Most useful pieces of video equipment video production

Most useful pieces of video equipment video production

Most useful pieces of video equipment video production

Most useful pieces of video equipment video production

If you are a complete beginner in video production then you require a lot of equipment to start with. Therefore we have compiled a list for you of must-have video production equipment. There will be items that are important and will be worth your money as it is like a one-time investment. Keep reading to find out what made to our list.


Well, this is a no brainer because it is the absolute necessary item. But before you start to stress about cost, know that while you can spend a lot on a camera, you don't necessarily have to.

You can create exceptional videos with the equipment you might already have in your pocket; you guessed it right your smartphone. While using a smartphone for video recording one major problem that can arise is the sound quality. If you're more than three feet away from the subject, the sound quality will be substandard. Fortunately, there is always a chance to use an external microphone.

If you're ready for a new challenge, have a bigger budget, and don't mind a steep learning curve, the next category would be DSLR cameras. It is the preferred camera choice of most of the professions for both photography and videography. Beyond DSLRs, you're looking at the wide world of professional video cameras. These are on the higher side of the price and it is better to rent these equipments then to purchase it.

Camera Bag

If you are beginning your career as a videographer then one important thing that you should consider is good quality, waterproof camera bag with a lot of compartments. This is essential for your shoots. If you can then select a bag with wheels so it will be easier for you to move it around for all of your shoots.

Backup essentials

There's nothing worse than trying to turn on your camera, and realizing its battery is dead. You're going to need at least one spare camera battery, one spare memory card, and a battery charger or power cord just in case. Organize these items the night before to make sure you aren't scrambling on the day of.

Once you are done with the shoot, you should plug-in all batteries to charge and transfer data from your memory card to your system so you can get free space for the next shoot. If you make this a habit, you'll never run out of power or space for making more video.


Generally speaking, a tripod can make the difference between a professional-looking video or an amateurish one. There's nothing worse than shaky filming, and almost nothing makes people click away from your video faster.

Well, there is a bunch of option to choose from. You can use classic tripods, smartphone stabilizers, gimbals, monopods, and more. The right option depends on your budget, the type of camera you're using, and how much flexibility you require to get your shots. Tripod is super vital to give a video professional touch and you should learn to handle a tripod.

Shotgun microphone

A shotgun microphone is highly directional and produces good quality sound in a variety of environments, including both indoors and outdoors, in close range or at a wider distance. It is a type of microphone that is used by the film industry and their smaller version can much affordable. A shotgun mic is recommended because of its versatile nature.

Umbrella Lights

There are end numbers of options when it comes to lighting and it is a very budget-friendly when compared to any other category. You can always rely on natural or household lighting if you can't afford one. But if you are thinking to purchase one then umbrella lights are good for you.

You can get a good quality pair for under Rs. 7000 that will work well in a variety of situations. You can even negate the need for the fill light by using umbrella lights and reflective surfaces (mirrors or white walls) to achieve an ambient lighting effect. If you are using a smartphone for recording then you can also use LED ring light that are in trends nowadays.

Extension cord

A top quality extension cord can be necessary as it can always save you when you are running out of battery and power source is far away. Also, depending on the shoot, you might need to reposition lights, which usually don't run on batteries. An extension cord gives you the flexibility that is required by the top videographer. Always tape down all the cables to reduce the chances of someone striping on them

Editing Workstation

If you're going to be editing your videos, you need a laptop or desktop computer that has the capabilities to handle editing software. All this includes a high-quality graphic card, equipment to get the video off of your camera and a big screen on which you can view your editing.

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