Get a Rejuvenating Holiday by Visiting Enchanting Places in Manipur

Get a Rejuvenating Holiday by Visiting Enchanting Places in Manipur

Get a Rejuvenating Holiday by Visiting Enchanting Places in Manipur

Famed as the "Switzerland of the East", Manipur is a North-eastern state of India that makes many jaws drop with its surreal beauty. It is nestled in the slopes of the south-flowing Sub-Himalayan ranges in the northeast of India. Blanked with dense forests and rolling, the state is one of the most fascinating states of India. And, because of its wealth of flora and fauna, Manipur is described as a 'flower on lofty heights'. It has unique classical dance forms, delicious cuisines, traditional festivals, sacred shrines, and simple living style. Manipur is prosperous in every sense, be it in the beauty of nature or the culture of the land.


The history of Manipur begins with the famous king, Pakhangba who ruled during 33 A.D. Maharaja Bhagyachandra, he died during the 18th century, rose with same valor and fought against the Burmese to protect his land. After the British defeated the Burmese in 1891, the state came under British rule. Manipur has witnessed numerous battles during World War II. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose led the Indian National Army and marched towards Imphal before they were defeated by allied force.

Manipur became an independent state in 1947 when India got independence. The merger of Manipur with India was done on 21st September 1949 when Budhachandra signed an agreement and became the part of the India Dominion.

Culture and Tradition

The culture of Manipur is as exotic and ancient as the state itself. The small state is vibrant with colors and boasts of a flourished culture. You can witness some of its famous festival like Dol Jatra, Rat Jatra, Chumpha, Kwak Jatra, Lai-Haraoba and more.


For the Manipuri, dance is an integral part of the culture. The common feature of all the dances of the sate is a profound devotion to nature. Khamba-Thoiba is a duet of male and female and modern Manipuri dance form. Ras Lila dance is an epitome of classical Manipuri dance.


The state has an affinity for arts in the form of handlooms and handicrafts; age-old weaving practices are followed through the state mainly by women.


Sagol Kangjei is the most popular traditional sport that is said to be the origin of modern-day polo when the British learned to play during 19s.


Manipuri recipes include some authentic and delicious foods. As the people of Manipur are lovers of rice and fish, their staple diet is rice with fish. Some delicacies of Manipur are Kabok, Yongchaak Singju, Morok Atekpa Metpa, Peanut Brinjal Fry to name few.


Manipuri is the official language of the state; The Meiteilon language is the part of the Kuki-Chin group of language that falls in the Burma-Tibetan family.

Best Places to Visit

Imphal: The scenic city, Imphal is located at the center of the beautiful Manipur valley. The dense forests, sprawling grasslands will make you feel like you are in heaven. It has Sirohi National Park, Loktak Lake, Jama Masjid and many more.

Bishnupur: Famed as a holy land, Bishnupur is one of the most famous cities for its natural beauty and places of worship. Here, the ancient temples reflect the rich culture and its architectural excellence. Dal Madol, Susunia Pahar, Radha Shyam Temple are some places to explore.

Senapati: Senapati is especially favored by nature; its 80% of the land is covered by dense forests and has hills, streams, gorges, and rivers. Some amazing palaces to explore here include Liyai, Purul, Makhel Cave and more.

Andor: A small village, Ador holds something that has always fascinated visitors. It is mostly because of artistry, you can take a peek at the history of it when you visit Andro Gramshang. Selloi Langmai Ecological Park, Kaina Temple, Andro Shantheil Natural Park are some amazing places to visit.

Churachandpur: The second largest town in the state, Churachandpur is located amidst hillocks and valleys. Explore the rich cultural diversity of the place and visit Ngaloi Falls, Tipaimukh, Toglon Cave.

Khongjom: Khongjom pays a tribute to the military because, the revered major general, Paona Brajabashi with his troops fought with the British during their reign. There is a memorial built in the memory of the brave fighters. Here, Khonghom War Memorial is the must-visit place.

Kangla: Situated along the banks of the Imphal River, Kangal fort is one of the most important historical sites of Manipur. It houses several important archaeological remains.

Kakachin: If you are interested in exploring lands and crops then this agricultural town is the best choice. It has a large number of temples like Viswanath Mandir, Narasingha Mandir to name a few.

Dzukou Valley: Experience the enthralling landscapes of Dzukou Valley to create a lifetime memory. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts; take a five-hour trek route to explore the pristine nature at this valley.

How to Reach

By Air- There is an airport in Imphal connected with major domestic cities.

By Train- The nearest railway station is in Dimapur and connected with famous cities.

By Road- The road network is very decent and is accessible to different nearer places.

The best time to visit Manipur is winter from October to March. So hurry up, plan your vacation in Manipur and have a peaceful and refreshing vacation. You will enjoy the richness of tradition and art of the state.

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