lovers when you get this beautiful location to the height of its beauty.

In this season you can engage in activities like boating and visiting the wildlife sanctuary and it is an ideal season to calm seekers who can enjoy the activities like bird watching, nature walks and photography. This season offers you scenic landscapes which adore the beauty of this arena.

This is also the season when you do not find much crowd hence; a perfect season to spend some quality time with yourself and your loved ones.

A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time
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How to Reach Mount Abu

How to Reach Mount Abu by Air- Dabok Airport also known as Udaipur Airport is the nearest domestic airbase at a distance of 180 kilometres away from Mount Abu. Dabok Airport is well connected to the other major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Kolkata.

Travellers can easily reach Mount Abu at any day due to the regular availability of flights via numbers of airline carriers such as Air India, Jet Airways, Spice Jet and IndiGo. Once you reach the airport you can hire a cab or take a taxi for a further journey to Mount Abu.

Apart from it, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at a distance of 220 kilometres away in Ahmedabad is an ideal option for foreign travellers due to the connectivity of this airport to some prime foreign locations like Dubai, Muscat, Singapore and New York. Taxi and cab services are available here either to reach your destination.

How to Reach Mount Abu by Train- Abu Road Railway Station is residing approximately 28 kilometres away from the main city links Mount Abu to other major locations like New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.

Some of the great train options to reach Mount Abu are Ahmedabad Mail, Ajmer Express, Ala Hazrat Express and Porbandar Express and all of these trains run daily and after reaching the railway station tourists can take state transport or cab to reach their hotels.

How to Reach Mount Abu by Road- Mount Abu can be easily reached by road via Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation and some private networks offers a variety of luxury, non-luxury and semi-luxury buses to travellers and linking Mount Abu to other prominent cities like Jaipur which resides at a distance of 480 kilometres, Udaipur at a distance of 165 kilometres and Jaisalmer which is 442 kilometres away.

Many travellers do travel from their vehicle as well and if you are heading from Jaipur then NH-76 and NH-79 routes are the options to reach Mount Abu which is approximately 10-to-11-hour driving.

5 Star Accommodation Hotels in Mount Abu

The Mount Bungalow is residing at Mount Abu Road and a distance of 3 kilometres away from Mount Abu Bus Stand and it offers you the services of Restaurant, Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Bonfire, Lawn, Sitting Area, Private Entrance, Room Service, Power Backup, Kitchenette and 24-hour Helpdesk along with some other amenities.

Apart from this, there are some good 4-star accommodation options which is offering convenient services and are well experienced. Hotel Hilltone is residing at a distance of 2 kilometres from Mount Abu Bus Stand and it provides you with the services of Café, Bar, Restaurant, Bakery, Spa, Steam and Sauna, Bonfire, Multilingual Staff, Jacuzzi, Balcony/Terrace and 24-hour Helpdesk with some other basic facilities.

Hotel Chacha Inn is located at Kumarwada and gives you the services of Bar, Restaurant, Barbeque, Kids Play Area, Paid Pickup and Drop, Activity Centre, Yoga, Rental Vehicles, Bonfire, Lawn and Childcare Services. Palace Hotel (Bikaner Hotel), A Heritage Hotel is located near Mount Abu Bus Stand with a distance of approximately 1.4 kilometres and it provides you with the services of Café, Bar, Restaurant, Gym, Yoga, Activity Centre, Bonfire, Medical Centre, Rental Vehicles, Lawn and 24-hour Helpdesk. All of these mentioned accommodation options do provide the installed sanitisers, gloves and masks due to safety reasons.

A Visual Tour to Mount Abu – Best Places to Visit, Ideal Time
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